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Aims and Vision

Brighton Avenue Primary School Aims and Vision


‘Success for all …because every child is a star!’


We truly believe Brighton Avenue Primary School is a unique school. As soon as you walk through our doors, we promise you will get the most amazing feeling of warmth and happiness. Whether you are a child or an adult, the buzz of learning and the embedded feeling of commitment from everyone here in our school will be evident for you to see and feel.  But what makes us unique?


Our school motto is, ‘Success for all …because every child is a star!’ We truly believe every child is a ‘unique’ star and therefore our job is to make our stars’ shine.  Prioritising our whole school’s health and well-being drives our whole school ethos and makes us the incredible school we are today.


Our whole school purpose is to ensure ‘every’ child is loved and valued, supported, challenged and encouraged to grow and develop into caring, democratic, responsible and accepting individuals, who will continue to thrive and make positive contributions to our future society.


We are a highly inclusive school. Therefore, we strategically plan our curriculum to ensure we embrace our unique diversity so that every child can grow, develop and achieve very well both socially and academically.   We have exciting and forward thinking schemes of work in all areas and we are consistently seeking new ways of enabling our children to succeed in order to support them in becoming the very best they can be.


As a team, and in consultation with our children, we constantly reflect on how we can weave our children's interests into their daily learning and our curriculum, which is based on a balance of skills and knowledge, is built around half termly educational visits and visitors into school.


Our highly skilled staff take immense pride in the work that they do and are all absolutely committed to providing the highest level of care and support to our wonderful children.  What is even greater, is that our children recognise this!


Every child in our school is a star and we take pride in the support we offer.  Our ultimate aim is for our children to achieve their potential and beyond. And they do!


Brighton Avenue Primary School is a wonderful place to begin a life-long journey of learning and education and everyone in our school truly appreciates this. As one parent recently said, ‘Brighton Avenue Primary School is a whole world in once place!’



Our aims are:


  • Have fun, enjoy school and be happy in our very calm, purposeful and highly inclusive school.
  • Be confident to take a risk, learning is not about getting everything right!
  • Have high expectations of yourself and each other in and out of school.
  • Always work to the best of your abilities, even when it’s a little tricky. 
  • Have a voice. Our children are given lots of opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions during 'Pupil Voice' discussions.
  • Celebrate every day how diverse we are as a school and embrace every opportunity to learn from each other.
  • Be polite, well-mannered and respectful at all times and be proud of who you are.
  • Be kind to each other and look after yourself.
  • Take an active part in our school and the wider community and be prepared to make a difference.
  • Be aspirational – You can be anything you want to be if ‘you’ believe it enough.