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Week Commencing 1/03/21 We have been reading Room on the Broom for World Book Day. Here are some of the activities we have been doing.

Nursery Feedback

15th January 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for working closely with us to implement the Government’s national restrictions which ensure that as many children as possible stay at home to reduce the risk of COVID transmission. The Government has made it clear that this is a critical time with infection rates at their highest and the emergence of new variants of the virus.


We regularly review the provision we have offered in our nursery class. If your child is not attending school, we will continue to support you with home activities and learning. We appreciate this may be a very difficult time for you and we look forward to having a full nursery as soon as we possibly and safely can.  


If our present provision is causing you significant difficulty, could you please contact Mrs J Allan by Monday 18th January to allow us to respond to your request.


Yours sincerely


Mrs J Allan


Welcome to Nursery!


In Nursery, our main aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which in turn will enable the children to thrive and learn. We will keep our children safe by being in a Nursery 'Bubble'.

We follow the ‘High Scope’ philosophy – we encourage the children to learn through active involvement with their peers and adults alike. Through engaging in open ended activities we hope the children will become independent, responsible and confident learners.

Our goal is to provide the children with a rich curriculum which meets the children’s interests and yet still provides them with memorable first hand learning experiences.

We want our children to have the best possible start to their learning journey.

Week commencing 22/02/2021 We have been making the most of the milder weather and playing outside lots and lots!

Week commencing 8/2/21. This week we have enjoyed lots of different snowy activities. We also tried pancakes with delicious toppings.

Week commencing 1/2/21 We drew all over a massive piece of paper for our 'Talking Table' and the children told us what they had drawn. Mr Cleeves explained that, if we are a bit sad, we can do exercises to make us happy again. We tried some exercises for Children's Mental Health Week. It was also Aylin's birthday!

Week commencing 25/01/2021 We have been very busy this week! Here are some of the things we have been doing.

Week commencing 18/01/21 We had more snow! The children also made tissue box monsters with Miss Cooper and constructed ramps to roll their cars down!

Week commencing 11/01/2021. We have had a fantastic time doing the Locomotion around the classroom! We have also played with the tyres and done some lovely paintings.

Week commencing 04/01/2021. We played in the snow! We also played outside with the ice we had found. It was very cold but great fun. Even the pirate ship was frozen!

Week commencing 7/12/2020 For Friendship Friday, we coloured in some hearts to give to our friends.

Week commencing 7/12/2020. We had great fun at our Christmas Party! We even had a special visitor who brought a present for everyone.

Week commencing 30/11/2020. Following our talkboost story where they made ice lollies, we made our own and ate them when they had frozen. They were delicious! We also had a video link to our friends at Armstrong House and sang some songs. It was lovely to see them after such a long time.

Week commencing 23/11/2020. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Our afternoon children had fun decorating the tree! Estelle's mum brought their gecko in for the children to see. He is called Sunny and the children were thrilled to meet him!