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A very warm welcome to the best class in the WORLDS page...



On this page, you will be able to see what amazing work our wonderful children in Year 1B have completed recently as we upload photos and examples of work each week! Mrs Burrell and Miss Stronach will be there to support all of the children to make sure they strive to achieve their best every day and become the best versions of themselves! 


Please also use the links below to find great learning resources which you can use with your children at home and also access to our class newsletters. 



Week beginning: 13th May 2024


Another superb week in Year 1! We have enjoyed exploring length in Maths, using non-standard units of measure such as cubes and also learning to use a ruler! In English, we have really loved looking at poems this week, we have been learning about acrostic poems and even had a go at writing our own - take a look below at our amazing acrostic poems about the seaside! Keep your eyes pealed for next week where we will be completing our Art & Computing units during enrichment week! smiley

Pupil of the week 10.05.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Mina and Ersin. Our Mina is just a gorgeous girl, a perfect role  model for our school and I could not do my job without her - my right hand lady! Ersin's listening skills have also been improving recently, he has been more engaged in class discussions and trying really hard! Well done guys!!

Week beginning: 6th May 2024


Well well well, we certainly have had a jam packed week in Year 1!! We enjoyed a great muddy monsters session with Phil in the sunshine - creating some amazing dens in groups! We have continued our learning about money in Maths this week - becoming money experts. Watch out parents! We have been learning about the followers of Islam in RE this half term so we had the opportunity to try some traditional Eid food such as samosas, spring rolls and some baklava. 

Pupil of the week 03.05.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Joel and Sierra! Sierra has been making so much progress recently with her sound knowledge, smashing the phonics screening practice tests out of the park! Joel's handwriting has improved SO MUCH recently too, he is always so keen to improve his weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Amazing job guys!!

Week beginning: 29th April 2024


In Year 1 this week, we have been learning lots of new things and having so much fun whilst doing so! In Maths, we have been looking at money! We have been discovering the value of coins and notes and counting amounts of money. In Science, we were grouping materials based on their properties, In PSHE we were talking about how to care for young babies and children and in English, we were reading our new story called The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Great job this week guys!

Pupil of the week 26.04.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Bea and Eric - Joe! Bea certainly showed everyone who was boss in PSHE as she wowed us all with her organisation and contributed so well to the task! Eric has been in school all week and showed up everyday trying his best and giving his all. Keep up the good work guys! 

Week beginning: 22nd April 2024


A fab week in Year 1 this week! We have enjoyed continuing our PE topic as we explore different ways to move our body. In Maths, we have been looking at fractions and how to share equally, we did a lesson with sweeties which as you can imagine for the children (and staff) the sweeties were very hard to resist!! 

Pupil of the week 19.04.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Kit and Ollie!! Kit's reading and writing has greatly improved recently and he is so keen to read and write more which is lovely to see! Ollie is a great friend to everyone in Year 1 - he really is a true gent! Keep up the good work boys!

Week beginning: 15th April 2024


What a great first week back we have had! We have enjoyed exploring our new book - Sally and the limpet and were lucky enough to have 'Rockpool Schools' come to visit us and learn more about what we would find in a rock pool! We have also began our new topic in RE where we are exploring the religion of Islam. Mrs Mumtaz came to talk to us about her religion and we were able to ask her questions to help our understanding. In Maths, we have been exploring shape including 2D and 3D shapes also also recognising repeating patterns before creating our own! Oh how busy we have been!!!smiley

Week beginning: 25th March 2024


What a fantastic last week of term we have had in Year 1B! We have been making our own cars and learning about wheels and axels, programming bee bots and enjoying our golden day together by rolling our amazing decorated eggs down the hill!! 

We hope everyone has a fantastic Easter holiday! smiley


Pupil of the week 22.03.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Teddy and Leon. Teddy showed great resilience in Maths this week - he never gave up when he found division tricky! Leon has also been trying so hard recently, coming into school and trying his best with everything he does - great effort boys!!

Week beginning: 18th March 2024


This week we have been exploring the tricky concept of division in Maths - we used lots of practical resources to help us understand how to share! We also wrote up our fantastic sets of instructions about making a jam sandwich - take a look at them below! 



