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This week the children have been looking at the Pentecost celebration, they explored what happened after Jesus rose from the dead. The children were able to identify how the holy spirit helped Christians spread the word of God. They then created some masterpieces using water colours to represent the holy spirit in different forms. Take a look! 

Similarities and differences

This week the children have been carrying out some research to compare the Quran and the Bible. In pairs the children found some similarities and differences to compare two naming ceremonies carried out by the two religions. As a class we discussed the key elements to a naming ceremony. Take a look at us in action!

Summer 1

This week in RE the children have been exploring Rosary beads and how different religions use them. They were able to compare the similarities and differences between two religions and how the used the Rosary beads. The children then made their own set of Rosary beads. Take a look at us in action!

Why did Jesus Help People

This week in RE, the children have being identifying ways in which Jesus helped people. The children were able to suggest some ways and the reasons why he did them. They then explored how Christians follow Jesus by helping others in need. The children explored some church notice boards, which showed various ways and events that Christians use to help people and charities. They were able to think of lots of events! Following on from this the children then created their own notice boards to show some ways Christians can help others. 

Spring 2- Christianity

This half term the children are going to be learning about Christianity. The children began by learning about Jesus and how he chose his twelve disciples. Following on from this the children looked at the 'Jesus healing the leper' story, the children were able to identify the main messages from the story and could answer our topic question. Well done Y3/4B! 

Rosh Hashanah 

Following on from last weeks lesson, the children have explored another Jewish celebration- Rosh Hashanah! The children learnt that this celebration is to celebrate the Jewish New Year and takes place between the 29th September and the 1st of October 2019. After the children watched a video of Rosh Hashanah, they were then able to complete a worksheet about the celebration. Following on from this, after all of the information they have learnt throughout R.E this year, they were able to compare the three religions we have covered and identify similarities and differences between them. Well done!


This week the children have been learning about what happens during Chanukah. The children looked at the story and were able to identify the key information.  Chanukah is the Jewish festival of light. The festival reminds Jews of when, 2500 years ago, a Syrian king tried to make the Jewish people worship Greek gods and bow to statues. A small group of Jews called the Maccabees rebelled. After a three year war, the Maccabees recaptured Jerusalem from the Syrians. They rededicated it to God by lighting a lamp. The lamp kept burning for eight days.  Following on from this, the children made a Driedel, which is a four sided spinning top, which was given to children as a special treat. Take a look!

Spring 1- Judaism

This half term the children will be learning about the Jewish religion. They began by learning about the festival of Passover. The children were lucky enough to sample some of the foods that Jewish people eat during the festival. They tried apple, raisins and flatbread, all dipped in honey. As well as grape juice which is the drink that Jewish people have during Passover. The children certainly enjoyed trying new things- take a look! 

Other Hindu Gods

Today the children have learnt the story of Ganash, one of the Hindu Gods. There task was to identify the problems and the consequences within the story. Following on from this, in pairs the children had to create Ganash using play-doh!  Take a look at some of our fantastic designs!  

Comparing religions

This week the children have been exploring the similarities and differences between Hinduism and Christianity. The children were able to complete a table to make their comparisons. Following on from this some of the children were able to extend there comparisons to other religions. Brilliant work!


This week the children have been learning about the Trimurti and there role in Hinduism. The children explored the three main Gods, identifying their roles, special features, weapons and the importance to Hindu peoples lives. Following on from this the children created top trump cards for each member of the Trimurti, this was a fun task that all the children enjoyed!



Throughout this half term in R.E, we are looking at Hinduism. Our first lesson was based on the Supreme God Brahman. The children have been learning who Brahman is. The children watched a short clip showing Brahman, they were really fascinated by this. Following on from this, the children discussed what Brahman looks like and what he created. Everyone really enjoyed this lesson. 

Understanding the trust of Noah

The children have been learning about the trust Noah had to have in God to build the Arc instead of listening to the negativity from people around him. How brave must he have been? How much faith must he have in God? Following on from this, the children then discussed who they trust the most and why. Then, the children went outside and put their trust in each other by falling back and allowing the other person to catch them. Thankfully, all the children were very trustworthy!

The concept of faith and the Abraham story 


In R.E we have been thinking about the links between faith and the Abraham story. As a class we read through the story of Abraham then our task was to think about how Abraham felt and how this linked to faith. Some of us did this in groups using a thought bubble to record our ideas.