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Trips and Visitors

Combat Training

On Tuesday 12th March Year 6B were introduced to combat training where they were shown various ways to utilise combat training as a way of keeping fit.

Science Museum Experience

On Tuesday 5th March both Year 6 classes had the pleasure of visiting the Science Museum near Gallowgate.Whilst there, they had the opportunity to investigate the history of Newcastle and were given a challenge to research information about local inventors.

Judo Taster Session

Year 6B had the pleasure of taking part in a judo taster session on Tuesday 12th February. They had the utmost amount of fun frantically grappling and attempting to throw each other!!

Gateshead Library

6B visited Gateshead Library and discussed their favourite books to read. They were given the task of finding books by genre, books with a certain amount of pages, books by specific authors and then recording their results.

Beamish Visit

On Tuesday 15th January, Year 6 went back in time to discover what life would have been like for them 150 years ago during the Victorian era. The children were made to work in a rope factory, sorting lengths of rope without breaking any of the many many rules. Once they had finished, each group learned how much money they would have earned and if it was enough to feed their families. 


Away from the factory, we enjoyed tram rides, visits to the sweet shop and bakery as well as completing a challenging Victorian themed treasure hunt!

RNLI Visitor

On Tuesday morning, Year 6 welcomed David from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute who shared a wide range of information about who the RNLI are and the crucial role they play in keeping us safe in the water. We discovered that the RNLI has been running for over 200 years and we hope they keep going for much much longer! Thank you David!!!