Pupil of the week 15.03.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Gaurika and Ro! Gaurika was amazing in our discussion about toys from the 1960's, she really listened on our trip to Beamish and remembered lots! Ro has been great in Maths this week, she really understood how to interpret arrays - well done!!

Week beginning: 11th March 2024


We began this week with a fab Muddy Monsters session with Phil, we cut up vegetables and made fire soup. It was delicious! We were learning about arrays in Maths this week and enjoyed using cubes to represent the arrays. We ended our week making some delicious jam sandwiches in preparation for writing our instructions next week!! Great job Year 1! smiley

Pupil of the week 08.03.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week Zayan and Arini. Zayan has had a brilliant start to our school, he has worked so hard and fit right in with our amazing children. Arini has been working incredibly hard in Maths recently, we cannot challenge her enough!! Keep up the amazing work guys!

Week beginning: 4th March 2024


We have had a jam packed week in Year 1! We were lucky enough to be visited by Rabbi Gluk who talked to us all about his Jewish traditions, he even brought bread and juice in for us to try - how kind! We also enjoyed an AMAZING trip to Beamish where we explored the museum and learnt lots about toys in the past! Phew - we are exhausted!! 

Week beginning: 26th February  2024


What a fabulous first week of the new term & it is officially Springtime woo!! We have been looking at our new story - The Bog Baby! We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and exploring the character of the bog baby. In PSHE, we learnt about what an emergency is and how to contact the emergency services - see the picture below about how to help your child with this at home. On Friday, we had an amazing day with Greg from the charity 52 lives, who helped us practice being kind. 

Week beginning: 12th February 2024


WOW!! What a jam packed last week of term we have had! We have been using our computer skills to design a bottle rocket and some of us were able to follow our designs and build the rocket! Look how cool they are below! In Art, we have been learning how to fold and shape paper to make sculptures! We have had such fun making 3D drawings, sculptures of trees and having so much fun! We ended our week celebrating all of the had work we put in during this half term with our GOLDEN day! 

We hope everyone has a restful half term holiday and return back to school ready and raring to go!! smiley

Pupil of the week 09.02.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Aisha and Pere! It was a rocky start to our school for Aisha but she has shown such perseverance and has really turned a corner recently! Her attitude has been amazing - keep that smile on your face! Pere achieved pupil of the week this week for the progress he has made since beginning our school, we have been BLOWN away by his efforts! Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Week beginning:5th February 2024


What a week it has been! In Maths, we have been learning about measuring weight. We have been using balance scales to measure and compare weight - it was super fun! In Science, we were looking at the diets of animals and learnt what a carnivore, omnivore and herbivore is. We were able to sort and classify animals into a Venn diagram - wow! We also talked about how we stay safe around adults outside of school and role played some scenarios to practice hgow we would respond. 

Week beginning:29th January 2024


We have had a jam packed week in Year 1 this week! We got VERY muddy during our 'Muddy Monsters' session with Phil - we learnt the skill of whittling and had so much fun playing in our outdoor area. We have also enjoyed reading The smartest giant in town by Julia Donaldson recently, we were able to retell and act out the story using our best giant voices! We ended the week with a fantastic trip to safety works where we learnt all about how to keep our selves safe crossing the road, around pets, in water and also fire safety! Take a look below!

Pupil of the week 26.01.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Abdullah and Aisha! Aisha has made great progress with her writing recently, she takes so much care in making sure her Year 1 targets are included within her writing and her handwriting is improving immensely! Abdullah WOWed us in Science this week by remembering some very niche facts about the body parts of common animals. Who knew cats had a transparent eyelid?????

Week beginning:22nd January 2024


We have enjoyed lots of great things in Year 1 this week! In Maths, we have been looking at place value and how to represent our numbers using based 10. We found it tricky at first but by the end of the week we were all place value masters! In Geography, we talked about how the weather changes through the different seasons and we already knew a great deal about this due to our learning in Science! At the end of the week, we all came together as a school to raise money for charity by wearing red! Great week guys!

Pupil of the week 12.01.24

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Adam and Ella. Adam has been a Maths whizz this week, confidently telling the time and being able to reason and problem solve with time too - great job! Ella is an all round star but specifically shone brightly in PE this week as she was able to showcase some lovely, controlled movements in our dance session. Amazing job guys! 

