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Welcome to 2D's page! Here you can see all the fantastic things we get up to throughout the year! We're so excited to get started and can't wait for you to see all the things we achieve as we grow.  


"Just think of all the things you can do, to make yourself better before the year's through!"

Wow! What an incredible performance by our Y2 children ! A lot of hard work has gone into this performance and the children were OUTSTANDING! We are so proud of children and they have all worked incredibly hard this year. They have made soooo much progress and this is down to their amazing work ethic. We will miss them all so much next year but I am sure they will be popping in to see us. We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday. 

STEAM activities (wb: 18/07/22)

We have had so much fun taking part in a range of STEAM activities this week! We’ve done everything from building bridges and towers to designing robots. How creative everyone was! Well done year 2!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 11/07/22)

Sienna-Rose and David are our superstars this week. Sienna-Rose has been amazing during our STEAM activities. She was meticulous in planning her tasks and was really confident leading her team. David was AMAZING on sports day! His perseverance was admirable! Keep up the good work you two!

We had the best time at Muddy Monsters with Phil on Tuesday morning. We had fun in the outdoor learning area doing lots of different activities. The bubbles were definitely our favourite though!!!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 04/07/22)

Bradley and Maya are our superstars this week. Bradley was so enthusiastic during our music workshop - he showed rockstar potential! Maya has been working really hard on her English this week - she’s learning more and more words each day. Keep up the great work you two!!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 20/06/22)

Trang and Hooria are our superstars this week. Trang has worked so hard on her handwriting recently and has now earned her pen licence! Hooria has been such a helpful, friendly and kind member of year 2. Keep up the great work you two!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 13/06/22)

Freddie and Zachary are our superstars. They were amazing on our class trip to Segedunum! Freddie was an excellent team leader and he ensured his team was the smarted around! Zachary was so engaged and made an excellent solider! Keep being superstars you two!

Today, we have had an exciting trip to Segedunum, a Roman Fort. The children got to learn about what life would be like as a Roman soldier and they got the chance to prepare for battle. We also got the chance to look around the museum and dress up as Romans. We had a lovely day bathed in sunshine! Take a look at some of our photos!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 23/06/22)

Elif is our Pupil of the Week this week! She joined us at the beginning at the week and has settled in really well. Welcome to Brighton Avenue!

Queen's Jubilee Celebrations (wb: 23/05/22)

What a fantastic morning it was for our stay and play session! It was so lovely to have parents, carers and grandparents in our classrooms again and the children were all so excited to see you all. I hope you all had as much fun as what we did doing different arts and crafts and treasure hunts … we now know who the competitive parents are from our treasure hunt for the Queen’s hat! Thank you all so much for coming and hopefully we can do it again soon!

What a fab morning we’ve had with Muddy Monsters!!! We’ve done all sorts; played in the mud kitchen, some of us built dens, played dominoes, had a chill in the hammock and some of us even managed to create a spark to make a fire! The perfect end to SATs week in year 2!

Pupil of the week (wb: 16/05/22)

How could we choose just one child for pupil for the week this week? Year 2 have completed their SATs this week and they have been absolutely AMAZING! They have show excellent resilience, perseverance and given 100% every day. What superstars you all are! We couldn’t be more proud!

Music (wb: 09/05/22)

In music today, we had so much fun playing the boomwhackers. The boomwhackers are a percussion instrument that are tuned to a musical pitch according to their length. We worked together  to play our own boomwhacker at the correct time and together we made a song.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 02/05/22)

Our superstars this week are Julie and Janat. Julie was amazing in RE this week, answering her peers’ questions about her faith. Janat has had a great first couple of weeks at Brighton Avenue and has settles in well. Keep up the good work you two!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 25/04/22)

This week our superstars are Bradley and Alex. Bradley has been doing some super work in Read Write Inc. He’s been trying really hard with his new sounds and has been writing them beautifully in his book. Alex has also been doing some great writing. This week he has written a ‘twisted’ fairy tale - all about The Three Little Monkeys and The Big Bad Chicken! Keep working hard you two!

