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Year 2B

Welcome to Year 2B class page.


We are so excited to have you all back and to have our classrooms full again!


We have the recipe for success!


Take a group of enthusiastic children and add together caring and supportive teachers (don’t

forget to add teaching assistants!). Pour in lots of challenging and fun activities and sprinkle with excellent manners and behaviour. Stir until learning and progress is outstanding! Voila…a fantastic Year 2!


Join us on our fabulous learning journey as we use our skills to learn about our world in the past, present and future so that we can become valuable citizens of modern Britain.

Home Learning - 07.07.21

Now that we are self-isolating, we need to be taking part in our home learning sessions. This can take 2 forms: 

- Log onto Microsoft Teams using your login information found in your Reading Records

- Complete a paper pack of learning which can be collected from the school office. 


Below is a timetable of the online learning. Lessons will be three times a day at 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. If you are having any issues accessing the lessons, please contact me on or contact the school directly. 

The Summer Reading Challenge launches 10th July

Gateshead Library


#SummerReadingChallenge #WildWorldHeroes


Children across Gateshead are being encouraged to go wild for reading this summer by joining the hugely popular annual Summer Reading Challenge, taking place at all Gateshead Council libraries from 10 July until 4 September.

The Reading Agency have teamed up with the WWF in developing the theme for this year's challenge, which is 'Wild World Heroes', featuring illustration by award-winning children's author and illustrator Heath McKenzie. It is aimed at encouraging children to engage in fun reading activities focused on real world environmental issues, such as climate change, wildlife decline, plastic pollution, and deforestation.

To join the excitement all children need to do is visit any library across Gateshead at least three times throughout the summer holidays and borrow at least two books. Each time they will be rewarded with a free prize:

Aged 5 to 11 years:

  • First visit - Wild World Heroes themed collectors' cards and stickers 
  • Second visit - A book and pencil
  • Third visit - A certificate of completion.


Aged Under 5 years:

  • First visit - Wild World Heroes themed collectors' cards and stickers
  • Second visit - A book and additional stickers
  • Third visit - More stickers and a certificate of completion

The Y2 children have been looking after the caterpillars from Y1 due to them having to go into lockdown. We have been taking great care and we have been watching the life cycle very carefully to know when it is the right time to transfer them into the net. Today, was the day! The children were so excited about this and we can’t wait to see them turn into butterflies.

Pupil of the Week 25.06.21

Well done to Ada and Emma this week. You have both shown a great understanding of fractions. Well done! 

This week, the children have continued to develop their sewing skills. They have learnt how to sew a button onto their pouch and then do the running stitch around the edge. I was so impressed with the children! Take a look at our amazing pouches!! 

Pupil of the Week 11.06.21

A huge well done to Oscar and Mya this week! I was blown away by their writing today ... I thought I actually had children from Year 3 in my class. Oscar used some great sentences for effect and Mya used a wide range of subordinating conjunctions within her work. Just wow! Well done you two!

Virtual author- Dapo Adeola Wb 11.06.21

The children enjoyed listening to another author during a virtual session. He shared his book 'Hey you!' with the children and then answered a range of questions. It was a great interactive session!

DT - sewing (Wb: 07.06.21)

This week, the children have begun their DT project for this half term. They had to learn how to do a running stitch. I was soooo impressed with how well the children all did! We definitely have some children who are going to be making clothes in the future! 


Sun awareness program 2021 from Garnier.

The Wrap Splat Hat programme features fun lessons and activities that have been designed and written by education experts that will help teach children to Wrap, Splat, Hat! This stands for WRAP up in a t-shirt (and wrap on some sunglasses), SPLAT on some sun cream (ideally SPF50), and of course wear a HAT!

Type in the link below to receive a family pack, competition details and how to stay safe in the sun laugh

Welcome to the Wrap Splat Hat! Sun Awareness Programme 2021 (

Pupil of the Week (27.05.21)

This week our Pupil of the Week goes to the gorgeous Alexia and Nour. Alexia has just started our school this week and already it feels like she has been here forever. She has settled in beautifully and made some great friends. We are so pleased she chose to come to our school. Nour has used great expression in the Y2 production. Well done to both of you! What superstars!

