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What a way to end the year... sad


It's absolutely terrible that we have had to finish the year a day early but we want you all to remember all of the amazing times we have had this year. You have been an absolutely AMAZING class and we couldn't be prouder of every single one of you. Please remember that you have grown so much this year and we hardly recognise you from the children that arrived in September. Please have an incredible Summer holidays and we will see you all in 6 weeks!


Close Contact Letter - 22nd July 2021

Being the only mixed class in the school is only the first reason why we are all so special in Year 3/4B. We all work hard every day to improve, while supporting and having fun with our classmates. After such a disrupted 2019/20, we are all determined to make up for lost time and show just how amazing and resilient we all are. We will spend lots of time talking about our feelings and emotions throughout this year whilst striving to achieve new skills and knowledge. Keep coming back to our class page for the latest news and photos from Year 3/4B, by scrolling down, and enjoying everything we have been learning about. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 16th July 2021

This week, for the first time this year, we have had not one, not two....but three Pupils of the Week! Ruby won hers for her efforts during lockdown a couple of weeks ago. We were so impressed with her attitude and work ethic during such difficult circumstances. Adrian and Ethan have both been superstars this week, especially during Sports Day. We were immensely impressed with their sportsmanship and determination. Well done everyone!

Sports Day 2021

On Thursday this week, we took part in our annual Sports Day. In a change in tradition, the children took part in the first ever BAPS Disc Golf Tournament! The children worked really hard to improve their aim and accuracy as they made their way around the nine holes. Once we finished, we took part in some traditional races including sprinting, egg and spoon, obstacle and the dreaded sack race! We all had an amazing time! Well done everyone!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 9th July 2021

Congratulations to Abbie and David who were are Pupils of the Week for this week. Abbie has been working very hard in Maths when we have been investigating problems. We were very impressed with her resilience and determination to solve the problems. David has impressed us in our visit from That History Bloke. He asked some brilliant questions and seemed to really enjoy himself. Well done you two!

Week Beginning - 5th July 2021

This week, we have had the pleasure of 'That History Bloke' joining us to tell us all about the Vikings. We learned some Viking sagas, wrote our name in Viking runes, held Viking artefacts and even played a Viking game. The children all had a fantastic morning and we can't thank Richard enough for coming in a working with us! 

Home Learning - 29.06.21

Now that we are self-isolating, we need to be taking part in our home learning sessions. This can take 2 forms: 

- Log onto Microsoft Teams using your login information found in your Reading Records

- Complete a paper pack of learning which can be collected from the school office. 


Below is a timetable of the online learning. Lessons will be three times a day at 9:30am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. If you are having any issues accessing the lessons, please contact me on or contact the school directly. 



It is so good to have all of the children back this week! It feels like the first day of September all over again! We have been very impressed with how hard the children have worked during the recent lockdown and can't wait to get back to working all together again! Keep coming back to the website to see all of the amazing work the children have been doing!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 25th June 2021

Congratulations to Layla-Rae and Daniel who were are Pupils of the Week for this week. Daniel has been using some incredible vocabulary to describe his character's emotions. He also used prepositional phrases to show where his character was during the personal recount. Layla-Rae has really impressed Mr Ackroyd with her comprehension skills in reading. She was able to read with confidence before answering a range of comprehension questions about it. Well done you two!

Week Beginning - 21st June 2021

Yet again, we couldn't be prouder of how hard our children have worked this week. We have been perfecting our throwing skills in PE, writing about what God would have told the people of Earth after He had created it, investigating materials in Science to see how absorbent they are and comparing and contrasting Viking and Anglo Saxon homes in History. Another incredible week and we are so impressed with all of the children!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 18th June 2021

Congratulations to Bill and Isabelle who were are pupils of the week for this week. Bill has demonstrated his VAST knowledge of all things 'Viking' when describing the features of their long ships. He could explain how each part of the ship helped the Vikings to invade so successfully and even told us what he thought was the most important part. Isabelle's award comes from Miss Wasiejko who was super-impressed with Isabelle's sentences and descriptive language when talking about 'Shen' from the story 'The Magic Paintbrush'. Her vocabulary was very well-chosen and really helped to paint a picture in the reader's head. Well done you two!!!

Week Beginning - 14th June 2021

We've had yet another busy week in Year 3/4B! It began with investigating why Viking long ships were so good at attacking enemies due to their shallow drafts and double-ended designs. We then learned about properties of materials in Science and explained why certain materials should not be used for certain objects (fabric saucepans were one such example). Finally, in PE, we practised our accuracy of throwing in a competitive game of 'closest to the cone'. We were so impressed with how much progress the children made in just the one lesson. The points kept getting higher and higher! Well done everyone! Keep u p the hard work!

