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The staff of Brighton Avenue Primary School believe that Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship (PSHE+C) is a vital part of the curriculum.  It promotes a healthy lifestyle, which in turn helps to improve the quality of life and the environment for all our children and their families. 



PSHE promotes children's personal and social development, including health and well-being, through self-awareness, positive self esteem and confidence to:-

  • Stay as healthy as possible
  • Keep themselves and others safe
  • Have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
  • Respect the differences and diversities between people
  • Develop independence and responsibility
  • Play an active role as members of a democratic society
  • To make the most of their own and others abilities


Citizenship Aims

Through citizenship, we aim for children to develop:-

  • Social and moral responsibility
  • Community cohesion
  • Global citizenship

PSHE+C Policy 2020-21

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

Through constantly striving to monitor and evaluate the quality of education we provide in our school, we have been teaching Relationships Education, which offers age appropriate units on Sex Education, and Health Education which are both taught in combination with the PSHE+C and Science curriculum since 2019. You are informed of what is taught in PSHE+C and Science (which include RSE) on your child's Class Curriculum Map and Class Newsletter every half term. 

The RSE and PSHE+C policies can also both be found on our school website. The change in the law meant that all primary schools were required to teach Relationships Education and Health Education from September 2020 in this academic year.

We would like to seek your views on this part of the curriculum and would love to hear your thoughts, which will help us understand your views/comments and take these into consideration as we update our policy, ready for 2021/2022 academic year.

The DfE Relationships Education and Health Education document is attached here with our survey.

Thank you.


Many thanks to those of you who have returned the RSE parent survey. This consultation has led to further discussions with parents and we really appreciate your comments.

At the start of the autumn term, the PSHE+C Subject Leaders will inform you of when there will be an ‘RSE Parent Session’ to support you to talk about this aspect of learning (age appropriate) with your child.

Any up-to-date PSHE+C information, will continue to be on the ‘Key Information, Curriculum, PSHE+C’ page of the school website.

Thank you again for your time.


British Values & SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

For more information see 'Key Information', 'British Values' on our website.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

PSHE+C EVENTS 2021-2022

Brighton Avenue Primary School Location Map!

Brighton Avenue Primary leaflet and map

Please take a look at our school's bespoke map and information on school starting times, travel information and park and ride information.


The Wrap Splat Hat programme features fun lessons and activities that have been designed and written by education experts that will help teach children to Wrap, Splat, Hat! This stands for WRAP up in a t-shirt (and wrap on some sunglasses), SPLAT on some sun cream (ideally SPF50), and of course wear a HAT!

Follow the link below to receive a family pack, competition details and how to stay safe in the sun.

Welcome to the Wrap Splat Hat! Sun Awareness Programme 2021 (


Wrap Splat Hat Family Pack

Wrap, Splat, Hat information.

Comic Relief 2021

This year for comic relief, we have asked parents to donate directly to the charity or purchase noses and other items directly from Sainsbury's and TK Max.  We still took part as a school in a range of activities and wore odd sock. Take a look at what some of the children got up to!

Children's Mental Health Week (WB 01.02.21) 

For CMHW we have been finding positive ways to deal with things that might be difficult, overcoming physical and mental challenges and looking after yourself.  As a school, we have been focusing on our own mental health to help us support Children's Mental Health Week.  We have taken part in lots of activities where our focus was on ourselves both physically and mentally. We have been carrying out activities within school and via Teams to ensure all children were able to take part. Take a look at what we have been doing!


We did exercise to improve our mental health! Among others, we did a plank and step ups. Well done to everyone!


Y1J & Y1D


This morning we've had a spa morning- with fizzy pop, a foot spa, a meditation room and a mindfulness room. We've had lots of fun!

Y2B & Y2D

We have taken part in lots of activities where our focus was on ourselves both physically and mentally. We have been carrying out activities within school and via Teams to ensure all children were able to take part.



We watched a PowerPoint on all of the different ways in which we can express ourselves. We then discussed what makes us happy and we express ourselves in different ways, such as dancing, singing, drawing, colouring, making things etc.

Y5S & Y5M

Throughout the week, the children in our group suggested activities they would like to do for our wellbeing day, two of them being making a rocky road cake and also enjoying some hot chocolate whilst watching a film of choice!


We all had a fab day 🙂 

Year 6


We looked at how we could express ourselves and our feelings in positive ways. We recognised the things in life that are important to us and make us happy: spending time with family, friends or even some time on our own doing things we enjoy like listening to music. We also spent a bit of time focusing on what makes us uniquely amazing and why these qualities are important, we ended the session with some mindfulness colouring.



Friendship Friday 11.12.20

For Friendship Friday as a school we looked at what makes a good friend.  As a school we all took part in a range of activities catered for each Key Stage.  As a school, we have shown that friends can come from different families types, different abilities, disabilities and different religions.  Take a look!

Children In Need 2020!

For Children in need this year, we all wore odd socks! As a treat, every child received a Pudsey biscuit and juice for their very kind donations. They also took part in an array of activities!


Remembrance Day 11.11.2020

On the 11th November all the children in the school took part in the Nova Project to paint a pebble and place it within the school grounds to show our respect to all the men, women, children and animals who lost their lives during the war.  We all took part in a 2 minute silence to remember them.

All the KS1 children took part in the Five-Day walking challenge.  Everyday they collected a sticker and on day five, all the children who completed the challenge received a badge. Take a look at their efforts!
The KS2 children have been taking part in Road Safety training from Gateshead Council as part of their PSHE+C lessons.  They have worked their socks off!
As a whole school, we took part in World Mental Health day.  Each class used an array of activities to show the different ways to help their health and wellbeing in a positive way. Take a look!
The Y2 children discussing how they can stay healthy both physically and mentally. 
The Nursery children listening to a story about how everybody worries.
The Y3/4 children took part in activities to show how amazing they are!