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Children in Need - 2018


On Friday 16th November, Year 6 went a little bit spotty for Children in Need. We created new outfits for Pudsey and Blush as well as having a good old boogie in the hall! A grand time was had by all!

Paper Plane Challenge 2018

This week, as many of the children had been constructing their very own paper planes in Breakfast Club, we decided it would be a good idea to put some of them to the test. Using the laptops, the children researched the best folding techniques to create the most stable, aerodynamic and (hopefully) fastest planes they could. A huge congratulations to all the children who took part and a big well done to Sharib who took first place!

Great Brighton Bake Off!

Over the past few weeks, the children of Year 6B have been creating some delicious treats as part of our Golden Time. We have made stunning fairy cakes and some extremely tasty biscuits. Tune in next week to discover what delightful delicacies we will have made!

Art Week - 2018

For Art Week, Year 6B decided to focus their attention on the Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside. We studied the landmarks and buildings and sketched them using pencil. We then used watercolours to create stunning backgrounds for our landmarks. Finally, we used a black fineliner to make the outline even more vivid. We think they have produced some stunning artwork and we're very proud of how hard they have worked. Take a look below and choose your favourite!

The Design Process:

The Design Process: 1
The Design Process: 2
The Design Process: 3
The Design Process: 4
The Design Process: 5
The Design Process: 6

Our Final Pieces:

Our Final Pieces: 1
Our Final Pieces: 2
Our Final Pieces: 3
Our Final Pieces: 4
Our Final Pieces: 5
Our Final Pieces: 6
Our Final Pieces: 7
Our Final Pieces: 8
Our Final Pieces: 9
Our Final Pieces: 10
Our Final Pieces: 11
Our Final Pieces: 12
Our Final Pieces: 13
Our Final Pieces: 14
Our Final Pieces: 15
Our Final Pieces: 16