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Welcome to 2D's page! Here you can see all the fantastic things we get up to throughout the year! As a class together, we have a mixture of blazing and bubbling personalities which enrich our minds and help us climb every step to success.  Our brilliant behaviour and attitudes ensure we work hard to reach all of our goals and fulfill our potential. We're so excited to get started and can't wait for you to see all the things we achieve as we grow.  


"Just think of all the things you can do, to make yourself better before the year's through!"



We would love to see photos of what you are all getting up to at home because we're missing you lots! Send your photos of what you've been doing to and we'll put them on our 2D Class Page so your friends can see how you've been keeping yourself busy.

Thursday 18th June

Today, The Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’.

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:

If you miss the 11am assembly don’t worry! A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.

Exciting Music Scholarship Opportunity


We are really excited to inform you all that Side By Side Arts have managed to secure funding from the Big Local to allow them to provide 8 weeks of music scholarship to children in the Big Local Area. This will be for either piano, guitar or vocal tuition.

Side By Side Arts would like to offer up to 25 of these places to our pupils on a first come first serve basis.


Please find the Scholarship Agreement below – if you would be interested in securing a place for your child after reading this then please contact Stuart at


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and a valuable way to fill in time during these weeks away from school and is an opportunity not to be missed so get in quick!


Scholarship Agreement


Scholarships available - Children must have their own instrument at home

·      Piano

·      Guitar

·      Vocal


About the scholarship

·      This scholarship will last for the duration of 8 x 30 minute group lessons which are scheduled on a weekly basis with the same teacher

·      Lessons will be held online via Zoom

·      For piano or guitar an instrument will be required at your home to enable you to practise and also to take part in the lesson. This does not have to be a full sized piano or of really good quality, a keyboard will be more than adequate

·      Vocal tuition will not require any instrument, just your voice

·      Before the scholarship commences and after the 8 week term you will be required to complete a short questionnaire



·      It is expected that each student will practise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day between lessons

·      Each student must be prompt to their lesson as lateness will not be made up at the end of the time slot.

·      If you can not make the lesson time please email to inform us. If you give more than 12 hours notice the lesson will be rescheduled to a different time. Less than this the lesson will be forfeited no alternate time will be offered.

·      Failure to attend two consecutive lessons without a valid reason will result in your scholarship being terminated

4th April

Wow Matthew! Or should I say Spiderman?! Look at all this work you've completed! What a superstar you are - keep working hard!

Anaya has been doing some origami!

4th April

Anaya has been learning how to do origami! This looks fab Anaya and you've written some instructions to go with it too, amazing! Maybe I could use your instructions to have a go myself! Your other work is beautiful as always!

Wali has been celebrating Eid

4th April

Wali has had a very busy half term holiday as it was he has been celebrating Eid with his family. I'm sorry you missed your usual Eid parties with friends and family but it looks like you were still able to make special memories with your family. I'm glad you've had fun playing cricket on the beach with family - socially distanced of course! And it's lovely that Dad was able to take some time off from being a key worker to be able home with you and your brothers. I love the first photo with that big smile of yours Wali, it looks like you've had lots of fun!



Jake's been having fun in the sun!

22nd May 

Look at these lovely pictures Jake has sent in! Thanks so much for sending these pictures in Jake, they really put a smile on my face. It looks like you've been having lots of fun in the sun and making lots of memories with your family. You look so happy, even when you're getting a bucket of water tipped over your head!

Ella's been working hard!

17th April

Ella you've been working so hard! I can see you've been putting 100% into your home learning. I love your boat design and I really liked your PSHE work about how you've been being good at home - although I'm not surprised you're being as helpful as always! Keep being a superstar!

Anaya the Geographer!

17th April

Anaya has been doing lots of Geography! What a beautifully illustrated map of the UK and I like your writing about Kampong Ayer. You've also been doing some History as well - keep working hard Anaya!

Look at Wali's wonderful artwork!

17th April

Look at Wali's artwork! He has been busy as usual completing his home learning! Superstar!

Ella's been roller skating!!

10th April

Ella has been busy! Not only has Ella been working hard completing her English and Maths work, she has also been exercising! I love your roller skates Ella! Do you think I could borrow them?!

Harry's been feeding the ducks!

10th April

While still working hard on his school work, Harry has spent more time on his daily walks with his family. He is lucky enough to have a nature park near his house so has been feeding the ducks - I bet this is such a fun thing to do with your little brother Harry! Mam also sent this lovely picture of a beautiful rainbow which is very fitting at the moment. It's so lovely to see you're having lots of fun still Harry, thanks for sending in your pictures!

