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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.



Brighton Avenue Primary School – Governor Membership 2016-2017


Governor and

Associate Member


(see notes)

Term of Office

Body Appointed /

Elected By

Position of


(if any) 



(see notes)


Mrs J Allan

HT   Ex Officio   R,GC, PD 2 of 3
Mr A Sergison C 20/01/17- 20/01/21 GB Chair R, GC 3 of 3
Mrs S  Boyle C 20/01/17-20/01/21 GB   GC, PD 3 of 3

Mrs K Hayward

C 26/11/14-26/11/18 GB   R, GC 3 of 3
Cllr E McMaster LA 02/12/16-02/12/20 LA Vice Chair R, GC, HPM 1 of 3
Cllr C Donovan C 20/11/17-20/01/21 GB   GC, PD 3 of 3
Mrs S Istrat (resigned 08.03.2017) C 20/11/13-20/11/17 GB   GC 0 of 1
Mrs S Coles C 18/06/14-18/06/18 GB   GC 3 of 3
Mr T Millar (Resigned 19.02.2017) P 03/12/14-03/12/18 Parents   GC 0 of 1
Mrs J Mowbray S 09/11/16-09/11/20 Staff   None 2 of 2
Mr R Grant P 29/11/16-29/11/20 Parents   None 1 of 1
Ms J Snee P 29/11/16-29/11/20 Parents   None 2 of 2



Staff (S)

Parent (P)

Co-opted (C)

Foundation (F)

Local Auth (LA)
Associate (A)



Resources (R)

Governor Challenge incorporating Curriculum & Data (GC)

Pupil Discipline (PD)

Head Teacher PM (HPM)

Appeals & Complaints (AC)

Admissions (A)

Head/Deputy Appointments – Full Governing Body


Governor Name Category Term of Office Expiry Head & Deputy Appts Resources

Governor Challenge Incorporating


& Data

Pupil Discipline HT PM Review Appeals & Complaints
Mrs J Allan Head  Teacher                            






ü ü ü   Any governor not involved in original decision process
Mr A Sergison Co-opted (C) 20/11/17 ü ü   ü
Mrs S Boyle Co-opted 20/11/17   ü ü  
Cllr E McMaster LA (VC) 02/12/16 ü ü   ü
Mrs K Hayward Co-opted 26/11/18 ü ü    
Cllr C Donovan Co-opted 20/11/17   ü ü  
Mrs S Istrat Co-opted 20/11/17   ü    
Mrs S Coles Co-opted 18/06/18   ü    
Mr T Millar Parent 03/12/18   ü    
Mrs J Mowbray Staff 09/11/2020 ü ü    
Disqualified     See regs Staff for PM & Pay      

Original Committee

& H/T

Quorum       3 3 3 2/3 At least number that made original decision


            All decisions will be reported back to the full governing body at the next meeting via a written set of minutes

            (C) Chair     (VC)  Vice-Chair


             Agreed Autumn Term 2016