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Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!


What glorious weather we had today for our final trip of Year 3! We had a blast digging in the sand, making kingdoms, collecting shells, burying each other (and Mrs Cummings), paddling in the sea and eating ice cream! 

The Baltic

As part of our 'Oh I do like to be beside the Quayside' theme, we went to visit the Baltic. We had a very informative talk about the regeneration of the Quayside over the years and then we explored some of the exhibitions they had on display. Because of the wonderful weather, after lunch, we went for a stroll along the Quayside to see if we could spot any of the changes we have been learning about. We even went on the outdoor gym equipment - we didn't think this was there 100 years ago!

Life Science Centre 

As part of our science topic (Rocks and Soils), we visited the life science centre where we looked at different rock types and identified them from given clues. We investigated the permeability of soil and sand to see which would be better to use when planting, and looked at how rocks and soil are moved by rivers. 

We got a surprise when Miss Dalley and Mrs Cummings said we could go ice-skating!



For our attendance trip, we visited Gateshead leisure centre. We went on the Clip and Climb and the soft play. Some of the children were expert climbers, getting to the top of the walls in no time! We had SO much fun!

Carol Service

We visited Saint Chad's Church to do our Carol Service. We enjoyed singing Christmas hymns and we thought everyone sang beautifully! 

Vue Cinema

We walked to Gateshead cinema to watch The Greatest Showman. We really enjoyed it and some of us even sang along with every word!

Gateshead Library

We were back at Gateshead library again this week. We changed our books we had finished and borrowed new ones, which we are looking forward to reading. While we were there, we were also lucky enough to hear some short stories and poems from one of the librarians.

The Great North Museum - Stone Age to Iron Age

We have been to investigate the Stone Age to Iron Age in preparation for Autumn 2. Excitedly, we explored the gallery in search of artefacts from this time period and found lots of AMAZING things made from a variety of materials. We noticed that some objects survived over time much better than others. 

Gateshead Library

This week we visited Gateshead Library to choose our new reading books. The Library Assistant told us some hilarious jokes and we even joined in with some of the short stories. 

Stig's Workshop at Gateshead Library

Year 3 had the opportunity to attend Gateshead Library to participate in a Stig Live event along with Y3/4. Some of the children were lucky enough to participate in some of Stig's challenges which were very amusing! Below are a selection of photos from his workshop.