Anaya's got green fingers!

10th April

Anaya has been doing some gardening! I bet those plants will be beautiful! Anaya's also been getting crafty! Keep us the good work Anaya!

Wali the Mathematician!

10th April

Wali has been working hard as usual! What a Mathematician he is - just look at that multiplication work! You're going to wizz through the division work next week Wali!

Anaya's work is always so beautiful!

4th April

It's always such a pleasure to receive your work Anaya - it always beautifully presented and you can tell you've taken lots of time doing it. It looks like you've been learning so much with Mam as your teacher!

Matthew's been an amazing big brother!

4th May

Not only has Matthew been an amazing big brother reading to Georgia, he has also been completing his school work. He has done PE with Joe Wickes on Friday and then made some cookies. They look delicious Matthew! I might have to get the recipe from you! Matthew has also been doing art with his slime - what a busy week you've had Matthew! 

Matthew has been to visit school

Still image for this video
During his daily exercise, Matthew went to visit school with his Mum and sisters and found the trail that had been left by the children who are still attending school. I'm glad you enjoyed it Matthew!

Matthew's Maths and English work

30th April

Wow! Look at all the Maths and English work Matthew has been doing! It's looks like you've been working really hard - amazing. It was so lovely to chat with you on the phone today and I'm glad you're keeping busy and enjoying your time at home!

Sheridan's shape work

30th April

Sheridan has been working hard learning the properties of shape. What a super mathematician you are! I know he's been learning his times tables as well. And just look at that beautiful handwriting! Keep up the good work Sheridan!

30th April

Wali has been working hard completing all his work as usual - what a superstar. Thank you so much for sharing your picture of your Aftar - it looks delicious. Wishing you all a Happy Ramadan during these strange times and hopefully you'll be able to celebrate with family soon.

Wali the Artist!

27th April

As always, Wali has been working extremely hard completing his home-school work. And just look at that beautiful painting! I love the colours your have used in your painting Wali and it looks like your brothers have been having fun painting too. It's so nice to see that you've all been having fun together. Maybe you can teach the Art lessons for me when we get back to school?!

Jake's been up to all sorts!

27th April

Wow Jake! It looks like you've been really busy! Your life cycles work and learning about mini beasts is amazing, I especially like the little drawings you've done on them and it's great to see those fantastic sentences you've written about each of them. And those cakes look delicious - you've inspired me to do some baking!

Ella's been a concentrating crocodile!

24th April

Look at all this work Ella's been doing! It looks like you've been working super hard Ella. Your writing would certainly be full of green highlighter if I was to mark it! It looks like you've also been enjoying your daily exercise in the beautiful weather! What a superstar!

These look good enough to eat Wali!

24th April

Wali has been having fun with playdough! These are amazing Wali and some of them look good enough to eat! It's lovely to see that smile on your face!

Anaya's been learning about the importance of exercise!

23rd April

What a fabulous piece of writing Anaya! You've shown you know how important exercising is, and after speaking to you on the phone this morning, it's nice to hear you're putting it into practice as well! That reminds me - I think I should probably go out on a run after eating all those sweets!

Matthew's been getting creative!

23rd April
Along with Maths, in which he has made some different shapes, Matthew has enjoyed doing some Art, painting rainbows the last few days. And he wanted to show off his Easter outfit that Mam made, Matthew loved his so much, he slept in it - very impressive! Matthew's sister, Charlotte, has also been practicing her face painting skills. I think we'll have to get her a job at our next school fair! I'm glad to see you're having such a fun time at home with your family Matthew, thank you for sending your pictures in!


Wali's been a busy bee!

23rd April

Wali's been working hard again doing his school work. You've used some great noun phrases Wali, an author in the making maybe?! Keep up the good work.

Hristiyana's been out and about!

22nd April

Hristiyana's been out and about on her scooter. It's so lovely to see you're getting out and about as much as you can Hristiyana while having fun at the same time. Those Easter eggs look beautiful as well!

Ella's been getting crafty!

22nd April

It looks like you've been very busy Ella. What amazing pieces of writing you have done in your most beautiful handwriting - superstar! I loved looking at the arts and crafts you have been doing as well. What a lovely idea the hand prints are! Keep up the good work!

Anaya has been making sure she gets her daily exercise in!

22nd April

Not only has Anaya been keeping healthy by making sure she gets her daily exercise, she has also been learning about healthy food. I learnt a lot reading your piece of writing Anaya although I think I may have been eating too many sweets!!

