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E-safety Assembly

E-Safety Assembly


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Jason who is a computing expert! He brought along lots of exciting equipment with him which the children, staff and the parents loved! Some children were made into bongo drums, some children flew drones, some children made their drawings come to life and some other children raced parents - unfortunately the parents won! As well as all the amazing technology Jason brought with him, he also talked to us about e-safety. We explored themes such as: sharing personal information online, public/private profiles and the impacts of gaming. Jason also shared useful information with the parents who attended. Please see the link below for his top tips for keeping your child safe online and the Parents' Checklist.

"We got to learn lots about e-safety. We got to do lots of fun activities. I can't believe my Mam beat me in the race!" Ava Y3D


"I enjoyed the e-safety assembly when people got chosen ti go on the green screen and they were turned into something else." Yasmin Y3/4B


"I enjoyed the E-safety assembly because I got to learn about new fun games and to keep your account private." Katie R Y4M


"In the e-safety assembly we learned how the internet can sometimes be dangerous and how some online games can make you violent of you play them too much." Ana Y5S


"I enjoyed it because I learned new things you can do with technology." Ali Y5S


"I enjoyed the e-safety assembly. We learned about how people shouldn't have followers that we don't know." Charlotte Y6T


"I learned in the e-safety assembly that we never send messages to people we don't know. Also internet is fun but can be dangerous." Declan Y6S