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Robinwood 2018

Day 3 - Home time

We can't believe it....home time already! It just feels like we have arrived. We have all had an absolutely incredible 3 days away here at Robinwood and many of the children are already asking if they can come back! We are just about to get onto the bus (possibly for a few zzzz's) but we would all like to thank the staff at Robinwood for making the children's experience so enjoyable! Each member of the Year 6 class has been outstandingly well behaved and deserves a huge well done from parents and carers when we get back! 


See you all very soon!

Day 2 - Bedtime


What a 13 hours that was! The children have been non-stop since 7:30am this morning and you can certainly tell! They are tucked up in bed sharing adventures from the day. We have just completed a brilliant team challenge which included some very dodgy dancing (from Mrs Kevan), amazing acting skills from all the children and many tales of encouragement and teamwork.


Tomorrow morning, we are having breakfast at 7:30am before completing our final 3 challenges (I know...we can't believe how quickly the time has flown!). We are due to leave the centre at 1:30pm for an arrival back at school for 3:30-4:00pm depending on the traffic. Below are just a few of the highlights from day 2:

Day 2 - Lunchtime

Firstly, the children all get a good night's sleep last night and they awoke on top form! Breakfast was incredible (as always) and prepared us for a full morning of activities. 


The weather has also taken a dramatic turn for the better! We have blue skies and an almost tropical 6 degrees! At least the snow is beginning to clear. We have now had 2 groups successfully complete the Piranha Pool (with only a couple of minor casualties - Alisha on the rough end of a couple of bites) and the other group are preparing to face them this afternoon. 


The children have been amazingly well-behaved and we couldn't be prouder of their efforts in the challenges. They have jumped off the Trapeze and crawled through the caves whilst encouraging each other throughout! 


Off to the challenges we go and we will add more photos after Team Challenge tonight!

Day 1 - Bedtime

Wow! What an incredible first day at Robinwood! We are all completely shattered after only 4 activities! From screaming down the Giant Swing, to crawling through foot-deep snow on the Nightline, the children have thrown themselves head first into every challenge.

Everyone is feeling brilliant and they can't wait for day 2 to begin! Lights out hit at 10pm and the wake up alarm is set for 7:00am....let's see who is wide awake at that point!


Food has not let us down! Clean plates all round (including the discovery of 'Choc Ices') and we are already dreaming about breakfast in the morning! Tune in tomorrow for more tales from Robinwood!



Day 1 - Tea Time

So we have arrived in a very snowy and cold Robinwood! The walk from the bus was stunning (plenty of picturesque landscapes to admire) and we have successfully completed 2 challenges already! We have just finished our evening meal and are getting ready for 2 more hair-raising activities! Everyone is having an incredible time so far and more photos will follow tonight!