Jake has been having fun in the sun!

22nd April

Jake's been up to all sorts in the sun! It looks like you've been having an amazing time in the nice weather Jake. Those hanging baskets look great. A future gardener in the making maybe?! 

Wali's been a super Scientist!

22nd April

Not only has Wali been learning all about the different stages of a plant, he has even planted his own seed. I can't wait to see what it grows into!

Mam's home school has been keeping Anaya busy!

16th April

Another gorgeous piece of writing and some beautiful artwork Anaya. That painting looks like lots of fun! Mrs Conway and I are missing you lots too but hopefully we’ll be back to school soon!

Harry's had a haircut!

14th April

I love the new haircut Harry – super smart! I love the pictures of you doing all you work and walking your dog. Those eggs that the Easter bunny delivered look scrumptious – I hope you saved some for me!!!

Read Hristiyana's diary to see what she's been up to!




Monday morning I was sleeping all morning because I was tired.  Afternoon I was sleeping and I didn’t want to week up. I walk up and I wanted to make breakfast for myself, when I finish whit my breakfast  I brush my teeth because they war dirty. When I finish brushing my teeth I went outside whit my mom, and I play little bit. After that I back a home and I do it a homework. Late I help of my mom for a dinner. And when we finish whit the dinner we watch a movie or we play whit toys. And after that I brush my teeth and go to sleep.

Tuesday morning I walk up and I go in my mom room and I hug mom, because I love her. After that we make breakfast and I help her. After I brush my teeth I put on my clothes so I’m ready for homework. And I finish whit all I and my mom go for walk. And when we back a home we eat lunch and after that I read a book. Late we have a dinner and after that I go take a shower and brush my teeth and go to sleep.

Wednesday we week up and do it our morning routine and I do it my home work, and after that I draw a picture. Next that we go out for little walk, I talk my bubble. When we back a home I go in the shower and its dinner time. I make whit my mom a pizza for dinner and I help her.

Thursday when I wake up I go in my mom room and we hug a little bit and we make breakfast for as and when we finish. I’m ready for wash my face and teeth and when I’m done I do my home work. And after that we go out side whit my mam and I play front our house and my mam stay whit me and watch me and drink coffee. When come a dinner time we back a home and we make any food after that we eat. When come sleep time I go in the shower and brush my teeth and I go in the bed and go to sleep or  we read a story.

Friday we wake up and me and my mom make our morning routine and after that I do it home work. After that we go again out side but was a little bit cold and we stay a little bit and we back in side. After that my mom was ready for work and I going in my father house while my mom was at work. So when she finish work she come and pick me up from dads house. And we going in our home and we washing our hand then we make a dinner. After that I was in the shower and brush my teeth and I go in the bed there I read one a story and I was ready for sleep.

13th April

Wow Hristiyana! How lovely to read what you’ve been up to! It seems like you’ve been having lots of fun at home. The pizza you made with Mam sounds delicious!

Look at Abbie's Elephants and her work at the allotment!

13th April

I love the elephants you and your siblings have made Abbie, they look fab! It also looks like you’ve been super helpful as always, helping at the allotment. I wonder what you’ve been growing!

Layla-Rae has been having lots of fun!

9th April

Layla-Rae looks like she’s been having lots of fun. She’s been riding her bike, playing games, reading, face painting and clapping for our carers. And you’ve got that gorgeous smile on your face the whole time – so nice to see how much you’re enjoying your time at home!

100 things for you to do over the Easter Holidays

3rd April

Even though we have already been closed for 2 weeks, it is now the Easter Holidays! So instead of setting 'work' for the next two weeks here are 100 activities to keep you busy! Have lots of fun, stay safe and don't forget to send any pictures to so we can see all the amazing things you've been up to.


Hello everybody, Mrs Conway here.  I've just been looking at our class page and I'm so impressed with what you've been up to!  There's some amazing work going on which is lovely to see. Anaya that was a beautiful piece of writing.   Not only that, it's great to see that you are also keeping yourselves fit and active.  Abbie I can see you did the Joe Wicks work out (I did it too, but found it really hard so needed to sit down and have a cup of tea!)  Wali and Matthew I can see you've been enjoying the fresh air with your family - fantastic! I really miss seeing all of your happy faces and listening to your stories everyday but we know it's for the best and to keep us all safe.  I look forward to seeing more of your pictures. Take Care.  Mrs Conway x

Anaya has been showing off her amazing drawing skills again!