Week beginning: 8th January 2024


Wow what a great first week back at school! Our children our working harder than ever and we are so impressed with how they have all returned to school! We have been learning about time in Maths which we have all loved, we can tell the time to and half past the hour! In Music with Mr Parkin, we have begun learning how to play the glockenspiels which is a brand new challenge! We worked together in groups to learn the notes we needed to play! 

Week beginning: 18th December 2023


What a fantastic last week of term we have had!!! We danced the afternoon away at our Christmas party, took part in a beautiful Carol service at Alive Church and our very own Abel also WON BRIGHTON'S GOT TALENT!!!!!! We were so so proud of him! We cannot believe we have come to the end of 2023 but we cannot wait to see all of our lovely children back in 2024!!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we will see you all in the new year!!!! smileyheart

Pupil of the week 15.12.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Oliver and Eric-Joe! Both boys were amazing at creating their puppets this week, they showed amazing resilience and were able to create a superb final product! Well done guys! 

Week beginning: 11th December 2023


This week in Year 1, we have been super busy! We have been making puppets as part of our DT topic, these took a lot of time and patience as we had to practice our joining skills and be very resilient as at times, things got tricky! The end products look great though as I bet you all agree! We also enjoyed our Christmas dinner in school this week which was amazing as usual, we all pulled our crackers together and had lots of festive fun! 

Pupil of the week 08.12.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Jenson and Sierra! Jenson is just amazing ALL of the time in Year 1, such a help and his attitude to learning is incredible. Sierra has worked really hard this week doing her special jobs, showing great resilience. Well done guys!!

Week beginning: 4th December 2023


This week in Year 1, we enjoyed an amazing Xmas celebration with Mr Parkin and his band - it really got us in the festive spirit! In Science, we have been learning about our senses and took part in some senses challenges, one of them was to smell an onion, the classroom stunk all day!! It was lovely to end our week spending time with some of the big boys and girls in across the school, some of the reading champions shared stories with us and the Year 6 children came to show us the amazing games they have made in DT. 2 weeks to go until Santa guys!!!!!

Pupil of the week 24.11.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Hattie and Ersin! Hattie has written some amazing sentences this week, her descriptive language was fantastic and she is always keen to right - keep writing Hattie! Ersin has done some beautiful handwriting recently and we can really tell he does so much practice at home - well done!

Week beginning: 20th November 2023


This week in Year 1, we enjoyed a fantastic visit from Author Alan Windram! He came into our school to talk about his fantastic range of books - One Button Benny! We sang, danced and listened to him read and had SO much fun! We have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths this week and our children have picked this up amazingly! We hunted around school for different 3D shapes and by the end of the week, were able to confidently reason about shape - amazing work guys! 

Pupil of the week 17.11.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Abel and Bea! Abel's use of vocabulary was incredible during English this week - he is a human dictionary! He has better vocab than me! Bea has also made excellent progress with her Reading - knowing how to blend all on her own! Great job guys!!

Week beginning: 13th November 2023


This week in Year 1, we have enjoyed learning about doubles and also multiplication in Maths! We celebrated Children in need by wearing spots/non-uniform to raise money! smiley In Science, we have continued to learn about different animals and their body parts and in RE we have been learning about Christianity and why Christmas is so special! We cannot wait to see what next week brings already!

Pupil of the week 10.11.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Evan and Mina. Evan really understood how to group animals in Science this week, his knowledge was amazing! Mina is just a gorgeous girl and a pleasure to have in our class - always someone you can rely on! Great job this week guys!!

Week beginning: 6th November 2023


We have had a great first week back in Year 1! We have enjoyed learning how to add and subtract in Maths, learnt about different animal groups in Science and we also made our own poppies to be part of our display in school! Take a look at us plating our poppies below! smiley

Week beginning: 23rd October 2023


WOW! What an amazing last week of term we have had! We began with celebrating our Harvest Festival in church, our children sand beautifully and we were so proud! We have completed lots of fun Art activities this week, experimenting with mixing colours, printing and designing in the style of Clarice Cliff. We had an amazing golden day on Friday too, celebrating all of our hard work this half term - we cannot wait for the next term already!! Have a fabulous half term holiday guys, well done for all of your hard work! yessmiley

Pupil of the week 20.10.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Adam and Ro. Adam is such a fantastic character in Year 1, always challenging himself to the best of his ability and doing it all with a smile on his face. Ro is a gorgeous girl, a total role model for Year 1. Her behaviour is exceptional and if she is not a teacher in the future, I will eat my hat!!!