Happy Eid (wb: 25/04/22)

We had a lovely visit from some KS2 children on Friday afternoon. They were bringing some treats round with Mrs Mumtaz to wish everyone a Happy Eid. Happy Eid everyone!!!!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 04/04/22)

Bradley and David are our superstars this week! They have earned pupil of the week for their exemplary behaviour on our school trip to the farm. They were both so enthusiastic! They were both particularly lovely with the baby chicks - they were so gentle. Keep being superstars you two!

We had our first trip out this year at Blagdon Farm and we had soooo much fun! We got to learn about how the cows produce dairy, meet baby calves and hens, hold baby chicks, walk across some stepping stones and so much more! We honestly had the best time ever and the children loved every second of it!

Pupil of the week (wb: 28/03/22)

Mia and Noah are our superstars this week! Mia has been making excellent progress in her writing and thinking carefully about the vocabulary she has been using. Noah has been doing some great work in maths -adding amounts of money and finding change. Keep up the great work you two!

Maths - Money (wb: 28/03/22)

In maths this week we have been looking at money. We started by playing shops! We made different amounts of money using coins and notes.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 21/03/22)

Magnus and Matina are our superstars this week! Magnus has been doing some great work in maths recognising 2D shapes within the faces of 3D shapes. Matina has been doing some excellent work in English this week, building up to write and explanation text. Keep up the great work you two!

Happy Mother’s Day! (wb: 21/03/22)

Still image for this video

This week the children have worked with Mr Parkin. They learnt this great song all about super mums. Happy Mother’s Day!

RE Visitor (wb :21/03/22)

This week, the children were visited by Yvonne Greener from St Chads to talk about how Christians show their belief in Jesus at Easter time.  The children discussed Lent, Holy Week and the resurrection of Jesus.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 14/02/22)

Lyla and Oscar are our superstars this week. Lyla has earned her pen licence this week because of her beautiful handwriting. Oscar has also been doing some great handwriting and has been making a really effort. Keep being superstars you two!

Maths (wb: 14/03/22)

In Maths this week, we have started to think about mass and weight. We got the weights and scales out to do a bit of investigating and comparing. 

Pupil of the Week (wb: 07/03/22)

This week, our superstars are Freddie and Maizee. Freddie has been doing great in his RWI lessons - his spelling is great! Maizee has been working hard in our Maths intervention; her mental maths is getting so much better! Keep up the good work you two!

This week, in maths, we have been learning about volume and capacity. At the beginning of the week, the children were set some challenges to make some magic potions. The children had to carefully read the volumes on the measuring vessels and then work out some difficult problems. We had lots of fun but we also created a lot of mess!! 

Pupil of the Week (wb: 28/02/22)

Our superstars this week are Leonard and Trang. They have both been doing some fantastic maths this week, dividing numbers. Keep up the great work you two!

Today was World book day. We celebrated by taking part in lots of fun activities. After coming to school in our pjs, we spent the morning in the Year 2 reading cafe. It was so nice to share books with our friends over biscuits and juice. Then, from a range of wrapped books with clues on, we had to choose which one we wanted to listen to and we got to listen to teachers, other than our own, reading a story. After that, we took part in Puffin’s story makers show where we joined our favourite authors and illustrators on imaginative story making missions. Then we got to watch ‘The Masked Reader’ in which the teachers disguised themselves behind masks, gave us a clue about who they were and what their favourite book was. We had to guess who they were and what their favourite book was. We guessed most of them correctly! In the afternoon, we used the story bags to act out some well known stories and we created our own story maps using ideas and characters from our favourite books. After playing a game of book catchphrase, we ended the day with a Rocksteady music workshop which was fab! What a great day we’ve had!

