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Wonderful Winter Poems

Over the past week, Year 6B have learned all about how figurative language can be used to engage the reader and paint pictures in their heads. We used the theme of Winter to create some stunning poems which contain personification, similes, metaphors and many more literary techniques. Have a listen to just a few of them and I'm sure you'll agree that the children have created some outstanding poems!




Functions of Blood

In Science, we have been learning about the purpose of blood and its components. In order to share what they have learning, the children created some incredible posters informing the reader all about blood and what each part is responsible for. Take a look below:

We Are Reading Legends!

Last week, Year 6B ventured up the hill to Gateshead Central Library where we treated to an amazing array of books! The children were able to share their love of the books they had read lately and gave suggestions to their friends about which books to read in the future. Make sure you ask our Year 6s about the books they have read as they can't wait to tell you all about them!!!

Historical Narratives

Wow! Wow! Wow! Week 2 into Year 6 and we have already produced some phenomenal stories which were all set in different time periods. Take a look below to see just a few examples of this writing. Which is your favourite?