Week beginning: 16th October 2023


This week, we continued our fraction work in Maths as we looked at doubles and quarters! We also completed a challenge in our PSHE lesson where we had to work together in groups of 3 to make a tower using ONLY newspaper and tape. We thought about how we would communicate with each other effectively by listening to others and taking turns to talk! We cannot wait for next week to celebrate our golden day and all of our achievements this half term!smiley

Pupil of the week 11.10.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Arini and Teddy! Teddy is such a pleasure to have in our class, always setting an amazing example and being a great role model for the rest of the boys and girls in our class! Arini has been trying really hard to improve her confidence and it is now really shining through in everything she does! Well done guys!!

Week beginning: 9th October 2023


This week, we enjoyed a fabulous muddy monsters day where we built dens and took part in different team building activities. In Maths, we have started to look at fractions and how we half objects and quantities - we had lots of fun sharing into equal groups! Some of our amazing children also took part in an indoor athletics event at Gateshead Stadium and it is safe to say they were absolutely amazing - their behaviour was superb and they really made our school proud! Take a look below smiley

Pupil of the week 04.10.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Kit and Gaurika. Kit has shown great resilience recently in our class, he will always keep trying even when he finds something tricky - we are so proud of you! Gaurika has shown a huge improvement in her sound blending recently, she has been blowing our socks off with the progress in reading she has made. Well done guys!!

Week beginning: 2nd October 2023


This week, we continued our number work in Maths as we practiced counting one more and one less. This was tricky for us at first but as always, we showed our resilience and kept trying until we got it! We also practiced our skills on the glockenspiels with Mr Parkin - we are improving so much!

Pupil of the week 27.09.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Hattie and Rahand. Hattie has been an amazing friend to the children in Year 1, always listening and offering her support. Rahand is just a breath of fresh air in our class, what a character he is!! He comes into school every day with a massive smile on his face and it is so lovely to see! 

Week beginning: 25th September 2023


This week, we continued to progressed with our Gymnastics skills! We tied our moves together and performed sequences of jumps, balances and rolls. We enjoyed making hairstyles in forest school using items we could find, some of our hairstyles were crazy!! We also continued with our number work in Maths and in Geography, discussed where we are from!

Pupil of the week 13.09.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Ella and Jayden! Ella is such a massive help around the classroom, always keeping us right. We could not do our jobs without her! Jayden has worked super hard on his listening skills recently and we cannot fault his manners, they are always fantastic! Well done guys!

Week beginning: 18th September 2023


Another amazing week in Year 1 this week, full of learning new things and having fun! We enjoyed doing some animal breathing in our wellbeing Wednesday time, it really helped us to focus on our breathing and help us to calm down. We also completed a new challenge on Treetop Thursday where we had to work in teams to build a mini raft! We cannot wait to see what next week brings! smiley

Pupil of the week 13.09.23

Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Aisha and Abdullah! They were brand new to our school this year but they have worked super hard and fit right into our year 1 class! Their behaviour is exemplary and they certainly are role models in our class. Well done guys!

Week beginning: 11th September 2023


What a week we have had in Year 1! We have enjoyed learning about place value in Maths, the children loved showing off their counting and sorting skills. We also had a fab afternoon for Treetop Thursday as we all worked in teams to build towers from natural resources, look at our amazing creations! We cannot wait to see what next week brings. smiley

Week beginning: 4th September 2023


We have enjoyed a fantastic first week in Year 1! We have learnt so much about each other already, took some time to talk about our routine and expectations in year 1 and enjoyed doing some Art in our new sketchbooks. We also learnt about how to give successful first aid to our teddies and what to do if we felt unwell. Take a look at all of our hard work below!!