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Year 5 Writing

Battle of Britain - Narrative and Diary Writing

Our topic last half term was looking at the battle of Britain, so in the first pieces of work the children were writing a narrative based on a dogfight during the battle of Britain. They based their story around a pilot who encountered a problem with their plane during a dogfight in the sky. The children had to focus on engaging their audience by using figurative language to create imagery in their writing. We were extremely impressed with the vocabulary and imagery used within these pieces.


The next two pieces were diary writing. We based our English around a fantastic book called 'My secret war diary' by Marcia Williams. We attempted to recreate a diary entry in this style over a double page spread. The children had to ensure their writing was fit for purpose by including the writer's viewpoint and included the appropriate writing features for diary writing. We were very impressed with the effort that was put into these pieces, not only the writing but the style and layout of the work too. They even gained a headteacher's award for their efforts!