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Our visit from Florence

On Friday 29th September we were visited by 'That History Bloke' and the famous Florence Nightingale. 

We have been learning lots about Florence and all of the incredible work that she did, but their visit really helped us to understand more. 

'That History Bloke' showed us lots of artefacts from theVictorian Times and he shared lots of stories about what life would have been like for the soldiers in the Crimean War, and for Florence Nightingale.

Picture 1 This is Florence's pet owl
Picture 2 Jack dressed up like a soldier in the Crimean War
Picture 3 Cleaning the hospital
Picture 4 Learning how to fold the sheets
Picture 5 Folding the sheets
Picture 6 We learned how to bandage wounds
Picture 7 We helped bandage each others wounds
Picture 8 Kacie-Leigh dressed as a nurse
Picture 9 Looking at the artefacts
Picture 10 The nurses scrubbed the floors
Picture 11 This is the soap used for washing
Picture 12 Handling the artefacts