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Kingsmeadow Maths Cluster Celebration 2018

Following on from the recent celebrations of the amazing writing of our wonderful children, here at Brighton Avenue Primary School, we have again been blown away by the success of our children in the local cluster Maths project.

From Nursery to Y6, all the children focused on data handling and statistics - see the table below – relishing all the challenges they were given! Using a variety of staff from across the cluster schools, children were chosen from each year group (in every school) to attend a celebration event at Kingsmeadow School in July.

A HUGE well done to Sam, Aaron, Ashwin, Yasmin, Lacy, Keerath and Areeba who were selected to represent our school. I am thrilled to say that not only had these remarkable 7 children been selected out of hundreds of children, we even had some overall winners! Areeba and Ashwin were the winners in their year groups for interpreting and constructing data with the ability to reflect independently when deciding which representations of data were the most appropriate and why.

WELL DONE again to our marvellous mathematicians!




Each child sorting items linked to the weather (eg, umbrella, sunglasses etc) and deciding if they needed this for ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ weather. Challenge: sorting patterned gloves into pairs –

how many pairs do we have?



Investigating the colour of eyes with children in the class. Matching the colour of eyes onto the correct section of a pictogram – which is the most popular eye colour? Challenge: counting pairs of eyes in 2s


Block diagrams &

tally charts

Exploring the type of jobs that the children would like to do when they are older (link to recent Safety Works trip and real life heroes, eg, Police, Fire, St John’s etc) Collating the information with tally marks and onto block diagrams.


Construct, understand & use Venn diagrams

Exploring the characteristics of all living things (link to Science)

Discussing and deciding how to organise the different characteristics onto a Venn diagram.


Interpret, present data bar

charts: link to ICT

Link to theme of Holidays and creating a questionnaire about the types of holidays available. Producing a bar chart based on the holiday questionnaire feedback using ICT.


Carroll diagrams

Link to theme – investigating mountains over 5,000m or under 5,000m and places where there were volcanoes which were: active, dormant or non-existing volcanoes/extinct. Organising this information onto Carroll diagrams.


Pie charts

Link to theme – researching information and data about deforestation, animal species and the change over the decades. Presenting this information onto pie charts.


Line graphs

Link to theme – comparing the population of countries (differentiated research through the size of the countries) and presenting the data onto line graphs.


Scatter graphs

Link to theme – Researching child labour and the number of deaths of children working in mills from 1800 – 1900. Collecting the data from different mines across the country in 1821 & 1881 and presenting the information onto scatter graphs.