Multiplication Tables Check 2021

Still image for this video

Pupil of the Week - Friday 11th June 2021

Congratulations to Haniyah and Oliver who were are pupils of the week for this week. Haniyah has knocked our socks off all week; impressing in English, Maths and all her foundation subjects. Her piece of writing about the Viking attack the Holy Island of Lindisfarne was incredible! Oliver has shone brightly in all subjects but especially in English. He created amazing sentence about stormy seas using expanded noun phrases and a range of poetic techniques! Well done to you both!

Week Beginning - 7th June 2021

This week, we have been learning about what Christians believe about the creation of the world. We went into our forest school and looked for things in nature that we would see as 'beautiful' before collecting some of these things to create a palette of nature's beauty. Take a look at what the children thought was beautiful in nature. 

Pupil of the Week - Thursday 27th May 2021

Congratulations to Mubin and Areeba who are our pupils of the week this week. Mubin has really impressed with his role model skills; being a supportive member of the class as well as working hard on his own learning. Areeba has been learning Japanese in her spare time and teaching it to the staff and her friends. We really like it when children share with us the learning they have been doing at home so we are very impressed Areeba! Well done!

Week Beginning - 24th May 2021

This week, we have been spending time finishing off lessons, completing our unit in science on plants and animals, reflecting on our RE and even getting time in the forest school on the last day! It has been an amazing half term and we couldn't be prouder of how hard the children have worked! We hope you have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you all on the 7th June!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 14th May 2021

Congratulations to Jackson and Grace for achieving pupils of the week! Jackson received his certificate for being an outstanding role model to all within the classroom and in the school. Grace has received her certificate for working outstandingly in maths, especially in her fractions work. Well done to both of them!

Week Beginning 17th May 2021

Another fun-filled and learning-packed week in our Year 3/4B class is over! The children have shown incredible determination this week when faced with a number of difficult challenges. In RE, the children had to identify greetings cards which are given for different festivals in the Islamic and Christian faiths, we continued to practise our songs for the summer production with Mr Parkin and we also set up an investigation to see what plants need to grow (which we will be coming back to next week). 


We also completed a very exciting activity in which the children thought about what their friends mean to them. We found a ball of string and stood in a circle. The children then took it in turns to give the ball of string to another member of the class and give them a compliment. This kept going and going until each child was holding the string! You can see from the photos below that we have created a 'Circle of Friendship' which was amazing fun and made us all feel very happy! Well done everyone!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 14th May 2021

Congratulations to James and Natalia for being our Pupils of the Week this week! James has been incredible in Maths, demonstrating his vast knowledge of numbers and place value. He was able to round any number to 10, 100 or 1,000 as well as compare numbers using the greater than or less than symbols. Natalia has really impressed with her artistic talents in a number of subjects. In RE, she decorated her prayer beautifully and also used her finger painting skills brilliantly to create her geometric patterns in art. Well done you two!!!

Week Beginning - 10th May 2021

What a week we have had! From gymnastics with Rosie, to making maracas in art, we have been absolutely non-stop! We also had the wonderful celebration of Eid! We hope all the families who celebrated had a brilliant time and we can't wait to hear all about what you got up to!

In class, the children created their very own maracas in art. We used recycled bottles to make them which just goes to show that we can make anything from materials that we would normally just throw away! The children designed repeating geometric patterns before painting them onto their bottles using their fingers! That's right...their fingers! It was definitely a messy afternoon but they had great fun and can't wait to play them when they get home! 


In RE, we compared naming ceremonies in the Christian and Muslim faiths. We looked at what was the same and what was different about the occasions before discussing the origins of our own names. The children then wrote prayers which described all the things they promised to do if they were to look after a young baby. What a fantastic afternoon! Well done Year 3/4B! Keep it up!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 7th May 2021

Congratulations to Abbie and Alfie who are our pupils of the week for this week. Abbie has been a super help this week; supporting both her classmates and the staff around the classroom. She is always on hand to offer help and we can't imagine what it would be like without her in the class. Alfie has also been a great helper this week but he also really impressed us with his measuring skills during our number day. He was able to read scales over 400cm including intervals of 10cm. Very impressive!

NSPCC Number Day

On Friday, we celebrated everything to do with maths and numbers. We took part in a range of activities on the yard including practising our times tables whilst trying to catch a tennis ball, throwing bean bags into hoops then calculating our scores and estimating how long it would take to run to different parts of the playground. Back in the classroom, we took part in a times table bingo game in which the children had to score three-in-a-row by multiplying numbers from a 2-dice roll. This got very competitive!!! Finally, we designed and made paper airplanes (one of three designs) to see which would travel the furthest. We measured the distance before adding the results to a table and even calculated the average distance of each design to see which was the best! What a day it was!!! Well done to everyone involved!!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 30th April 2021

Congratulations to Aiden and Anya who are our pupils of the week for this week. Anya has been amazing at solving pictogram, bar chart and histogram problems this week before drawing her own chart independently. Aiden has been working hard all week by joining in with all of his class discussions and sharing answers! Well done to you both!

