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Science/DT - Today we were investigating how we can make a structure out of paper. We tried lots of different ways to see how high we could build it. After lots of great ideas, we finally discovered a method that worked really well! We had lots of fun taking turns to stack our tower and seeing who would be the one to make it fall! 
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We have been working so hard during our star write lessons and 'wowing' our teachers with how super we are at writing. During one session we listened to the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We then thought about the repetitive language and the characters and we used puppets to retell the story verbally. Finally, we used our super writing skills to record our retelling of the story. Have a look and see what you think...... we think they are super!

Our Star Write....

Our Star Write.... 1
Our Star Write.... 2
Our Star Write.... 3