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Computing Curriculum

Computing capability is an essential attribute for 21st century life. At Brighton Avenue we consider Computing to be a core curriculum subject and it is therefore given a high priority in school. At Brighton Avenue Primary School, we therefore aim to incorporate Computing into teaching and learning as much as possible, through both discreet lessons and cross-curricular opportunities. We believe Computing should be a core part of the curriculum giving learners access to an ever-widening range of information, equipment and materials. We take steps to regularly update our curriculum to ensure it is agile enough to accommodate the ever-changing innovation in the tools and activities which are prevalent in society to date.


Our aims

  • To provide pupils with opportunities to develop Computing capabilities in all areas specified by the National Curriculum (Published September 2014).
  • To develop confidence in a wide range of skills, taught discreetly and readily applied in other curriculum areas.
  • To challenge pupils to progress and develop their Computing skills, through teaching tailored to the needs of individuals.
  • To provide access to high quality learning materials.
  • To promote social interaction and collaborative working.
  • To support inclusive and innovative approaches to learning.
  • To ensure staff confidence in using and teaching computing is high.
  • To provide a safe environment for all pupils and staff, preventing access to unsuitable material and preventing inappropriate use of systems.
  • To encourage pupils to become independent users of Computing and take steps to further their own learning.


Please find below documents that are used to inform the planning, teaching and assessment in computing at Brighton Avenue Primary:



Keeping children safe while using the wide range of technology available to them, both at school and in the home environment, is of the upmost importance to all staff at Brighton Avenue. Children are taught these skills throughout computing sessions as well as termly E-Safety assemblies (to which parents/carers and the school community are invited). Please find below more information about E-Safety and some of the resources we have accessed to support our planning and teaching (See Acceptable Internet Use Policy and Child protection policy for further information):


"I love using typing club on the computers" Year 2 Child


"I like doing Computing lessons because you learn stuff you don’t know about devices and we know how to stay safe" Year 4 Child


"I enjoy computing because I like be able to change different things on the computer and websites. I can then go and do it at home as well." Year 6 Child


"I like it when we learning abut coding in Computing" Year 5 Child