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Brighton Avenue Young Interpreters 2019-2020


We are super excited to be starting our training as the new young interpreters. We are just commencing our training and can't wait to get started. We are taking our pivotal role in school extremely seriously. We provide additional support to pupils who are new to learn English as a second language. We've already helped out lots of new starters to our school, sharing our experiences with them and translating for some of the children who have very little English language skills. As young interpreters we use our bilingual skills to support new learners of English so that they can feel happy, settled and valued.


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Here are some quotes from our super Young Interpreters...


'I enjoy sharing information about my culture with others. I love helping children who come to our school with no English'. - Ana


'I like meeting new people. I help out if they don't speak the language'- Zara


'I like looking at different cultures and religions through lots of different activities' -Gabi 


'Being a Young Interpreter is great' You get to meet other Young Interpreters from other schools that we visit' -Ibrahim 

Brighton Avenue Young Interpreters


We have recently completed our training to become Brighton Avenue Young Interpreters.


Young Interpreters use their multilingual skills to help newly arrived children with EAL (English as an additional language), to settle into our school.  We can support them in their learning by explaining routines and helping them to understand their work.  


Being a Young Interpreter helps us to develop our confidence and learn communication and leadership skills.   


We are helping Brighton Avenue Primary School celebrate being a multilingual school.  There are currently 34 different languages spoken by pupils in our school!