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Even MORE Science with Mr Oakes! 

Tuesday 26th March 2019


Today, we looked at physics with Mr Oakes as we experimented with magnets. We first thought about what we already knew about magnetic forces, we then made our own magnets and finally we experimented with copper filings. We cannot wait to visit Emmanuel College next week for our Science lesson! smiley


More Science with Mr Oakes! mail

Tuesday 19th March 2019


Today, we looked at some Chemistry topics with Mr Oakes, we talked about states of matter and how they are made up of particles. We were experimenting with air and marshmallows - which made us very hungry!!


We heart Science in 5S!

Tuesday 12th March 2019


This term in 5S, we are extremely lucky to have a secondary school teacher from Emmanuel College visiting Year 5 to do some cool Science with us! Today, we looked at a practical explanation of how the digestive system works and also talked about the circulatory system. We even watched a real life dissection of sheep's heart!! 

Investigating air resistance

Thursday 13th December 2018


We have been learning about forces in our Science topic recently and today we were investigating the effects of air resistance. We investigated using different materials for our Lego sky divers parachute and we found that the safest material to use would be a lighter material as it allows the sky diver to fall to the ground slowly! Good work Year 5!!

5S's Amazing Mathematicians!

Thursday 11th October 2018


Some our our fantastic children in 5S have been displaying their brilliant understanding of number relationships today. We have been looking at factor pairs and commutativity in our Maths lessons and some of us were working with counters and multi-link cubes to visually show our understanding of factors. Well done!

Super Solar Systems!

Tuesday 9th October 2018


We are currently exploring the topic of Earth and Space in our Science lessons this half term and we are loving learning all about other planets as well as our own. This week, we were thinking about the order of the planets in our Solar System in relation to the sun. We learnt a fun new song which taught us the order of the planets and we even made our own models of the Solar System to show we understand the difference in sizes between each planet. 

Although things got a little messy - we had such fun!!