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Within our Autumn term, the children have been focusing on a main question 'What do Christians believe God is like?'.

The children have been exploring a range of facts showing Christians belief in God and that he is loving, kind, fair and forgiving. The children have looked at stories involving God to show how Christians believe and worship him.  Over the term, the children have used a range of strategies to help them understand this. They have analysed texts, used artwork, designed comic strips and participated in group activities.

Our story

Our story 1

For our second Autumn term, we have been looking at the Hindu religion.  Our main focus question was 'What does Hinduism teach?

To answer this, the children looked at Hindu stories within the Ramayana and what these stories teach the Hindu people.  We looked at the Diwali celebration and sampled an assortment of dried fruits that are used within this.  To further our understanding, we looked at a Hindu person’s  way of life and what the goals are that they adhere to.

Diwali food tasting lesson

Diwali food tasting lesson 1

Within our Spring term, we will be looking at the Jewish religion to answer the question 'How do the followers of Judaism live?'

To help us answer the question, we will be comparing the religion to Christianity to find out if they are any similarities and differences. We will explore the Kosher foods that the Jewish people eat and understand how their food is prepared.  The children will also look at the clothing that is worn by the Jewish and what they symbolise.

Comparing how the Christian and Jewish people pray.

Comparing how the Christian and Jewish people pray. 1
Comparing how the Christian and Jewish people pray. 2