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In computing we have been using the 'Reading Eggs' programme. We each read a story and then answered a short quiz to test our understanding of the story. We also had a chance to play some of the games and earn more eggs.

We have been designing our own game of 'Pong'. We had to input all of the different settings in order to be able to make our game playable. It was challenging, but we got there in the end!

As part of our Science lesson, we used the iPads to research different habitats. We worked in pairs and all decided upon a habitat, whether it be woodland, the sea, etc then we researched the species of animals which lived there. We then designed a food web to illustrate our findings.

We've been using the 'Times Tables Rock Stars' program to improve our ability to answer times tables questions within 5 seconds.  The program lets us work our way up through the different levels by answering questions against the clock! We forget we're learning because it's so much fun!