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Year 5M

Looking for a fun learning journey through Year 5? Well, you've come to the right page! Check back every week to find out what our amazing children have been up to in school, outdoor learning and beyond our school environment. You will also find curriculum maps and newsletters and links that you may find useful as the page grows throughout the year. We very much look forward to share our adventures with you.

Just look at the amazing poetry some of our children have written this week. Wow!

This week we met 'Bikers Against Bullying' and even got to sit on their amazing bikes!

We learnt about what blood is made of and made our own! Well, not really, we made a representation of blood. The cheerios and red food coloring were red blood cells. The yellow food colouring, the plasma. We used marshmallows for white blood cells and purple pom poms for platelets. Lastly we added salt to represent the minerals, proteins and vitamins. Ask your children what is the function of each component, you may be surprised at how much they know!

This week, we have been thinking about using repeating patterns in art and have made some of our own zentangle patterns.

Science and creation, conflicting or complimentary? Great question! We will be trying to answer this question in RE this term and be began by looking at the creation story.

That History Bloke, otherwise known as Richard came to visit us and taught us how Egyptians mummified their pharaohs! We had great fun bandaging one another and even tried our hands at some Egyptian hieroglyphs.