What an amazing day we’ve had in year 2! We were lucky enough to receive from ‘Farm Boxes’ from The Country Trust. As our geography topic this half term is ‘Why does it matter where my food comes from?’, our farm boxes were all about the different foods we can get from farms. We made our own butter, tried different cheeses and breads, made bird feeders from seeds and tried different milks. We then looked at every day foods and investigated which seeds and grains, grown on the farm, could be found in them. Because it’s pancake day, Sue from the Country Trust very kindly sent us some pancakes made from flour - which we learnt, starts life as a crop on the farm. We ended the day with a zoom call with farmer Dennis who was very knowledgeable and answered lots of questions. All our learning today has made us very excited to visit the farm at the end of this half term!

What a great day we’ve had in year 2 today! We’ve had a DT day. Our learning question was ‘How can I make a moving monster?’ We started out doing some market research, thinking about our favourite toys. After this, we explored different linkages and levers we could use and had a go at making some - Sienna-Rose was our resident expert! Once we knew which linkages we would use, we designed, made and evaluated our final product. I’m sure you’ll agree they look great!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 07/02/22)

Alex and Lyla are our superstars this week! Lyla has been working really hard in maths and is making good progress with multiplication. Alex has been doing some amazing work in English; from story mapping and acting to writing from different points of view. Keep up the great work you two! 

Karate Taster Session (wb: 07/02/22)

We have been lucky enough to have a karate taster session this afternoon. We had such a great time working on our balance and discipline. Look at our moves!

Speaking and Listening - English (wb:07/02/22)

Still image for this video

In English over the past few weeks we have been looking at the text 'Diary of a Wombat'. Last week, we wrote diaries from the wombat's point of view and this week we are writing diaries from the family's (whose house he destroys) point of view. Before our writing, we did some speaking and listening. We got into character as the family and thought about how they felt. Here is Alex showing us his fantastic acting skills!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 31/01/22)

Zachary and Julie have earned Pupil of the Week this week. Julie has earned her pen license and Zachary has been making a real effort with his handwriting and presentation. Keep up the great work you two!  

English (wb: 31/01/22)

This week in English, we have been looking at the text Diary of a Wombat. We have heard about all the mischief the wombat gets up to. We have been inventing our own narratives about what chaos the Wombat has been causing. We worked together in groups to decide the plot and created story maps. We all had great ideas and worked really well as a team.

That History Bloke - Florence Nightingale Workshop (wb: 31/01/22)

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Richard - That History Bloke.  He came in to do a History workshop about Florence Nightingale. He even brought Florence in to meet us! We had lots of fun, learnt lots and enjoyed looking at all the different Victoria artefacts. What a fun day being Historians!

On Monday morning, we had so much fun with Phil from Muddy Monsters. We spent the morning outside in the wind but it didn’t stop us having lots of fun! We were making some wood cookies by sawing some wood – we will paint this next half term. We also made dens for the Monsters – these evolved into the most amazing creations. Finally, we practiced trying different knots. What a creative class we have!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 24/01/22)

Well done to David and Japleen who are our superstars this week! David has been making great progress with his reading and Japleen's writing is really coming on. Keep up the great work you two!

Art (wb: 24/01/22)

This week in art we have been using wax crayons to create rubbings from different textures. Once we had created our rubbings, we then started to tear them into shapes and put them together to make a frottage seascape. We can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 17/01/22)

Matina and Magnus are our superstars this week! Magnus has shown great knowledge in our history lessons about Florence Nightingale; making links between that and our previous learning in history. Matina has been trying really hard with her writing this week. She is always trying to include her Year 2 targets. Keep up the great work you two!

Music (wb: 17/01/21)

We are working with Mr Parkin this half term in music. On Thursday, we had a great time starting to compose some of our own music using different percussion instruments and then performing with our friends.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 10/01/22)

This week, Rio and Jess are our superstars. Jess has been a great musician this week and shown a good understanding of pulse and rhythm. Rio has put a huge amount of effort into his learning this week and it really shows. Keep up the great work you two!

