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Outdoor Learning

Forest School - Easter Egg Hunt

The children were challenged to find a hidden Easter Egg and Easter Chick that were hidden in the Forest School Area.  They looked in the trees, bushes and other hiding places.  The children enjoyed running around in the Easter sunshine as well as eating the chocolate!

Forest School - Art

The children were set a challenge to make an animal using natural resources from the Forest School Area.  They all used their imagination and skills to create an animal artwork.  

Forest School - Camp Fire

We had lots of fun in Forest School despite the cold!  First of all we made our way to the fire-pit and heated up some chocolate and bananas - they were delicious!  After that, we made bird feeders to put in our Forest School so that different birds would have plenty to eat!

Click on the Visitors icon on the main class page to see the children taking part in the RSPB Bioblitz workshop.