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We have been using the 'wattle and daub' technique to create walls for our Anglo-Saxon houses. 

We weaved straws in and out of lolly sticks (wattle) and then covered them in brown tissue paper (daub).

We will then put these walls together to make houses, and create a mini replica village.

Our theme this term is Ancient Egyptians and, as part of our DT project, we will be making our own Egyptian Tomb housing a sarcophagus (a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, to hold the coffin in the tomb).


We discussed what was inside the Ancient Egyptian tombs and considered what they were used for. We then decided what characteristics we'd like our tombs to have.

Working independently, we used a net of a cuboid to make our sarcophagus'. We designed them with lots of detail, before cutting them and folding them together. We created a hinge by folding along a straight line.


Working in pairs, we created our tombs to place the sarcophagus inside. We thought carefully about our design brief and worked together to create our amazing masterpieces!


We then went on to include a light inside our tomb. To do this we had to create a mini circuit using a battery, lamp and crocodile clips.