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Golden Time


This week during golden time the children were testing their fine motor skills by sewing. The children used 2 pieces of material, a plastic needle and thread and some stuffing to create a fish! Well done! 

Making Cakes

During golden time the children were practising using their fine motor skills to make cakes.  After researching a recipie, the children weighed out their ingredients in small groups and added them into a mixing bowl step by step. Once the ingredients were mixed together the children used two small teaspoons to add the mixture into the cake cases. Once cooked and cooled, the children then decorated their cakes. We hope they tasted as delicious as they looked!

Spring 1


This week during golden time, the children enjoyed making friendship bracelets. The children used their fine motor skills to plait the thread and they looked fantastic! The children had lots of fun making these for their friends!

Autumn 2

Following on from last half term, our focus during golden time is still fine motor skills. This week we had different stations for the children to explore. We provided a range of activities to further develop the children's skills such as; paperclip chains, threading straws through tubes, finger knitting and play dough and sticks. The children loved these activities! 

Autumn 1

During Golden Time we will be focusing on our fine motor skills and our hand-eye co-ordination. These skills are essential for performing everyday tasks such as self care (clothing fastenings, using cutlery) and academic skills (writing, computing). Without the ability to complete these tasks, a child's self esteem can suffer and their academic performance can be compromised. They may also struggle to develop appropriate independence in life skills such as dressing and feeding. 

Fine motor skills (dexterity) is the co-ordination of small muscle movements with the eyes. They usually involve movements that occur in the wrists, hands and fingers, and the feet and toes. Efficient fine motor skills require a number of independent skills to work simultaneously to appropriately manipulate an object or perform a task. 

Take a look at some of our fine motor skills activities.