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Reception F

Welcome to Reception, for some children the beginning of their schooling. We understand that this can be an exciting but nerve wracking time for both children and parents. Through this stage of their learning journey, the children will be learning through a balance of child initiated play, carefully supported by knowledgeable staff and adult initiated small group activities. They will be busy exploring and discovering exciting activities both in and out of the classroom, including visits. This website will keep you updated on all aspects of your child’s learning.  

Reception F Class photographs

Week beginning 10th July-what a busy week we have had this week. We performed our graduation assembly for our grownups, enjoyed a racing sports day and some sunshine on our visit to the beach.

Week Beginning 3rd July - Although it has been a short week, we have still had a busy week! This week, we have been on visits to Year 1 and met our new teachers! Also, we watched the amazing Cinderella Rockerfella production in school.

Week beginning 26th June: This week we took part in the school music recital with Mr Parkin. We got our grown ups to be the unexpected stars of the show!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week beginning 19th June: This week Mr Parkin and his band came to see us, it was all about music around the world. In small group we were tasting honey and talking about where some of our food comes from . In maths we have been completing doubling activities independently.

Week beginning 12th June: This week we are gaining in confidence when reading and writing, have been working on doubling in maths, we have been outside in the sunshine and some of us have been frightened by the bees so we have learnt some more about how amazing bees are. Do you know that they have a special honey tummy? Or that they do a waggle dance to tell the other bees where to find the best flowers?

Pupils of the week - These 2 superstars have knocked our socks off with their amazing doubling maths skills!

Week beginning 5th June- This week we have been celebrating diversity week, we have dressed up in our traditional dress to show our classes, staff and parents have visited us to talk about different countries and languages and Stephen Miller joined us in an amazing assembly to share with his his experience of being a Paralympian and showed us his medals.

Pupils of the week - These two superstars have been showing great effort in maths and RWI!

Week beginning 22nd May- This week we were so excited to see that our caterpillars had emerged as butterflies. We watched them for a couple of days and then set them free outside. We also enjoyed visiting the in it to win it shop to spend our stars with Gemma.

Week beginning 15th May : We have been retelling Jack and the beanstalk and planted our beans. We joined Phil from Muddy Monsters in forest school to do some hammering of numerals. Then we enjoyed some calming yoga.

Pupils of the week - These two superstars have shown improved number skills as well as resilience when finding work tricky.

Week beginning 8th May- The Children enjoyed their bug hunt so much when we went to Gibside they asked if we could do another one in forest school. We compared the bugs that we found in the two different locations.

Week beginning 1st May. This week we enjoyed a visit to Gibside national trust. We looked for bugs in two different environments and tested out our gross motor skills at strawberry castle park. Very fitting as we all celebrated the King’s coronation, we looked st his timeline, found answers to questions such as what does he like to eat and who washes his socks? We made crowns, bunting, castles and enjoyed an ‘indoor picnic’ lunch.

Week beginning 24th April: This week we found ice outside in the yard and made ice lollies! They tasted delicious and were made with fruit so were healthy too.

Pupils of the week - Well done to these two superstars! They have shown amazing resilience in maths and incredible work ethics, keep it up!

Week beginning 17th April. This we we have been talking about the end of Ramadan and celebrating Eid. We warmed some food on the fire in forest school to taste and we have coloured some Mhendi patterns. In small group this week we enjoyed the poem ‘chocolate’ and discussed what happened to our chocolate in our hands.

Pupils of week - well done to these two superstars! They have shown amazing science knowledge about melting as well as being very mature and settling in with new routines.

Week beginning 20th March: This week we have been learning about space, we made our own painted planets with marbles and in forest school we tried to turn our cars into rockets with balloons. Our pupils of the week have made us so proud for their progress. Well done.

Week beginning 13th March- This week was Comic relief/ sports relief so we completed some sports activities outside. The sun even shone for us showings us that Spring is around the corner.

