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Dear Parents/ Carers,


This week we have been talking about charity with the children and have been overwhelmed at how much they have engaged in discussions about this topic.


They have been great at suggesting things that can be donated to charity and why charities are extremely important especially at this time of the year.


We began to research charities and found a great idea called the reverse advent calendar.


This idea highlights that the Christmas period should be just as much about ‘giving’ as it is about ‘receiving’. 


As staff this is something we would really like to be part of so we have decided that we are going to form a little collection of food which we will add to everyday and at the end of this term we will donate the food to a local food bank


We thought it would be a great thing for the children to be part of and will be adding to the collection daily with food that we, as staff, will be bringing in.


If you would like to make a small donation from the suggested list, then you are more than welcome but please do not feel any pressure to do so! 


This is a collective effort from the whole school, lead predominately by donations from the staff.


We appreciate that it is a difficult time for many at present. The main objective is the message: that if we are in a position to help others it is a very kind and caring thing to do.


Thanks for your support


Mrs Allan and All the staff at Brighton Avenue Primary School