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P.S.H.E. + C.

Within our PSHE+C lessons for the Summer term, the children will be learning about 'Living in the wider world and our community'.  The children will be carrying out a range of activities to help them make their own community a better place and designing a community they would like to live in.  The activities the children will be carrying out are:

*Why school and classroom rules are used

*What responsibilities they have for themselves and others within their community

*What people and groups live within their community and how they help others

*Why money is needed 

*Design a community they would like to live in  

The children showing where the different organs are within the human body and why they are needed.

Year 2 children designing what they believe would be an ideal community.


For our Spring term, we will be focusing on the theme 'Relationships'.  Within the term we will be exploring the effects of behaviour on ourselves and people around us in both a positive and negative way for example bullying.  The children will be able to  give their own thoughts and opinions to how to help others become better people and be more positive and caring. We will observe the importance of not keeping secrets unless it is a good secret i.e. a party or a gift. To end this theme, we will look at the importance of respecting each other, no matter what their gender, race or religions may be.

Making stress balls!

The children created a class acrostic poem to resist teasing and bullying

The Autumn terms theme is 'Health and wellbeing'. Learning about health and wellbeing ensures all children have an understanding which helps them to gain the skills and knowledge on the importance of their health.  The children have taken part in a range of activities in areas such as social, mental and physical developments using out Tom and Yasmine scheme as well as a range of activities to support this.