Art (Wb: 24.05.21)

This week, the children have been continuing to develop their art skills and used an approach called frottage to create a piece of art. The children had to rip pieces of paper up and then think carefully about wow words in comics. The children had a great time!

Pupil of the Week 21.5.21


We have a very smiley boy and a gorgeous girl this week as our Pupil of the Week. Our boy received his award for always giving 100% effort in everything he does and our girl received hers for using great expression during the our rehearsals of the KS1 production. I am so proud of them both. Well done!

Virtual author (Wb: 17.5.21)

The children were very lucky this week to have a virtual author session with Swapna Haddow (author) and Dapo Adeola (illustrator). They read their book called ‘My Dad is a grizzly bear’ and then they talked about the process it took to write and illustrate the pictures. It was a very fun and interactive session!  

English- Information texts (Wb: 17.5.21)

In English, the children have been looking at how an information text is organised before they then moved on to writing their own. The children had to work out whether the statements had been written about a fiction or non-fiction text.

Art- Showing emotions (Wb: 17.5.21)

This week, in Art, the children have been thinking about the different emotions we have. The children have been drawing the emotions thinking carefully about how our facial expressions change. The children had great fun!

Pupil of the Week 14.5.21

Well done to Owen and Amelia this week. Owen has worked so hard to learn his line for the Y2 Graduation and Amelia has blown Miss Greaves' socks off with her phonics. Well done! 

This week, in art, we have been making 3D humans using different skills. The children were able to move them in to different poses to create different Superheros! We had lots of fun! 

Maths - money (wb: 10.5.21)

In Maths,today we have been playing shop! We are starting to look at money so we got all the different coins out and worked out what we could afford to buy from our friend's shop. Some of us even managed to work out change!

Pupil of the Week 07.05.21

A HUGE well done to Mya and Reuben who have been superstars all week. Reuben always has a super attitude towards his learning and always works really hard and Mya has been able to interpret data to answer a range of difficult questions. Well done to you both! 

NSPCC Number day (Wc: 03.05.21)

Today, the children have had a fun day of Maths tasks to complete for NSPCC number day! The children had to solve a range of problems and used different concrete resources to make numbers. The children finished by using chalk outside to write an array of numbers and sums. We had a fantastic day!

Pupil of the week 30.4.21

Well done to Bua and Beloved who are our Pupil of the Weeks. Bua always has such an amazing attitude towards her learning and is a great role model in our class. What a super star you are! Beloved has answered some very tricky time questions this week. He had to work out the duration of time and was able to do this with great confidence. Well done to both of you!

Geography (wb: 26.4.21)

In Geography, we have been comparing Kampong Ayer (the largest water village in the world) with Gateshead. The children have been looking at the climate in both of these places and compared them. We also looked at similarities and differences between the houses and the children were very shocked to see that residents in Kampong Ayer didn't have a flushable toilet!

Pupil of the week (23.04.21)

A HUGE well done to the gorgeous Skye and Tommy this week. I have been soooo impressed with Tommy this week as he has had an amazing attitude towards his learning all week and has produced some fantastic work. Just WOW! Skye has blown me away with her brilliant narrative based on 'The Three Bad Pigs' a twist from a previous fairy tale. Skye was able to include a range of Y2 targets in her writing and her stamina improved massively this week. Well done to you both! 

Maths (Wb: 19.04.21)

This week, in maths, we have been conquering time! Time is a very tricky aspect of maths but the children have blown my socks off this week. We have been reading and drawing the times for o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and even five minute intervals. At the end of the week, we challenged the children further with some reasoning questions and again they were amazing. 

Computing- Scratch (Wb: 29.03.21)

In Computing, this half term, the children had to create different algorithms to move their character on Scratch. They had lots of fun!
This week, we went outside and the children took part in some orienteering. The children had to look around the forest school area and find the flags with numbers and letters on. Once they had found all of the flags with the clues on, it spelt out a message. The children had lots of fun especially because the weather was so gorgeous!

Music (wb:29.03.21)

This week, during music, the children got the chance to compose a song using the glockenspiels. The children had to read the music and work out which notes they needed to play. After this, the children got the chance to sing a range of songs from our unit Zootime. 

