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Art, Craft and Design


At Brighton Avenue Primary School, we aim to provide the children with the opportunity to develop and express their inner artists through a range of arts, crafts and design experiences. We ensure the children have memorable experiences which they have full ownership of, such as our school art exhibition. We want the children to be engaged and enthused by art by providing them with these opportunities to develop their skills to experiment, invent and create their own art, craft and design.


Brighton Avenue Primary School Receives Prestigious Gold Artsmark Award! Please read the attached


Art, Craft and Design Skills 

Curious Arts - A fun event over the May half term holiday

Look at some of the amazing art work across the school!

Lower Key Stage 2 used sand, paint and charcoal to create prehistoric artwork. They were inspired by cave paintings and loved exploring how to create different textures and colours.

“I love creating different tints and shades,” Aiden Yr4.

In Year 1, the children have been creating these wonderful 3D sculptures, by working as a class to recreate Louise Bourgeous' 'Maman' spider sculpture 1999. I think you'll agree they did amazing!