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Welcome to 2D's page! Here you can see all the fantastic things we get up to throughout the year! We're so excited to get started and can't wait for you to see all the things we achieve as we grow.  


"Just think of all the things you can do, to make yourself better before the year's through!"

Harvest Festival (Wb 18.10.21)

Today, we celebrated Harvest Festival at St George's Church. We sang our hearts out to the Harvest Samba and enjoyed a lovely service. Thank you to the parents/carers that attended we hope you enjoyed it as much as us!

Pupil of the week (wb: 11/10/21)

Noah and another Year 2 child are our superstars this week! Noah has had an amazing work ethic all week and is showing great progress. The other Year 2 child has been trying really hard with their handwriting. Keep up the hard work you two!

Music (wb: 11/10/21)

We've had a lovely afternoon in year 2, practising our composing skills. We listened to and appraised some music and then we sung the soul song we have been learning in our music lessons. We then composed and accompanying melody to that soul music. It sounded great when we were singing and playing the glockenspiels! 

Over the past two weeks in English, we have been looking at instruction texts. We have looked at the picture book 'How to wash a Wooly Mammoth' so today, we wrote our own instructions telling our reader how to get a squeaky clean mammoth! Here are some examples of the fantastic work the children have done!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 04/10/21)

Alex and Matina are our superstars this week! Alex has been trying really hard during our phonics lessons this and is making great progress. He is much more confident with his reading now. Matina has been working hard in English all week, meaning she has produced a fantastic piece of extended writing today and is starting to use some of her Year 2 writing targets. Keep up the great work you two!

World Mental Health Day (wb: 04/10/21)

Today we have celebrated World Mental Health Day in school. We talked about the importance of looking after our mental health and discussed some ways we can do this. We then did some mindfulness and focused our breathing. We were very relaxed afterwards!

During our PE lessons this half term we have been doing Gymnastics. We have worked on our balancing, jumping, forward rolls, cartwheels and handstand. Today we put all of those skills into practice and took part in a range of activities. The favourite was definitely the trampoline!

Pupil of the week (wb: 27/09/21)

Lyla and Oscar are our pupils of the week this week. Lyla has been showing great resilience when doing her writing this week which has been fantastic to see. Oscar has been making a great effort with his reading this week and starting to use expression. Keep up the great work you two!

Bikers against Bullying (wb: 27/09/21)

Today we have had Bikers against Bullying in school. They shared their different experiences with us and celebrated the fact we are all different. We really enjoyed listening to them and some of us even got to sit on their motorbikes!!

That History Bloke (wb: 27/09/21)

We have had a fantastic morning in Year 2! That History Bloke came to visit us and teach us all about the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. After looking at a range of different artefacts from the Victorian times, we learnt about how the fire started, spread and was stopped. We learnt lots and had fun!

Art (wb:20/09/21)

This week in art, we have been developing our paint skills. We mixed primary colours to create secondary colours and then painted our very own rollercoasters. Don't they look fun?!

Pupil of the Week (Wb: 20/09/21)

Hooria and Magnus are our superstars this week! Hooria has shown an excellent work ethic in maths lessons and has even been doing extra work at home! Magnus has show great interest and curiosity during our history lesson and was asking some fantastic questions. Keep up the great work you two!

Maths (wb: 13/07/21)

In Maths this week, we have been representing number in different ways. We have used a range of different manipulatives to do this and had fun at the same time!

Our first week together (wb: 06/09/21)

Wow! What a first week we have had! The children have all settled in beautifully to Year 2 and I am so impressed with their work ethic already! This week, we have had a very busy first week back. The children enjoyed an afternoon in our outdoor learning area where we toasted toast, used hammers to knock nails into pieces of wood and made beautiful self portraits using natural materials. It was a very hot afternoon though but the children were all amazing! We have also started looking at different art skills where we have made clay tiles and created different patterns, weaved some pictures and created our own Clarice Cliff’s ‘Circle Tree’. In addition to this, we have also focused on a book called  'In Every House, In Every Street' and the children have created some 3D structures of different buildings around our local area as well as some houses. We have had such a busy week and we are looking forward to seeing what next week brings!