Design and Technology (Wb: 29.03.21)

In Design Technology, we have been making fantastic moving monsters! We have been looking at inputs, outputs, linkages and motions to make our designs successful.  We had to create a design brief and survey what people thought was the best design before we continued to make our monsters.  Finally, we completed an evaluation to show what worked and what we would change.  Take a look!

Pupil of the week (26.03.21)

Well done to Emma and Noor this week for some excellent writing. They both wrote a fantastic explanation text on how to please a teacher including lots of the Y2 targets. Well done both of you!

Explanation Text- Teacher Pleaser (22.03.21)

This week, in English, we have been looking at explanation texts. We had to write a text to explain how we would please a teacher. The children had lots of fun thinking of ideas and as teachers we loved some of their ideas and hope they come true! I was so impressed with the standard of their writing. 

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing day we have had. Unfortunately, due to COVID we were unable to visit the farm to complement our geography topic this half term; ‘Why does it matter where my food comes from?’ Instead, the farm came to us! We were so lucky to have ‘Farm Boxes’ delivered by The Country Trust with lots of different activities in them about food. We tried some different bread and learnt about how different grains made them taste different.

Surprisingly, we were  interrupted by some very cute visitors! Because we have been learning all about farms, Lee our Caretaker, offered to bring some lambs in for the children to feed. We all got the have a cuddle with the young lambs and then feed them. One of them was very noisy!

When they had gone, we looked at what seeds were in different foods we eat and then we made our own butter, made bird feeders and tasted some cheese from different farms across the country. What a fantastic day!

Pupil of the week (19.03.21)

Our two pupils of the week this week are Emily and Ada. Emily has shown a fantastic work ethic all week and has written some brilliant writing. Ada has worked his socks off during Maths and has been able to solve some difficult division problems. Well done to both of you!

Comic Relief- odd socks day! (Wb: 15.03.21)

Today, we celebrated Comic Relief wearing odd socks! There were some very jazzy socks! The children also enjoyed a biscuit at snack time. In the afternoon, they got to design their own red nose day. They all had a great day!
This week, in PE, we went outside and the children played some games to warm their bodies before we then had a go at catching and throwing. The children had a great time! 

Young Writers Competition (Wb: 15.03.21)

Last year in December, some of the children wrote a story for the Young Writers' competition based on an adventure of a character. I am pleased to say that some of the the children's work got published in the anthology and they can't wait to see it. Take a look at the photos of the children with their certificates. Well done, you are all super stars!

Pupil of the week (wb: 08.03.21)

Well done to our two super stars this week- Oscar and Shifa! Oscar has blown me away with his multiplication skills and has been able to apply them to a range of problems and Shifa has written a brilliant narrative including the Y2 targets! Well done! 


It has been so lovely to have all the children back this week. They have all settled so well back in to the school routine and were so excited to see their friends! Once again, a massive thank you to all the parents for your continued support during lockdown and remote learning we really do appreciate it. 

Science- Wk commencing 08.03.21

This week in Science, the children have been given an investigation to solve. The children were left a message by Lee (our caretaker) as there had been several spillages in the school and he couldn't find the best material to absorb the water. The children had to investigate a variety of materials to find out which one was the most absorbent. They had great fun!

We had so much fun on World Book Day! We came to school in our pyjamas and took part in lots of book related activities including; listening to a story, reading our favourite story to a friend, taking part in a live online session with the Author and Illustrator of the books Look up and Clean up, a book scavenger hunt and making finger puppets and masks of our favourite characters. We were even inspired to make our own miniature books – some of them were great!

Week Beginning 22.02.21

This week in RE the children have been discussing the OLQ 'What is the Holy Week Story?' and why it is important to Christian followers.  The children discussed the weeks events leading up to Jesus' resurrection and put the events into a timeline. Take a look!

Over the last few days in school, we have had chance to get out and enjoy the snow. As you can see from the pictures, we have had so much fun making snowmen, sledging and making snow angels!

PSHE+C (WB 01.02.21) 

As a class, we have been focusing on our own mental health to help us support Children's Mental Health Week.  We have taken part in lots of activities where our focus was on ourselves! Take a look at what we have been doing.

