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Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever examined your face and your features?


Year 2 have been having a closer look at their facial features. We started by taking photos of ourselves and our friends using the iPads and improving them by using a range of editing techniques.


After that we used modelling clay to carefully sculpt a 3D self-portrait using a variety of different tools and skills.

During our activities we realised that our features are similar but different.


We are all unique!

Relief Printing

Year 2 have been getting their hands messy with glue and paint!

After seeking inspiration from the outdoors, Year 2W used this to generate a print of a leaf. First they had to draw a leaf before sticking string along the lines to make a template.  The children had glue all over their hands!

Once dried, the children continued to get their hands messy by using the template to make a series of prints.  We weren't sure if there was more paint on the template or on the hands of the children. Don't worry, the children  quickly learnt how to tidy up after themselves!

What do you think of our prints?