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Core Subjects

In English, we have been reading the book 'Farther'. We have been thinking about the viewpoint of an author and decided to write blogs from the point of view of the boy in the story. Please take a look, our teacher is very proud of our work, as are we!

In English, Y5 have some explaining to do! Explanation texts that is. We have designed our own Cracking Contraptions (in the style of Wallace and Gromit) and will be explaining how to use them. There are certainly some cracking ideas here!

This half term, in our extended writing books, we have been working on non-rhyming poetry and a story about being teleported into a mystical Chinese garden, after finding a strange mask. We wrote some fantastic stories and there are definitely some poets among us!

Planetary power! In groups, we made a model to represent how the planets in are solar system are roughly spherical and orbit the Sun.

Outstanding maths! This half term, we have worked very hard on number and place value. We can order numbers from hundreths to millions. We rock!

In science, we have been learning all about our solar system. In pairs, we researched different planets and produced a fact file, which we will put in our science books.