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Spring 1

This term we will continue to use Charanga is music our song this half term is 'Lean on Me'. This week we were finding the pulse and beat to the music. The children really enjoyed it. 


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The children warmed up their voices then used the glockenspiels to play the pulse and find the rhythm in the song. They enjoyed singing the song together as a class! What lovely voices we all have!


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Seen as though the children enjoyed using the glockenspiels so much last week, we carried on practising again this week. Take a look at some of our music!


Following on from last week the children carried on using charanga but began using the glockenspiels alongside the program. The children were lucky enough to have Ms Morgan come along and teach them how to play them correctly. They were able to use the glockenspiels to play the rhythm to our song Mamma Mia! Everyone had lots of fun!

This week in music the children have began using the Charanga scheme, our song for this term is 'Mamma Mia'. The children began with a warm up where there had to find the pulse in the song, followed by moving to the pulse. The children really enjoyed this part! Following on from this the children found the rhythm in the song and began learning some of the lyrics. As they were singing the song they were clapping out the rhythm. We all enjoyed this!