Week beginning 6th March: This week we started with PE with our gymnastics coach, on Thursday we visited Beamish as part of our Understanding the world curriculum and Friday broughtsnow so we made the most of the winter weather going out sledging on our field.

Pupils of the week - These 2 superstars have been showing amazing effort in all they do and making the teachers super proud!

Week beginning 27th February: This week we have taken part in World book day where we had a gingerbread day. One of our gingerbreads ran away around school, eventually he made his way to Mrs Allan’s office ... so she ate him! We also had a STEAM day, we tried the experiment with the cola explosion, made our own butter and built with marshmallows and match sticks. I think we are ready for the weekend now!

Pupils of the week - These 2 superstars have been demonstrating more confidence and independence throughout their school work.

Week beginning 13th February: For the end of half term we visited the ‘In it to win it shop’ to spend our stars. We have also spent time this week learning how to join and use different materials in the cut and stick area. Can you spot the alligator?

Pupils of the week - These two superstars have been amazing this week, showing amazing writing and being amazing students!

Week beginning 6th February : This week we have been linking about mental health week, we read Ruby’s worry and talked about who would help us if we had a worry. We made a display of what we thought our worries would look like. Phil from Muddy Monsters joined us in forest school, he showed us how to safely use a hammer. In small group we looked at Andy Warhol and how he printed with bright colours and used the same picture more than once, we made valentines prints. We hope you love them!

Pupils of the week! These 2 superstars have been amazing at floating and sinking and blending our sounds!

Week beginning 30th January : This week in small group we were scientists carrying out floating and sinking experiments. In maths we have also been getting wet while exploring with capacity. It turns out that the hulk is heavier than a tractor too! We also had number day and a particularly long queue at our doctors surgery, phew.

Pupils of the week! These superstars have been amazing at knowing their RWI sounds and using cherry models to know their number bonds to 5. Well done SUPERSTARS!!

Week beginning 23rd January: This week we have been securing our knowledge of 5, we have been subitising amounts and looking for what can we see, such as 2+2 within 4. We used this knowledge to then complete some cherry models.

Week beginning 16th January : This week we had fun in forest school, it even snowed while we were down there exploring. We have been retelling the story of the Luna new year and look at how we are progressing in our phonics skills.

20th January 2023 - Pupils of the week These 2 superstars have been amazing at retelling the Lunar New Year zodiac story and having an amazing attitude to their work!

Pupils of the week - 13th January 2203!

Week beginning 9th Jan: This week saw us return from the Christmas break. We were all happy to be back at school to see our friends and get back to the important jobs of play and learning. We enjoyed a gymnastics lesson and designed and labelled some vehicles. Oh and joined our first pupils of the week assembly too.

Week 19th December - Merry Christmas, the children have been so excited in the build to Christmas! We had an amazing time at our Christmas party and even got a visit from the big red man. Also, Mr Parkin came in with his band to spread some Christmas cheer with songs. On Friday, we got our in it to win it prizes for our attendance at school. It has been an amazing Autumn term and we hope you all have a lovely time off and we will see you in the new year!

Week beginning 12th December: This week brought our whole performance for Christmas, we were amazing performing in front of the whole school and visitors.

Week beginning 5th December:This week we made or letters to send to Santa and then we went on a local walk to the post office to send our letters. Let’s hope Santa and the elves can deliver our replies by the end of term.

Week beginning 28th November: This week we enjoyed a very chilly and muddy Forest school session with Phill from Muddy Monsters. He helped us learn how to build dens, working in teams we built our own shelters and even managed to decorate them, Mrs Franklin said there were some budding interior designers! In small group we used charcoal to draw stickman and used our phonics to write his name. Last weeks small group was learning how to use the powder paints so we tried this out independently. Oh and we have a visitor...a very naughty elf. On Friday he challenged us to a snowball fight, what fun we had!