Art and Design - Arcimboldo

This week, we have been learning about the art and life of Arcimboldo. We studied some of his artwork in which he paints faces using fruits and vegetables as the facial and bodily features. We then used a range of images to create faces. The children created some amazing artwork and no two were the same! Well done Year 3/4B!

Year 3 Extended Writing

Our Year 3 children have been looking at descriptive writing over the past couple of weeks; learning how to persuade people to visit the North east of England. Take a look below and see if you are interested in visiting? They have also been writing narratives which include a wide range of adventurous language and descriptions! Well done Year 3! Keep it up!

Persuasive Letters - Rainforest Animals

Our amazing Year 4 pupils have been learning how to write persuasive letters. We discussed the features of these letters, what language we can use to have the biggest impact and how to make the reader really think. Below are just a selection of these letters. Take a look and see if you are persuaded to change!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 23rd April 2021

Congratulations to Sophie and Cole for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Sophie has really impressed Mrs Conway during their reading sessions and we are seeing her confidence develop day after day! Her work in the afternoons has also been very impressive; applying what she knows in her own sentences. Cole has received his award as a result of his continuous hard work in EVERY lesson but especially in our afternoon lessons. His work is always of the highest standard and he can apply his vocabulary independently. Well done you two! Keep up the hard work!

Week Beginning - 19th April 2021

In our first week back, we have been very busy with gymnastics. Our coach, Rosie, taught us how to stretch to make us more flexible before showing us the correct technique for performing forward rolls and cartwheels. All of the children developed their own skills before showing each other. We can't wait for next week! 

Week Beginning - 29th March 2021 (last week of term!)

This week, we took part in an orienteering challenge set by Mr Murtagh. He asked us to find as many of the markers as we could spread across the KS2 yard, all-weather pitch and field! Once we found a marker, we had to write down the letter which was written on it. When we finished, we should have cracked a mystery code (linked to PE). Well done to all of the children who took part! Your map reading skills were phenomenal!


Pupil of the Week - Friday 26th March 2021

Congratulations to Sara and Abbie for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Abbie has been working really hard on her times table this week, even practising in her own time! We have seen big improvements in her times table facts and this is all because of her determination to improve! I think we can all learn a lesson from you Abbie! Well done! Sara has also been a real superstar this week, especially in RE. We were thinking about some of the negative and positive things about the world and Sara was able to create a stunning piece of work which reflected her understanding! Amazing stuff Sara! We couldn't be prouder!

Week Beginning - 22nd March 2021

This week, we have been learning about shadows in Science; investigating how we can change the shape of them. We carried out an experiment where we measure the height of a shadow once we move a light source (in our case, a torch) closer and further away from the object. We found that the closer to the object the light source is, the larger the shadow it creates. The children worked very systematically throughout the lesson and wrote some amazing sentences!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 19th March 2021

Congratulations to Daniel and Anya for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Daniel was an absolute machine in his PE lesson in which we were complete a range of exercises to form part of a circuit. He vastly improved his scores from the previous week and supported his partner to do the same. Well done Daniel! Great effort and team spirit. Anya really impressed us with her knowledge of shadows in Science. She could use the scientific vocabulary (such as opaque and translucent) to describe materials and created a brilliant shadow puppet as well. Great work Anya!

Week Beginning - 15th March 2021

This week, in Science, we have been thinking about what shadows are and how they are formed. We looked at our own shadows and described them as an absence of light. We looked at how different materials can create different shadows, depending on how opaque or translucent  they are. Finally, we made our very own shadow puppets using holes to create extra details and coloured cellophane to make shadows with colours. 


In RE, we thought about how important community is to Christians and why they feel it is important to make sure everyone in their community feels welcome, just like Jesus did. We created a display board with events that a church might put on to welcome people into their community. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 12th March 2021

Congratulations to Ruby and Ethan for being our pupils of the week this week! Ruby has created an outstanding setting description about the rainforest. She used a range of descriptive sentences as well as similes to make comparisons. It felt like we were there! Ethan has been a superstar when it comes to his independent learning as well as completing tasks with Mrs Herbert. Well done to the two of you!