3rd April

Anaya has been showing us those fantastic art work skills of hers again! I love the pictures you put in your window and I'll bet they cheer everyone up who walks past - what a lovely thing to do. I also really like the work you've been doing about keeping your heart beat up - PE and Science all mixed into one - superstar!

Hard working Wali has been at it again!

3rd April

What an amazing work ethic you have shown Wali. You've done amazingly well to keep up with all the work I've been setting, you must have been so busy over the past 2 weeks! Maybe I could send you some of my work to do?!

Thank you for your lovely letter Matthew!

1st April

Thank you so much for your lovely letter Matthew! Mrs Conway and I loved reading it when we were in school together yesterday. It really cheered us both up!

Abbie's been playing some Historical games!

1st April

Abbie has been watching Richard's (That History Bloke) videos on how to play some ancient games. It looks like you, your brother and your sister have had lots of fun playing them! Amazing!

Superstar Wali has been working extremely hard!

1st April

Wow Wali! You have been so so busy! What a superstar you are keeping up with all the work I've been uploading to the class page. You have been using some excellent adjectives and you know so much about our RE topic. I really like the picture of you trying to spot a fish in River Tyne while standing on your back terrace. If I could put your on the Happy Side now, I definitely would!! Keep up the good work!

Look at what Matthew's been up to!

30th March

Thanks for sending your pictures in Matthew! It looks like you and your sister have been making the most of the nice weather while keeping active. That bubble machine looks like lots of fun! I hope you enjoyed your Mr Men book!

Wali's been working extremely hard and having some fun!

27th March

Wali's been working hard doing lots of different work uploaded to the class page and some of his own. I'm pleased to see your fantastic work ethic hasn't changed Wali, you're still using your Year 2 targets successfully and it's nice to see that you're also having lots of fun with your brothers!

Harry's been keeping active!

27th March

It looks like Harry and his little brother have been up to all sorts! What a lovely drawings you have created Harry and it looks like you're being really helpful washing your bikes in the sun. Can I drop my car off for you to do next?!

Look at Anaya's amazing piece of writing!

26th March

What a super piece of writing Anaya has done while she's been at home. It looks like you've tried especially hard with your handwriting. I'm pleased to see you've not forgotten your leading strokes!

Abbie has been busy at home!

25th March

Amazing to see that Abbie has been very busy with her siblings at home! It's looks like you've been having lots of fun while learning as well - what a superstar! Thank you for sending your pictures in, keep them coming!

RE - Visitors from St George's Church

10th March

Today we were visited by Maddi and Katie from St George's Church.  They came into our RE lesson to discuss our OLQ 'How do Christians show their belief in Jesus during Easter?'

From this visit, the children have gained the knowledge of the three main events. 

1)  Lent to get ready for Easter 

2) To welcome Jesus

3) Celebrate Easter Sunday

The children carried out a range of activities to help with their understanding.  Take a look!

6th March

For World book day, we came in in our PJs. We have had lots of fun doing a range of different activities including; a book swap, making book marks, making tiger masks and a visit from Jonah from Seven Stories.

DT - Mechanisms

26th February

Our DT topic this half term is 'Mechanisms' and by the end of it we will have created our own moving monster. Before we do any designing, we explored pivots, levers and linkages in existing objects. This gave us some ideas about how we might make our own monsters move.

Bring Your Adult to School Day

14th February


Today was Bring Your Adult to School Day and what a time they had!  They got stuck in to making 3D models of Scutari Hospital (which is where Florence Nightingale worked).  As the children are experts on Florence, they were able to help the adults to construct their models .  It was all very hands on and a bit messy.  Take a look at the photos. Didn't they do well??

4th February

History came to life for us this week when That History Bloke visited us with his friend Florence Nightingale.  Luckily we had been learning about her so we were able to ask lots of questions.  We learnt so much more including how to march, how to fold pillowcases (always handy at home!) and how to put a bandage on. We even got to dress up!  As well as all this, we got to look at artefacts from Florence's time.  There were some very strange things!


Gateshead Library Visit

 28th January

Today we visited Gateshead Library.  We got to listen to a new book that even the Librarian hadn't read before!  It was really good.  Then we got the chance to choose our own books to take back to school. We can't wait to start reading them!

Art - Repeating patterns and rubbings

23rd and 24th January

In Art this week we have been practising different skills. Our repeating patterns were made up of different cutters and stencils.  To do rubbings, we looked around the classroom and in the Forest School.  We found some very interesting patterns including the sole of our shoes to the tree trunks outside.

