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Year 5/6CM

Welcome to Year 5/6M

The finest students in all the land!


We love a challenge and will be solving many through the course of the year. We are going to strive to be the best musicians, mathematicians, artists and everything in between as we strive to explore and improve our skills across the curriculum.  Our studies will take us back to the age of the Mayans and to the dragon bones of the Chang Dynasty and more locally to our British National Parks! We are looking forward to the Year 5/6 journey, growing individually and together as a class. 


We will be posting regularly with updates from Year 5/6 life so keep an eye out!


Mr Murtagh and Mrs Graham

Week beginning 26.06.23: In Geography the children have been looking at the importance of areas of outstanding natural beauty and the importance of conservation.

Week beginning 19.06.23: We have been exploring 2D to 3D architecture and structure. The children are now ready to use these in their 3D installation.

Week beginning 19.06.23: We worked with the RISE team who showed us how to reframe negative thought patterns and promote a growth mindset.

Week beginning 12.06.23: Yr 6 trip to the Oriental Museum Durham to accompany our Shang Dynasty unit.

Week beginning 05.06.23: Our amazing young leaders with the incredible multi-gold Paralympian Stephen Miller.

Week beginning 05.06.23: We spend a productive afternoon at the Bensham Alottment preparing to pot our seeds.

Week beginning 05.06.23: An amazing day out at Gosforth Nature Reserve. Minibeasts galore during our pond dipping session.

Week beginning 22.05.23: A lovely trip to the library on the hottest day of the year so far!

Week beginning 22.05.23: We learnt about how binary code works and is used by the Mars Rover to communicate with Earth.

Week beginning 15.05.23: A lovely afternoon out at Lyndhurst Bowls Club and a second place finish after an excellent performance.

Week beginning 08.05.23: Our Year 6 caught up with their WW2 DT after SATs.

Week beginning 01.05.23: We have been preparing for the Coronation with an royal themed arts and crafts day.

Week beginning 24.04.23: Some examples of our Science (life stages of a flowering plant) and History (why the 'dragon bones' proved the Shang Dynasty existed).

Pupils of the Week 28.04.23 : Well done to our amazing pupils of the week George and Riley.

Week beginning 17.04.23: Den building and whittling during Forest School.

Week beginning 17.04.23: Our Pupils of the Week!

Week beginning 20.03.23: Our amazing Pupils of the Week!

Week beginning 20.03.23: The children had a fantastic day with the History Bloke learning all about life during World War Two.

Week beginning 13.03.23: The kids had a busy day during our sports relief events.

Week beginning 07.03.22: We looked at how air resistance can act against gravity by investigating how the surface area of a parachute affects the time it takes to drop.

Week beginning 27.02.23: Our amazing Pupils of the Week.

Week beginning 27.02.23: There has been a lot going on this week; Muddy Monsters, Activity Day, World Book Day and STEAM to mention a few!

Week beginning 13.02.23: The children explored a space theme and created artwork in the style of Teis Albers.

Week beginning 06.02.23: The children looked at the affect of climate change on the town of Starcross and designed their own floodplans.

Week beginning 06.02.23: Well done to our excellent pupils of the week Nathan and Ruby!

Week beginning 30.01.23: Well done to our amazing pupils of the week Mubin and James.

Week beginning 30.01.23: We were amazed at how far the planets were from each other when we worked out the scaled distances.

Week beginning 23.01.23: Well done to our amazing Pupils of the Week Demi and Grace!

Week beginning 23.01.23: The children completed practical activities involving volumes to differentiate between squared and cubed amounts.

Week beginning 16.01.23: Our amazing Pupils of the Week. Well done Riley and Haniyah for being superstars!

Week beginning 16.01.23: Some excellent motifs at the beginning of our titanic dance unit. It is almost like looking at the ship!

09.01.23: We started the year of with a very very Muddy Monsters session. The children wittled wood despite the soaking conditions and created play areas for themselves.

Wk beginning 09.01.23: Our excellent Pupils of the Week Natalia and Poppy. Well done girls!

19.12.22: The children combined animation and music in their programming unit.

Still image for this video

Week beginning 12.12.22: We completed a challenging DT unit which included running and blanket stitching as well as reverse applique techniques.

Week beginning 05.12.22: Christmas is in the air as we make our cards and calendars!

Week beginning 28.11.22: Our excellent Pupils of the Week. Well done boys!

Week beginning 21.11.22: Some work from our Global Money Week.

Week beginning 14.11.22: Riley giving a reading of his mountain based poem. The class produced some excellent pieces of poetry.

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Week beginning 7.11.22: We have been stepping up our preparations for the Athletics Festival next week.

Week beginning 31.10.22: I just happened to snap a spontaneous conversation (in Spanish!) between Matthew and Bill.

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Week beginning 17.10.22 We were investigating which materials would make the best conductors. It was enlightening!

Week beginning 10.10.22

Well done to our Pupils of the Week Torchi and Jasmine-Leigh. Torchi has only been with us for two weeks but has already hit the ground running and will be a great addition to our school. Jasmine-Leigh has wowed us with her division work this week and proved, yet again, how important knowing those times tables really is. Well done you two!

Week beginning 12.10.22: Our first trip to the library post Covid. Great to get back to see what's new!

Week beginning 3.10.22: We have been practicing agility skills during our invasion games unit. Soon we will be little ninjas!

Pupils of the Week

Well done to our Pupils of the Week Ethan and Isabelle. They are both excellent Year 5 role-models and work their socks off everyday. No wonder they are so popular in our class! 

Week beginning 26.09.22: We have been began our research on the Ancient Mayans and are looking forward to what we will find out next!

Pupils of the Week

Our lovely Pupils of the Weeks are Ruby and Aiden. Both of these super-stars always try their best and could have this award every week so expect to see them here a few more times this year! 

Week beginning 19.09.22: This week we have been writing a setting description based on our class reader 'The Rainplayer'. The children have been focusing on imagery.

Danya: Gently, leaves whispered in the canopy, as though they knew Chac was approaching 

Adrian: Bustling bushes brushed against Pik's shoulders as he ventured through the undergrowth.

Bobby: Far in the distance, the mighty volcano stood proudly watching over it's land and people. 


Pupil of the Week

Well done to James and Natalia this week. James has blown me away with his Maths and Natalia's Art work for our display was amazing! Well done you two! 

Week beginning 12.09.22: In mixed media art this week and the children have come up with some amazing creations in the style of Chila Kumari Singh Burman.

Pupil of the Week

What an amazing first week for the boy Adrian and Sagnik. Sagnik is new to our school and has really hit the ground running. Adrian has just been amazing in all his lessons and so kind to everyone in our class. Both boys are going to be amazing role models!