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Reception F

Welcome to Reception F



R is for Reception, welcome to our class.

E is for everyone in our inclusive school.

C is for cultural capital, preparing our children for their future success.

E is for expectations, being the best that we can be!

P is for play, learning in an active way.

T is for teaching, learning in Maths and English.

I is for our inspiring visits and visitors.

O is for our OUTSTANDING Early Years provision.

N is for the never ending fun we have, each and every day. 


The last week of term


We cannot believe that we have reached the final week of your Reception year. Miss Turnbull and I have missed you all so much since school closed in March. We are so proud of how you have all been engaging in your home activities and sharing the photographs with us on Tapestry. We have been telling the year one staff how amazing you all are, if not a little bit cheeky sometimes! 


We are so disappointed that we did not get to spend the whole year with you and the rest of the Reception children but we know that you will continue with your outstanding journey at Brighton Avenue Primary School.


After every storm there is a rainbow   


We are so proud we were your teachers,

we watched you learn and grow.

We worked so hard and had such fun,

where did that time go?


Our year was interrupted,

and it seems too soon to part.

Just know that you will always have

a special place within our hearts!


With love,


Mrs Franklin, Miss Turnbull and Mrs Kneeling









Some information on how to support your children at home.

Week 16- Home Learning

Week 15 - Home Learning Activities

Week 14- Home School Learning

Week 13 - Home learning activities

Miss Turnbull and I miss you all so much, it cheers us up when you show us what you have been doing at home. Magnus has made a telescope and been doing some read write inc. Jessica has been reading some new reading books that they bought, super reading Jessica. Maizee has been making me very jealous with some gorgeous treats and cakes, she has also been completing some tricky jigsaws and observing the ants in her garden. Zachary and his ninjas are going to save us all from the virus, how brave Zachary.What a diverse week you have had.

Week 12 Home School Learning

Week 11 - Home School Learning

Magnus has been on a windy walk to see the Angel of the North, using his tools in the allotment, building a den in the woods and made a battery apple. You will have to tell me all about how that works. He has also tried to do some RWinc work- well done Magnus for giving this a go at home.....and you will always be my superstar! Maizee has enjoyed some small world play with her Pegga Pig toys, everyone loves Peppa!

Week 10 - Home School Learning Activities

Week 10 - You've made it to half term! What a surreal time it has been but we have loved looking at all of your home learning photos over the last few weeks! It really does put smiles on our faces. As it's half term, we will not be setting any home learning tasks. We want you to rest, spend time with your family and make more memories during lockdown! In addition to this, we will not be speaking to parents next week and will continue making calls home week commencing 1st June. As you all know, we love making these phone calls to check to see how you and your family are so we'll look forward to speaking to you all again soon! We hope you have a fabulous half term! Keep safe and continue smiling! All our love, The Reception Team x

Week 9- Home School Learning - Monday 18th May

Wow so here we have Maizee celebrating VE Day with her family and a busy few days from Magnus. He has been exploring in the woods and on a lovely peaceful beach, painting pictures of his experiences, adopting a family of snails and a stray cat- even building it a home in their garden. He shares with us some of his current favourite stories and has been making potions in their mud kitchen.

Oscar has been making a spiderman mask and building a den in his bedroom. Leonard has been creative with a robot, using his magnetic letters to blend, and enjoying some exercise in the garden.

This week so far..I am enjoying the view of the blossom while I speak to you all on the telephone and Lyla is out for a safe walk with her family. Leonard has been using his magnetic letters to sound out some green words.

Well done Reception F, you continue to stay busy and learning. Lyla has been creative (with a little help from her mum), Jessica and Emily have been looking at 'ow blow the snow' and 'ow brown cow' and using these phonic sounds to write some word lists. Jessica was also reading and using both her knowledge of the text and her phonetic skills.

Week 7 - Home School Learning (4th May)

A busy couple of days with Reception F children. Jessica and Emily have shown us how tall their sunflowers are growing so have now decided to grow beans too. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the ones that you planted upside down. Hooria has been doing some beautiful writing about last weeks story of Rapunzel. How neat are your letters Hooria? Magnus has been creative, again, he has been painting, story telling with his home made theatre and den building followed by some bug hunting, bicycle repairing and relaxing yoga. I set Maizee a challenge last week to try something new and today she has tried strawberries. Well done everyone, you make me so proud every day!

You have continued to be busy this week. Its so nice to see you all outside, Mia has been enjoying her garden and Jessica and Emily have been painting sticks in preparation for a game of Pooh sticks. Hooria and her sister have also been enjoying some sunshine. Maizee has been doing some number sentences and wrote a description of Rapunzel, Oscar made a tower for Rapunzel to live in using his lego. Leonard has been writing some green words and painting a dinosaur called Rex! Noah made a rocket sun catcher to go with the story 'Man on the Moon''. Jessica and Emily have been reading a-e make a cake words and have had fun exploring with shapes, they made shape patterns and tessellations.

