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Foundation subjects

In RE this half term, we are looking at Christianity and at the Christian belief that Jesus died to save humans. Today we looked at the story of the Stations of the Cross and matched Bible readings to works of art about each part of the story.

Year 5 continue to improve their guitar skills.

In art, we have been studying the work of Japanese artist, Hosukai. We decided to make our own version of his wood print, The Great Wave, and join it by sewing.

In Design Technology, we designed and made our own biscuits! We started with a basic recipe and had great fun modifying it. As you can see, it was great fun!

Girl Power! This half term, we have been thinking about famous women from history, and the struggles that they had to overcome in order to be heard or be successful. Here is a sample for some of our work.

In Year 5, we have been improving our musical skills by playing notes on different frets on our guitars. We rock!

We studied Tynemouth Priory as part of our art week. We used watercolor pencils and paints, cutting and shading to recreate our artwork. Come and see the finished articles around school!