Celebration Day

Friday 17th January

We have had an amazing day celebrating being number 1 school in Gateshead. We have done lots of exciting activities including; football, extra play, disco, climbing equipment, tuck shop and much more!

Music - Glockenspiel

Friday 10th January

This half term in Music our topic is 'I wanna play in a band'. We started to learn the glockenspiel accompaniment this afternoon. We were amazing at staying in time!

Friday 20th December

We’ve made lots of Christmas crafts this week including cards and calendars. We even turned ourselves into elves!

Wednesday 18th December

We had so much fun at the KS1 party on Wednesday. We played party games, had a visit from Father Christmas, did lots of dancing and ate some delicious party food – what a great celebration to end the term!

Friday 13th December

After previously exploring what makes a strong and stable structure, we designed a chair for baby bear. Today, we made our designs using different materials. We were all extremely successful as baby was able to sit on all of them!

Tuesday 3rd December

To raise money for school, we made some tasty treats to sell at the Christmas fair. We were very impressed with our melted snowmen - they tasted delicious too!

Monday 2nd December

This half term in DT, we have been looking at structures. Before we make our own, we decided to carry out a few experiments to find out which shapes were the most strong and stable. We found out the cylinder was extremely strong - look how many books we managed to stack on it!

Children in Need

We enjoyed non-uniform day in school on Friday. We had our picture with Pudsey then we took part in lots of Children in Need activities.

Remembrance Day

On Remembrance day, after having a 2 minute silence, we talked about why 11th November is such an important day. We then made our own poppies to remember those who gave their lives to keep us safe.

Parliament Week

This week has been UK Parliament week, we discussed what parliament is and started to learn about our democratic society. We then had our very own vote, with our own ballot papers and ballot box.
In RE, the children have started to learn about Hinduism. This lesson, we looked at what Ramayana teaches. We then made Lotus flowers as this is a significant part of the story.
Some of us brought our adults to school this morning. We looked at what clothing was worn in the Victorian time period and then made our own top hats. After making our amazing top hats, we did a fashion show in the hall so we could show off our hard work to the rest of Year 2 and their parents. 

Music - Drums

In Music, Mr Parkin brought in some real djembe drums. We loved playing with our group and we even started to sing while keeping the pulse.
We had our Outdoor Learning day on Wednesday and we had a ball - even if it was raining! We did a range of activities including: building shelters, scavenger hunt, mini beast hunt, drilling wood, building bridges and making self portraits using natural materials.

Music - Keyboards

Still image for this video
With Mr Parkin, we have been learning how to follow a simple piece of music and play it on the keyboard.

Science - Balanced diets

In Science, we have been learning about balanced diets. We looked at the eat well plate and sorted some foods into their different groups. We then tried some different foods that belonged to the different groups. We liked some more than others as you can see by our faces!

Art - Shading

This week in Art we have been developing our shading skills. We tried out different pencils first and then used different ones to create different effects.

Book Bus

This week, the Book Bus visited school. We loved going having a look at all the different books they had!
In Art, we have be developing our different skills. This week we have been looking at the different ways we can use paint. We looked an example of a Clarice Cliff plate. First, we used paintbrushes to add the colour to our plates. We then had to experiment with how we could blow the paint to create a tree.
Every Thursday, we are lucky enough to have Mr Parkin come in and teach us Music. This week we have been learning to play the keyboard.

Dental Health Assembly

The school nurse visited KS1 this week to talk about the importance of brushing our teeth.

Fine Motor Skills - Painting and Chalk

During our Fine Motor skills time, we went outside and used water, paintbrushes and chalk to create different patterns.

The Great Fire of Gateshead trip to the Quayside

As part of our learning in History about The Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle, we visited the Quayside and the Baltic. When we arrived we took part in a ‘Bridges’ workshop at the Baltic. We drew different bridges and then designed and made our own. After we had lunch we went to meet ‘That History Bloke’. He took us on a tour of the Quayside so we could see the key locations from the Great fire. We learnt lots and had fun and even re-wrote a well know song. Can you guess the tune we sang it to?


“Gateshead’s burning, Newcastle’s burning,

People screaming, people screaming,

Big explosion, blue flames

Pumping water, put the fire out”

PE - Gymnastics

In PE, we have been lucky enough to have a coach in to teach us Gymnastics. This week we were doing different balances and starting to do forward roles and cartwheels.

Fine Motor Skills Activity - Making Spider Webs

During our Fine Motor skills time, we have been making spider webs. We had to go and collect sticks from the Outdoor Learning area and then make the web using wool. We found it a little tricky at first but we think they'd make perfect homes for spiders!