PSHE (wb: 25.01.21)

In our PSHE lesson this week, we have been discussing the communities that we belong to. We talked about the different jobs in our communities and the different crimes. We also talked about what makes a good community. We then designed our ideal community.

Origami 18.01.21

We have had another busy week this week. Our English work has been based on Willy the Dreamer this week and the children have edited, planned and written their own version of the story. I was really impressed with the standard of writing. In maths, we have been focusing on statistics and interpreting pictograms and block graphs. The children found this a little difficult to begin with but then they were much more confident towards the end of the week. In History, we continued to learn about the Great Fire of Gateshead and the children keep continuing to impress me with their knowledge. During golden time, the children did some origami and then we went outside to see how far they could fly. Take a look at some of our amazing planes!

English (Wb: 11.01.21)

This week in English, we have been looking at another story by the author Anthony Browne. Last week we read Willy the Wimp and this week we have been reading Willy and the Cloud. We have done lots of work around this narrative including setting and character descriptions. We finished the week by re-writing the story to include our Year 2 writing targets. We thought carefully about how we could engage the reader. I'm sure you will agree that these are fantastic examples of the work the children produced!

A bit of everything! (Wb: 04.01.21)

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. It has not been the start to the year we’d all hope but we are SO proud of what each and every child has achieved this week. Those children who are learning from home, you have blown Miss Dalley and Mrs Treloar’s socks off this week with your AMAZING work ethic and you are now all becoming experts on Teams. For the children who have been in school you have equally blown mine and Miss Greaves' socks off with your attitudes towards learning in such difficult circumstances. A big well done to you all and of course your amazing parents for all the help they have given!


This week, all children have been working on the book ‘Willy the Wimp’ where the children have answered comprehension questions, written character descriptions and wrote their own version of Willy the Wimp. In Maths, the children have been working hard on positional language and how to follow instructions. During R.E, the children compared the Jewish and Christian religions and found out some amazing facts. They released Christians and Jewish people share the same God. In Science, we looked at living things and wrote our own acronym for Mrs Gren. Finally, we also started our History unit ‘How did the great fire of Gateshead change the Quayside?’ and the children looked at photos of Gateshead before and after the incident. What a week we have all had! Take a look at some of our photos!

All Aboard the Polar Express (wb: 14/12/20)

All aboard! On our last day of the Autumn term, we’ve had a trip on the Polar Express! After mysteriously receiving our golden tickets last week, today we put our pajamas on, got cozy and brought our tickets to board the Polar express. We even enjoyed some hot chocolate and biscuits. What a lovely way to end the half term. Have a lovely Christmas everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you all in the New Year!

Music Workshop (wb: 14/12/20)

This afternoon, we have had our annual music workshop with Mr Parkin and his band! We had so much fun singing, dancing and even playing instruments. Mr Parkin even got some of the teachers up singing and dancing as well!

Year 2 children took part in a carousel of activities linked to Space during their PE lesson today. We had lots of fun reaching for the stars as we jumped as high as we could and thought carefully about how we could travel around in Space using our different body parts. Take a look at our photos!
The children in Y2 had a lovely Christmas party this afternoon. We danced, ate and even had a special visit from Santa! What a fab party we had!

Polar Express (wb: 07.12.20)

Last night, the naughty elf made an appearance in Y2B and messed the classroom up but most importantly left some special envelopes. Unfortunately, they didn't have mine or Miss Greaves names on. We let the children hunt high and low in the class room for their envelope and once everyone had found them we sat and opened them together. All the children received a special golden ticket to a viewing of Polar Express next Friday with cookies and hot chocolate. Children can come in their PJs and slippers but they must bring an outdoor coat and a pair of shoes for when they venture off the train! The children are so excited!! 

Christmas song!

Still image for this video

Friendship Friday (wb: 07.12.20

For Friendship Friday we discussed what we thought made a good friend.  We then looked at a range of scenarios to figure out how we could help people who were upset or injured. Finally we read a story about friends having different families, abilities, disabilities and different religions.  Take a look!

DT (wb 07.12.20)

Within our D.T lessons this term, we have been looking at the structure of Baby Bear's chair!  We discovered that the structure was more stable if the legs were made out of cylinders. We planned, designed and created our own Baby Bear chair then evaluated how successful it was.