Week 21st November – our wonderful Reception children continued to improve their fine motor skills when exploring with the texture of powder paints and investigating how tomake a colour darker by adding black or a colour lighter by adding white. In PE, we are so proud of the children who have-a-go independently when getting undressed and dressed for PE and improving their gross motor skills around a sensory circuit. When the rain came down (again!) this week, we still had lots of children, in Forest School, jumping in muddy puddles!

Week beginning 14th November: This week we enjoyed some very wet weather on the yard, we explored with the chunky chalks and powder paints in the puddles. Plus there was some splashy puddle jumping! For small group we continued some painting skills by introducing water colours and colour mixing. Friday was also Children in need day. Phew, who is ready for the weekend? Well done Reception.

Week 7th November – This week, Reception had a virtual nurse visitor who talked to the children about germs and the importance of hand-washing lots of times across day. We also discussed last weekend’s Bonfire Night and children shared their experiences about bonfires and fireworks on Tapestry and in the classroom. The children have explored making different types of firework pictures with different resources and experimented in lots of ways with how to use paint, e.g. rolling a marble in paint. We have talked about different celebrations and watched a clip about a child celebrating Diwali with her family, discussing how this is similar or different to the celebrations we may have at home with our families. From a safe distance, the children safely watched some lit diva lamps they had made from clay: they were very excited to take their lamp home!

Week beginning 31st October- It was lovely to welcome all of our lovely children back into school after our half term break. This week we enjoyed Mo our sports coach working with us on our PE session. We introduced small group into our routine this week, beginning with learning about Diwali and making our own Diva lamps from clay.

Week 17th October - our Reception children have been amazing this week in their daily routines and with the different experiences of Muddy Monsters and a whole school wellbeing day. In our Forest School, there was lots of swinging, hooking ducks, solving water, shape and rolling problems, building, balancing and muddy pies: what fun, messy play! We talked with the children about ‘wellbeing’ and how this day is important for the children and staff’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. Friday was definitely a day for us all to join in, be creative, physical, feel comfortable and happy!

Wk beginning 10th October. This week Reception visited our local allotment. We checked the soil for bugs and found so many worms- this told us that the soil was healthy. We also wrapped up some of the plants for winter, trying to keep the frost out. For World Mental Health Day we read Ruby’s worry and discussed who we could talk to if we had a worry.

Week beginning 3rd October. After only our fifth week in school we are amazing and are settling in so well. Maths groups looking at more and fewer, phonics where we are starting to Fred in our head green words, our sensory circuit to develop our vestibular and proprioceptive systems, plus the important business of play but indoors and outside- we had fun on some wet days this week.

Week beginning 26th September. Time for our class photograph and of course a silly face one too! We also wanted to show you all how super we sit in the dining hall eating our lunch. Well done Reception, you make the team so proud.

Gateshead Great Big Green Week 30.09.22 – In Reception, we have been talking about the Great Big Green Week. This is an event in Gateshead designed to inspire our school to help nature and tackle climate change together. The Reception children talked about the story, ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’, and had great ideas for where we should put our rubbish: bins and recycled bins. They enjoyed seeing where in school we can put used batteries from home or staff, our class compost and paper bins. Think about what we all can do at home to make a difference!

See the website: Children, Sustainability page for more information from our school.

Week beginning 19th September- The first week that we have stayed full time all week. We enjoyed PE in the hall too. Moving along the bench in different ways.

Week 12th September – our Reception children have been amazing this week! On arrival, they are becoming more independent when finding their pegs, photographs to select the dinner they would like, for their water bottle and bringing their blue, book-bag every day! All of our wonderful children are enjoying playing inside and outside, their Key Worker groups and of course, having their delicious dinners in the hall! After a busy day, and by 2pm, they are very tired!

Week 5th September- We are so impressed with how the children have settled into class, they are growing in confidence each day and learning new routines. We read ‘Colour of us’ and discussed how we had similarities and differences. Visited the hall in preparation for staying for lunch next week and read ‘The Queen's Hat’.