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Aims and Vision

Success for all …. because EVERY child is a star !


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

All leaders and middle leaders, including those responsible for the governance of the school, are consistently ambitious for our children and lead by their example. Leaders are aspirational in their shared focus on raising standards, which is underpinned by robust performance management.  Through an informed understanding of the school’s performance, leaders are very pro-active in providing the professional development opportunities for everyone to fulfil expectations and fulfil their potential.  Through efficient and effective financial management, funding is spent and managed very effectively to benefit all groups of children. Safeguarding is integral to the ethos of our school and is given high priority at all times.


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

At Brighton Avenue Primary School, our vision for Teaching, Learning & Assessment is to ensure all children have the opportunity to excel in their personalised learning journeys, both in and outside of the classroom, enabling our children to thrive in our very diverse community. This will be achieved through outstanding & creative teaching, exciting, engaging and challenging learning opportunities and high expectations for all. Our school curriculum will motivate learning and carefully focused visits and visitors into school will stimulate interest and widen pupils’ experiences. The quality of marking and feedback given to our children will be of the highest of standards. It will be consistently used by all teaching staff and our children will be given opportunities in which to respond to the feedback given. We will also embed an understanding and show respect for British Values in the design and delivery of our curriculum.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare   

The drive for outstanding standards of behaviour and safety both in school, in the wider community and whilst on educational visits will ensure all pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and are always fully engaged in their learning. High expectations from staff at all times will help our children develop into confident learners who are always willing to try their best to achieve success.  The positive and calm ethos in school will promote mutual respect between children and staff and children will develop feeling valued and respected at all times.  Children’s voices will be heard and their opinions and ideas about how our school can be improved will be valued. The safety of our children will be of paramount importance and children will always be made to feel safe whilst learning how to keep themselves safe in varying situations.


Outcomes for Children

Every child is a star in our school and we truly believe that every child should be successful. Through consistently good and outstanding teaching, children in our school will achieve the maximum of their potential.  Our overall aim is for all children to shine and be resilient.  We have a relentless drive to improve standards through the high expectations we have of each other.  To do this, our children will feel safe, be happy, feel respected and know they will be listened to and valued. This will be within a caring and inclusive learning environment, where every individual is nurtured, challenged and supported.