Pupil of the week (wb: 30.11.20

Our superstars this week are; Skye for her fantastic spellings and Lewis for his amazing attitude towards learning and completing challenges on Timetable Rockstars. Well done the two of you!
Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Richard - That History Bloke.  He came in to do a History workshop about Florence Nightingale. He even brought Florence in to meet us! We had lots of fun, learnt lots and enjoyed looking at all the different Victoria artefacts. What a fun day being Historians!

Pupil of the week (Wb 23.11.20)

Our superstars this week are Mya and Noor! Mya has written amazing sentences in her English lessons. She was able to include adjectives, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions!  Noor has given 100% effort in every lesson showing his resilience throughout. 

Christmas time (Wb:23.11.20)

It's the season to be jolly ... We had a lovey afternoon putting up our Christmas decorations this week. The children were all super helpers!

Author session with Chitra Soundar (Wb:23.11.20)

Year 2 were lucky enough to have an author session with Chitra Soundar who is an Indian-born British author and storyteller. She has published more than 30 books and is inspired by the rich heritage of epics and folktales from India as well as India's natural beauty. The children all really enjoyed her session.

Computing (wb:23.11.20)

We started our new Computing topic today - Word Processing. After discussing when we might word process things, we started to work on our touch typing skills. We used and the children loved it! They were challenged to type without looking and some of them were so quick!
This week in maths, we have been learning how to solve division problems. The children have been using a range of resources, when needed, to answer questions. We have been amazed at how well they have completed the tasks set.

Pupil of the week (Wb: 16.11.20)

Our superstars this week are Raha and Layla! Layla has been trying so hard to use expression when she is reading and Raha has impressed me with his multiplication skills. Well done to you both!

Timestable Rockstars (Wb:16.11.20)

This week, the children are taking part in a Battle of the Bands with Y2D and some of the children have now achieved their 'Rock status'. I am so proud of the speed that some of them can already answer the questions. Well done!

Science (Wb:16.11.20)

This half term in Science, we are looking at why it is important to have good hand hygiene. We began the lesson talking about germs and we did an experiment to see what happened to the germs after we washed our hands. The pepper in the bowl all moved away from the finger that had been washed and had fairy liquid on whereas when we put our fingers in without fairy liquid the pepper did not move. We discussed why it is so important to have good hygiene and what we could do to improve our hygiene.

Pupil of the week (Wb:09.11.20)

Well done to our two superstars this week Nour and a lovely cheerful boy. Nour has received her award for always giving 100% effort in every lesson and our boy award has been given for trying really hard to use conjunctions within his writing. You are both super stars! Well done! 

Children in Need (Wb: 09.11.20)

To contribute to the Children In Need charity this year, we all wore odd socks to school!  As a treat, we all received a Pudsey Bear biscuit, juice and took part in lots of Pudsey different activities!

Alan Windram- Author session (Wb:09.11.20)

Mvi 5295-1.m4v

Still image for this video
As part of the Northern Children's Book Festival, the children had the opportunity to participate in a virtual session with Alan Windram. He is the author of four children's picture books including the 2019 BookBug Picture Book Prize winning One Button Benny. The children listened to both of his books and participated in a range of practical activities. The children all had lots of fun!

RE (Wb: 09.11.20)

Within our RE lesson this week, we were gaining knowledge of the Hindu celebration Diwali.  We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how special oil lamps are lit to help them find their way home.  We looked at the celebration events, what the Hindu people could wear and tried some of the different foods they could possibly eat. Look what we ate!

English- conjunctions (Wb:09.11.20)

This week, we have been learning about conjunctions. The children have learnt that a compound sentence has two main clauses. They then had to read the sentences and work out which conjunction linked the clauses together. 

Spellings (Wb:09.11.20)

This week in RWI, my group have been learning about suffixes. We played a game to help them learn adding y.The children all had great fun!
This week, we received a very exciting package in the post. At the beginning of the year, we entered a Young Writers competition where the children had to write an acrostic poem. The children wrote some amazing poems and a lot of the children had their work published for the Young Writers anthology. I was so proud of them. Take a look at their photos with their certificates. 