Maths (wb: 10/01/22)

This week in maths we have been recapping our previous work on fractions. We  then started to find fractions of amounts and used some practical resources to help us. We also investigated the equivalence of one half and two quarters.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 04/01/22)

Noah and Hooria are our superstars this week! Hooria has been trying really hard with her reading this week and is starting to use expression. Noah has been a great historian and has been asking some excellent questions about The Lady with the Lamp.

Rock Steady (Wb: 04/01/22)

Today, we had an exciting visitor from Rock Steady. He brought in lots of his musical instruments including his drums, keyboard and guitar. We learnt about the beat of the music and we had a good sing along to some well-known hits. At the end of the session, Miss Brown and Mr Tang formed a band. It was so much fun!

Polar Express (wb: 13/12/21)

What a lovely day we've had! We came to school in our pyjamas, golden tickets in hand, ready to board the polar express. We've had a morning of fun and have settled down with hot chocolate and biscuits this afternoon. A gorgeous way to spend the day together before the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Carols (wb: 13/12/21)

Still image for this video

Today, St. George's church came to visit us and shared the story of Christmas with some of us acting out different parts. We then sang the song 'Come and join the celebration' that we had been practising. Don't we sound great?!

On Monday, we spent the day with Phil from Muddy Monsters. We had an amazing day in the outdoor  learning area doing lots of different activities. We hunted for monsters first of all. Then we read Room on the Broom and made magic potions. We did some painting with mud, played 123 - come get me, made ramps with guttering and played with water. What fun! We can't wait to work with Phil again next half term!

Pupil of the Week (Wb: 29.11.21)

Well done to Mia and Sienna Rose for both working their socks of this week. They have both had amazing work ethic and tried so hard in all lessons. What superstars you are!

Virtual author, Nick Sharrott (Wb: 29.11.21)

Today, we had the chance to participate in a virtual author session with Nick Sharratt who has written Shark in the Park. The children got to hear his new story Oh no! Shark in the Snow! which they loved and they got to draw some pictures. It was a great session!

Computing (wb: 22/11/21)

We have had a day of Computing in Year 2 today. Our focus has been word processing. We started to learn to touch type and then chose our favourite book to type up. We learnt how to change the font, copy and paste pictures and even learnt some shortcuts. We'll be super speedy at touch typing in no time!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 15/11/21)

Bradley and Maizee are our superstars this week! Bradley has had a fantastic week! He has been trying his best in every single lesson - super! Maizee has made a great effort with her writing this week and has been trying really hard to use finger spaces. Keep up the good work you two!

Children in Need (wb: 15/11/21)

We've had a lovely day raising money for Children in Need! We all came into school in our pjs and have enjoyed, biscuits, juice and lots of fun activities!

Pupil of the week (wb: 08/11/21)

Rio and Japleen have been superstars this week! Rio has been doing some great work in our Geography lessons when learning about weather. He has also been doing some fantastic writing in English. Japleen has been a super mathematician and has been doing some great work on multiplication.

Remembrance Day (wb:08/11/21)

This week we have been talking out Remembrance day and why it is such an important day. As well as observing the 2 minute silence, we made our own poppies and discussed the significance of them.

Pupil of the Week (wb: 01/11/21)

This week Sienna-Rose and Leonard have been superstars! Leonard has been making fantastic progress with his reading and is starting to use some expression in his reading. Sienna-Rose has had a great work ethic all week - especially in our Geography lesson! Keep up the great work you two!

Geography (wb:01/11/21)

This week in Geography, we have started our new topic; 'Where's home Little Pip?' We had lots of fun exploring the atlases and find the 7 continents and 5 oceans.

Pupil of the week (wb: 18/10/21)

This week our superstars are Zachary and Trang. Zachary has been doing some great work in Computing and Trang has shown an improved work ethic. Keep up the great work!

Black History Month (wb: 18/10/210)

This week, we have been discussing Black History Month. We focused on Barack Obama and discussed his amazing achievements. We then collaborated and created a piece of artwork from his campaign that represented hope.

