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At Brighton Avenue Primary School we encourage and develop the natural curiosity that all young children have about their world. We believe that it is important to enable children to actively learn by teaching them the skills they need to find answers to questions so as to increase their scientific knowledge.



Science is a core subject within the National Curriculum. The principals of teaching science at Brighton Avenue Primary School are consistent with our school philosophy and take into account the National Curriculum Guidance for Science.


Principals of Teaching Science

  1. Children are engaged and excited when taking part in Science lessons.
  2. Children discover and investigated their own questions.
  3. Children are actively involved in practical investigations.
  4. Children are aware of what they are going well and what the next step is in their progress.
  5. Children have access to scientific and computing equipment during science lessons.
  6. Teachers and children have high expectations in their achievement.
  7. Children are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in everyday situations.
  8. Children can use science vocabulary correctly and in the right context.
  9. Children go on trips or have visitors to the school to see how science is relevant to the world that they live in.
  10. Teachers make effective links with others areas of the curriculum as much as possible.
  11. Teachers have access to quality CPD and good practise is shared within and outside of school.