Pupil of the week (Wb:2.11.20)

A huge well done to Michalina and Ada this week. Michalina is always such a positive role model to have in class and tried her hardest at everything. Ada has tried really hard in maths this week solving some addition problems. 
This half term, we are looking at different structures and finding out which are the best structures for the children to use to make a seat for baby bear. Today, they began by experimenting which shapes were the most sustainable. The children now know that the cube is the strongest structure to make baby bear's chair from.

Remembrance day pebbles (Wb: 2.11.20)

Today, the children were learning about the importance of Remembrance Day.  We discussed the reason for this memorial day and why we show our respect in remembering all the hero's who died in the line of duty.  As a school, we took part in the Nova project where we all painted a Remembrance Day pebble. Take a look at ours!

Pupil of the week (Wb 19.10.20)

A massive well done to the gorgeous Bua and Reuben this week. They have quite literally blown my socks off with their writing and maths! The progress these two children have made in only 6 weeks of learning is AMAZING!!! I can't wait see where your educational journey ends this academic year! 

Extended write (Wb:19.10.20)

To say I’m proud of what our amazing Y2 children have achieved this half term is an understatement! The progress they have made in their writing is phenomenal! This week, the children have been writing their own narrative and including so many of the Y2 targets my green highlighter ran out! Take a look at some of the amazing pieces of writing! Just wow!

In Computing this half term, we have been learning about technology. We were able to label parts of a computer and describe what they are used for. After, we discussed inputs and outputs and played a little game where Miss Brown pretended we were a computer and she created some inputs. We had lots of fun! Next, we designed our own robots and created our own inputs and outputs. The designs we created were amazing!

Black History Month (Wb:19.10.20)

This month during our collective worship time, we have been learning about Black History Month. We have learnt about important figures and they discrimination they have faced. We have focused on Barack Obama in Y2 and have learnt about the amazing things he has achieved. We have created our own artwork based on the infamous ‘Hope’ image which became one of the most widely recognised symbols of Obama's campaign message
We have had so much fun this afternoon! It has been our outdoor learning session and we have been up to all sorts! We did a minibeast hunt, some wax crayon rubbings, drilling, hammering and we made toast on the fire. After that, we had some free time to explore our AMAZING outdoor learning area. The weather was perfect for us as well. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon together!

Falling Leaves (Wb:19/10/20)

The children have been busy reciting a poem called Falling Leaves. Take a listen!

Pupil of the week (Wb:12.10.20)

Huge well done to Amelia and Owen this week! Amelia has tried so hard in both English and maths and Owen has come to school with such a positive attitude and his smile melts my heart. You are both superstars!

Health and Wellbeing Five-Day Walking Challenge (Wb: 12.10.20)

This week, the children have taken part in the Health and Wellbeing 5 day Walking challenge. If the children walked to school everyday or a further distance than normal, they received a daily sticker. At the end of the week, those who had 5 stickers earned a badge for themselves.

In History, this half term, we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. We have learnt about her role as a nurse and the impact she had on lots of people's lives. The children today participated in a speaking and listening lesson to express what other people thought about Florence Nightingale. 

In English, we have been drawing some story maps based on the story Five Minutes' Peace. At the end of the week, the children will be rewriting their own story. 
Today in maths, we are been learning about fractions. We looked at what a numerator and denominator is and quarters, halves and even some children looked at thirds. The children then had to look at pictures relating to different fractions and work out whether they were correct or incorrect. The children all did so well.
This week in PE, we have been learning how to do handstands and building our strength in our upper body. The children all had lots of fun!

Pupil of the week (Wb: 05.10.20)

This week, I am bursting with pride with how far these two lovely children have come since coming back to school. Tommy has shown what amazing work ethic he has this week and has developed his reasoning skills in maths. Emily has shown true resilience in her learning this week especially in maths. You are both superstars!! Well done and keep it up!

World Mental Health Day (Wc:05.10.20)

After discussing what mental health is and talking about why it is important to look after it, we thought about how we could look after our mental health. We did some independently mindfulness activities, we did some breathing exercises and we thought about why we are special. Finally, we spent some time doing the things we love with our friends.

