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Today, you have all received a letter from Gateshead Headteachers about the funding crisis currently facing many schools, both locally and nationally.


As a result of the funding crisis, I wanted to make you aware that our school has had to make cuts too and as a result, we have no option but to reduce teaching assistants in our school. It is with the greatest regret, I write to inform you that we will lose two of our teaching assistants at Christmas, with a strong possibility of more over the foreseeable future unless something in government is done to rectify the funding crisis.


As a school, we are looking very closely at how we can make cuts to our budget to ensure minimum impact upon our children. For this reason, after Christmas, we will be increasing the voluntary contributions we ask of parents for our children’s educational visits and visitors to £5.00 as opposed to £3.00.


Can I please ask you to support our school in this matter by logging onto the site below and signing the petition. (This site is also available on the front page of our school website)


To give you an accurate idea of how much money our school is due to lose through the funding crisis, please log onto



As Headteacher of Brighton Avenue Primary School, I will endeavour to keep you all updated about this issue and promise to do my very best to ensure this issue has the minimum impact possible upon our children.




Joanne Allan