Well, Miss Turnbull and I always thought that we had the most amazing children and your home learning is showing us that we definitely do. Let's take a look at your recent activities....Magnus found out how make circles using a compass, and has been reading some fairy stories. Oscar was reading some green and red words and moving like different animals. Jessica and Emily have been counting in 10s to 100 and also invented some cheesy dance moves. They have been riding their bikes without stabilisers- but most importantly with their helmets! Noah has been playing a maths game to sharpen his addition and subtraction skills, he made a boat and tested it to see if it floated and has also been riding his bike two wheeled! Leonard has been doing some RWinc sounds, finding 3D shapes around the house and made the most fantastic flag with family crests. Maizee made an egg creation reflection our amazing NHS. Alex and his brother Leo have been exploring in the park, making tree pictures, writing stories and illustrating them and planting some seeds. Phew, I am exhausted just writing this. Keep up the good work Reception. We miss you all, but spending today ringing and chatting to you at home has certainly cheered us up.

Week 5 - Home School Learning Activities

Some more activities from the children in our class. Rio has been outside playing with his dog, Karim has been painting his dough creations and writing his green words- well done Karim. Look how tall his plant has grown since school closed, wow! Oscar I love your creative side.

Wednesday made me smile......Oscar made cakes and was being creative in a cardboard box. Maizee decided to do some literacy activities from her pack, at first she looks happy enough but then shows us her grumpy face too! Mum assures me that she really was happy to do some work at home.

A busy Tuesday during Easter: Magnus has been building an obstacle course at the allotment, making a snake, building a symmetrical construction and working on his tens and ones counting skills. Mia decided that she would use her collage resources to build a castle where she can keep everyone safe. Leonard has been building with his lego- look how tall his tower is, he also made an Easter bonnet. Maizee has made a fantastic salt dough piece with hand prints, made a rainbow for her window and some Easter cards. Lyla has had a splashing time in the sunshine today! How busy you have all been.

Week 3 & 4 - Easter Holiday Home School Learning Activities - over the Easter Holiday's we want you to have as much fun as possible. Here are some ideas for you. Please don't forget to keep sharing these with us, sending in your photographs and adding them to Tapestry - we love seeing what you're getting up to. We miss you more and more everyday! Stay safe everyone x

Lyla has shared some photographs with us today she has been writing some super sentences and counting in 2's well done Lyla.

This made me both happy and sad today.... Alex and Leo made a card for all of the staff in Reception to say thank you and we miss you. How lovely boys, we miss you too. Hopefully we will see you all very soon.

It looks like you have all been busy again. Alex, with his brother Leo, has been using the playdough, cooking, drawing, doing some work from his pack and reading his reading book. Magnus has been working on his shape knowledge, making punctuation with his play dough and created an egg calendar to help him count the days until Easter.

What a wonderful, working Wednesday you have had! Leonard shared his drawing of his lunch today- can you guess what he had to eat? Mia says that she is missing her friends. Oscar has been playing naughts and crosses with his sister and washing his toys- good idea to keep them germ free. Jessica and Emily have been practicing their maths skills, counting in multiples of 2,5 and 10. Oscar counted that it is 12 days until the Easter bunny arrives. I had a delivery today from the postman- Daisy loves to help open boxes! Miss Turnbull says that she is missing having a class of children to teach so decided to let her dog Rosie join in with home learning today.

Hello everyone, I have just been looking at our new uploads to Tapestry and thought that I would share some pictures of your busy day. Jessica, alongside her sister Emily, has been writing sentences from her pack, counting in 5's and has been on a measuring treasure hunt! Magnus has been creative with their sewing basket and pasta. Leonard was using his whiteboard to write his sounds and has been discussing properties of 2D shape. I have had two changes of job today; I have been a hairdresser cutting Daniel's hair and a decorator because I decided to paint the conservatory..... well start it. Daisy has spent most of her day sleeping on the sofa!

It's week two now of home learning, Miss Turnbull, Mrs Kneeling and I are missing seeing you every day but It is important that we all do as we are asked and stay safe at home, away from the germs. Some people have been sharing with me their home learning, it makes me very happy to see the fun activities that you are doing at home. Keep sending your photographs in and adding them to your Tapestry page. See you soon, Mrs Franklin.

You can now access Charanga musical school from home. Use your individual log in from the class list.

Oscar has shared some of his home learning with us. Well done Oscar and family! We love to see you joining in with a range of activities, some from our daily updates and some from your pack. Most importantly you look like are having fun! Keep it up and we will see you soon.

Week 9th March- Sports Relief day doing our fitness circuit.

Week 9th March- Our space visit to the Centre for life 54321......blastoff!

Week 2nd March World book day.

Week 2nd March- We have been using the beebot, we can give it instructions to reach a point on the map.

Week 24th February- Our Sensory Circuit

Week 24th February - Making pancakes

Week 10th February- We had so many visitors for our stay and play morning.

Week 3rd February NSPCC Number Day

Week 3rd February A creepy crawly Zoolab visit.

Week 27th January- Happy Chinese New nian kuai le

Week beginning 20th January- Forest school afternoon of den building, exploring with our senses, making bird feeders and tasting vegetable soup.