Harvest Festival (Wb 18.10.21)

Today, we celebrated Harvest Festival at St George's Church. We sang our hearts out to the Harvest Samba and enjoyed a lovely service. Thank you to the parents/carers that attended we hope you enjoyed it as much as us!

Pupil of the week (wb: 11/10/21)

Noah and another Year 2 child are our superstars this week! Noah has had an amazing work ethic all week and is showing great progress. The other Year 2 child has been trying really hard with their handwriting. Keep up the hard work you two!

Music (wb: 11/10/21)

We've had a lovely afternoon in year 2, practising our composing skills. We listened to and appraised some music and then we sung the soul song we have been learning in our music lessons. We then composed and accompanying melody to that soul music. It sounded great when we were singing and playing the glockenspiels! 

Over the past two weeks in English, we have been looking at instruction texts. We have looked at the picture book 'How to wash a Wooly Mammoth' so today, we wrote our own instructions telling our reader how to get a squeaky clean mammoth! Here are some examples of the fantastic work the children have done!

Pupil of the Week (wb: 04/10/21)

Alex and Matina are our superstars this week! Alex has been trying really hard during our phonics lessons this and is making great progress. He is much more confident with his reading now. Matina has been working hard in English all week, meaning she has produced a fantastic piece of extended writing today and is starting to use some of her Year 2 writing targets. Keep up the great work you two!

World Mental Health Day (wb: 04/10/21)

Today we have celebrated World Mental Health Day in school. We talked about the importance of looking after our mental health and discussed some ways we can do this. We then did some mindfulness and focused our breathing. We were very relaxed afterwards!

During our PE lessons this half term we have been doing Gymnastics. We have worked on our balancing, jumping, forward rolls, cartwheels and handstand. Today we put all of those skills into practice and took part in a range of activities. The favourite was definitely the trampoline!

Pupil of the week (wb: 27/09/21)

Lyla and Oscar are our pupils of the week this week. Lyla has been showing great resilience when doing her writing this week which has been fantastic to see. Oscar has been making a great effort with his reading this week and starting to use expression. Keep up the great work you two!

Bikers against Bullying (wb: 27/09/21)

Today we have had Bikers against Bullying in school. They shared their different experiences with us and celebrated the fact we are all different. We really enjoyed listening to them and some of us even got to sit on their motorbikes!!

That History Bloke (wb: 27/09/21)

We have had a fantastic morning in Year 2! That History Bloke came to visit us and teach us all about the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. After looking at a range of different artefacts from the Victorian times, we learnt about how the fire started, spread and was stopped. We learnt lots and had fun!

Art (wb:20/09/21)

This week in art, we have been developing our paint skills. We mixed primary colours to create secondary colours and then painted our very own rollercoasters. Don't they look fun?!

Pupil of the Week (Wb: 20/09/21)

Hooria and Magnus are our superstars this week! Hooria has shown an excellent work ethic in maths lessons and has even been doing extra work at home! Magnus has show great interest and curiosity during our history lesson and was asking some fantastic questions. Keep up the great work you two!

Maths (wb: 13/07/21)

In Maths this week, we have been representing number in different ways. We have used a range of different manipulatives to do this and had fun at the same time!

Our first week together (wb: 06/09/21)

Wow! What a first week we have had! The children have all settled in beautifully to Year 2 and I am so impressed with their work ethic already! This week, we have had a very busy first week back. The children enjoyed an afternoon in our outdoor learning area where we toasted toast, used hammers to knock nails into pieces of wood and made beautiful self portraits using natural materials. It was a very hot afternoon though but the children were all amazing! We have also started looking at different art skills where we have made clay tiles and created different patterns, weaved some pictures and created our own Clarice Cliff’s ‘Circle Tree’. In addition to this, we have also focused on a book called  'In Every House, In Every Street' and the children have created some 3D structures of different buildings around our local area as well as some houses. We have had such a busy week and we are looking forward to seeing what next week brings!