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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.



Governor and

Associate Member


(see notes)

Term of Office

Body Appointed /

Elected By

Position of


(if any) 



(see notes)


Mrs J Allan

HT   Ex Officio   F & S, PHS, Pupil Discipline (PD), Governor Challenge Day (GCD) 3 of 3
Mr A Sergison C 20/11/2017 GB Chair F & S, GCD, HT, PM 1 of 3
Mrs S  Boyle C 20/01/2017 GB   GCD, PHS, PD 3 of 3

Mrs K Hayward

C 26/11/2018 GB   F & S, GCD 2 of 3

Mrs B Henderson

(Resigned Spring 2016)

Staff 23/10/2017 Staff   F & S, GCD, PHS 2 of 3
Cllr E McMaster LA 02/12/2016 LA Vice Chair F & S, GCD, HT PM 3 of 3
Cllr C Donovan C 20/11/2017 GB   GCD, PD 1 of 3
Mrs S Istrat C 20/11/2017 GB   GCD, PHS 2 of 3
Mrs S Coles C 18/06/2018 GB   GCD 1 of 3
Mr T Millar P 03/12/2018 Parents   GCD 1 of 3

Mr L Taylor

(Resigned Summer 2015)

P 03/12/2018 Parents   GCD  

Ms M Kuzior

(Resigned Spring 2016)

P 04/05/2019 Parents   GCD 1 of 2



Staff (S)

Parent (P)

Co-opted (C)

Foundation (F)

Local Auth (LA)
Associate (A)


Finance & Staffing (FS)

Curriculum & Pupils (CP)

Premises, Health & Safety (PHS)

Appeals & Complaints (AC)

Admissions (A)