Amazing character descriptions! (wb:05.10.20)

In English this week, we have been learning how to write a character description. Once again, I am blown away with the amazing writing in Y2. We began the week by writing on our working wall generating lots of ideas and noun phrases. During extended write, I told the children about some of the other Y2 targets and was so impressed with how many children used conjunctions, contractions and even inverted commas. I am so looking forward to seeing what next week brings!!

R.E- Stained glass windows (wb:05.10.20)

In R.E, the children created stained glass windows to represent that Christians use to describe God. They all had lots of fun and their art work looked amazing!

PSHE + C (wc: 5/10/20)

In PSHE this week, the children have been learning about their feelings. They described what a feeling was and thought about other synonyms for fear, happy, sad, anxious and embarrassed. Once the children had completed their task, we played a game. Each child had to find their balloon with their name on without talking and they only had 30 seconds. I asked them to think carefully about their feelings at the beginning of the activity, during and after. We then worked on what strategies we could use to help us with our feelings. 

Our first pen licence awarded! (wb:5.10.20)

Just WOW!! I have been so impressed with the handwriting in Y2 since we came back. I'm sure your child will have told you that our ascending letters need to touch the top line and descending letters go under the line. I only mention about their ascending letters touching the top line about 10 times a day! However, the progress they have made in such a short amount of time is unreal!!! Therefore, I gave out my first pen licence card today to our gorgeous Yu Xin. A huge well done to her and I don't think it will be long before others join her!

Pupil of the week (wc 28.09.20)

Beloved and Emma are the two superstars in Year 2B this week! Beloved has shown what a fantastic work ethic he has and demonstrated his fantastic reasoning skills this week in maths. Emma is always such a polite, well mannered girl who always tries her best in everything. Emma has also shown how fantastic her reasoning skills are in maths. Well done to you both, we are very proud!

Super English! (wc 28.09.20)

In English, we have been writing some setting descriptions using noun phrases and ensuring we use the correct punctuation mark. I was blown away with the writing they produced and had to remind myself I was in a Year 2 class! The children found the writing difficult at the beginning of the week however have listened well to the advice given and used their senses to write superb descriptions. Just WOW!

This week in art, we have been learning about different painting techniques and how we can blow paints to make the design more effective. The children all had lots of fun and got very messy! We were very pleased with their overall work! What superstars!

Pupil of the week (wc 21.09.20)

Massive well done to Yu Xin our star of the week! Yu Xin has tried so hard to use her big voice this week and her hand writing in unbelievable! We also had another boy achieve pupil of the week for his amazing attitude towards his learning and always having a smile on his face! We are so proud of you both! Well done! 

Library visit (wc 21.09.20)

Today, the children have had the chance to go into the library and choose a new book to read for pleasure. The children enjoyed looking at the new books and were very excited to take them home!
This week, the children have been super busy representing numbers with different imagery. The children were able to identify the tens and ones within numbers. We all had lots of fun!

Pupil of the week (wc 14.09.20)

This week, we had our first pupil of the week. It was such a hard choice as all of the children have been super stars this week. However, Miss Greaves and I chose our gorgeous Oscar and Eva. Both of the children have been super role models over the last two weeks and have settled into life in Year 2 beautifully. They always give 100% effort in everything they do and they have both tried so hard with their handwriting this week. Their work ethic is amazing! Well done to you both, we are very proud!

Continuous provision (wc 14.09.20)

This week, the children have had the chance to explore the continuous provision boxes when they finish their work. The children have all really enjoyed participating in a range of activities to support their learning in all subjects. They are superstars!

Gymnastics (wc 14.09.20)

The children loved our first PE lesson with Rosie today! They got to try out lots of different gymnastics moves and had lots of fun!
This week, the children have enjoyed being out in the sun making some bird feeders. They were also able to develop their fine motor skills by threading the honey loops on the pipe cleaner. We can't wait to see the birds eating the food! 

Team building (wc 7.09.20)

Today, we've been doing some team building! We used our team work skills to complete different activities. We had lots of fun outside!

What an amazing first week back we have had! It has been so lovely to have a full class again and lots of smiling faces! The children have all settled in to life in Year 2 beautifully! We have been busy doing some work for an Art display in the hall where we have been thinking about our feelings and emotions. The children chose a word to resemble them and they have traced around it and then have started to decorate them. All the children tried so hard with their art work and they are going to look amazing in the hall.