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MFL - Spanish 2021-2022


Welcome to MFL @ Brighton Avenue Primary! smiley


At Brighton Avenue Primary School we believe that teaching the children a modern foreign language helps to develop their language and creativity. A high quality language education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of the different and diverse cultures we have today. As part of the new Primary National Curriculum, which took effect from September 2014, learning a modern foreign language has become a requirement for children within KS2. At Brighton Avenue we have decided to teach Spanish throughout our curriculum. We are incorporating this through lessons, displays around the school and whole school language and cultural days.

At Brighton Avenue we aim to develop our children’s experience of language and encourage curiosity about other languages which are spoken in school. Through teaching in school we want to develop our children’s understanding of what they hear, read and ensure they have the ability to express themselves through verbal and written sessions. We always strive to ensure our children extend their knowledge by understanding how the language works and exploring the differences between Spanish and English.

Latest News! 2021-2022

What are our pupils saying about Spanish? yes

" I enjoy Spanish lessons because we get to learn a new language and lessons are fun!" - Year 3 child. 

"I enjoy Spanish because I get to confuse my mam and dad by speaking in another language!!" - Year 3 child. 

" It is fun and interesting to learn a new language."  Year 4 child. 

"It is fun to learn more than one language, I already speak Urdu and Balochi so Spanish is new to me." - Year 5 child.

"I go on holiday to Spain a lot so it is useful to learn the language for when I go!" - Year 6 child.

"I learn by listening well in lessons because that is one of our targets." - Year 3 child.

"I can progress in my learning of Spanish by continuing my learning at home and listening well in lessons." - Year 6 child. 


Latest News! 2020-2021

World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021

Some of our children took part in a virtual Spanish lesson on World Book Day based around the story The BFG by Roald Dahl. We learnt some new vocabulary based around the story and used this to play games and practice our new language. 

After just 3 small weeks of learning a new language, look at some of our amazing children having a basic conversation in Spanish! We have been blown away by their efforts and their attitude since beginning to learn Spanish! smiley


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