Week Beginning - 8th March 2021

During our first week back, the children couldn't have worked any harder and we were soon back into the swing of school life. Our  children have been exploring the rainforest and have created some amazing descriptive sentences about the vibrant wildlife and vast greenery that makes up these incredible settings. It was almost like we were there! In Maths, we have learned how to plot and read coordinates in the first quadrant; making our own polygons at the same time! In the afternoons, the children were briefly employed by a local sunglasses company to investigate which material is best for their latest pair of shades. You can see from their tables that the colourful cellophane was the best as it was translucent. Well done Year 3/4! Keep up the hard work!

Home Learning Packs

If your child is using the Home Learning Packs collected from the school office, can you please ensure that they are handed back in once they are completed. You can do this every Monday starting from the 18th January 2021. It is compulsory that the children are completing some form of learning either at school, using our home learning Teams videos or completing the Home Learning Packs. 


Here are the days and times that work can be handed in to the school office:


Week 1 and 2's home learning - Between 9:30-2:30 on Monday 18th January 2021

Week 3's home learning- Between 9:30-2:30 on Monday 25th January 2021

Week 4's home learning- Between 9:30-2:30 on Monday 1st February 2021

Week 5's home learning- Between 9:30-2:30 on Monday 8th February 2021

Week 6's home learning- Between 9:30-2:30 on Monday 22nd February 2021


If you have any questions about your home learning, please contact your child's class teacher. 

Independent Learning Opportunities

Follow this link to discover a world of learning that you can do alongside what you are doing either at home or at school! There are books to read, songs to sing, languages to learn and art to create! Just click below and off you go!

Latest News

Please follow the links below to find out what our amazing Year 3 and Year 4 children have been up to at school!

Week beginning - Monday 4th January 2021 - Home Learning Begins...

What a first week of home learning we have had! It has certainly taken some getting used to but I can honestly say that all of the staff couldn't be prouder of you all. Whether you have been in school, completing the paper packs or joining in with the virtual lessons, you have all shown a huge amount of maturity and determination despite these difficult times! Thank you for all your hard work and we can't wait to share some of the success we have had this week. 

Week beginning - Monday 7th December 2020

We had a busy week in Year 3/4B this week! This week was test week; however, that doesn't mean there cannot be exciting lessons and activities too. On Wednesday, we taste tested cupcakes to determine what we like and don't like in them. The fruit cake wasn't a huge hit for most. On Thursday, we looked at and practiced our shooting skills in basketball. We had a small game at the end and an amazing, winning shot was scored! It's definitely all of the practice we have been doing. Finally, on Friday, we looked at how we could prepare and make our own meal. This included how we should wash and produce our very own salad. Friday was also 'Friendship Day.' We designed our own cards for our friends that included what we liked best about them. This week was a busy but exhilarating week!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 4th December 2020

Congratulations to George and David on achieving the pupil of the week! David has produced a fantastic piece of work on Henry, the book-eating boy and his face turning green from eating too many books. George has been amazing in PE. He has developed his skills in passing whilst dribbling whilst enjoying it at the same time. Again, congratulations to both of them!!!

Building mile castles - Friday 4th December 2020

Today was history day. We built mile castles out of lego to put along our very own Hadrian's wall. We learnt about mile castles and their use as guard outposts.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 27th November 2020

Congratulations to Sophie and James for winning this week's Pupil of the Week! Sophie has worked her socks off during reading this week; working hard to better understand comprehension questions and never giving up on more difficult texts. James has been a real role model for the other children, especially during PE. He led his team to victory in our first competitive games of basketball whilst supporting his other teammates. Well done you two!!!

Author Visit - Chitra Soundar

Year 3 were lucky enough to have an author session with Chitra Soundar who is an Indian-born British author and storyteller. She has published more than 30 books and is inspired by the rich heritage of epics and folktales from India as well as India's natural beauty. The children all really enjoyed her session.

Pupil Of The Week - Friday 20th November 2020

Congratulations to Ahail and Layla-Rae for being our Year 3/4B Pupils of the Week. Ahail has absolutely knocked our socks off with his times tables knowledge; answering a staggering 3,000 questions correctly on Times Tables Rockstars! Incredible work! Layla-Rae has received her award for working really hard in her 1-1 phonics and maths sessions. She gave 100% effort in each session and is certainly showing an improvement in her understanding. Keep it up you two superstars!

Basketball Skills

This week Year 3/4B have been practicing their dribbling skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. We worked hard to control the ball whilst dribbling at speed as well as perfecting our chest passing. Take a look at the photos below to see our future Michael Jordans!

Pupil Of The Week - Friday 13th November 2020

Congratulations to Bill and Abbie for being this week's Pupils of the Week. Bill has astounded us all with his knowledge in Geography linked to climates around the world. He knocked our socks off when it came to describing the different weathers in different countries and could even describe global climate patterns! Abbie has just been an all-round superstar this week, and every week! She gives 100% in every lesson and is always there to lend a hand to anyone who needs it! Keep shining you little star!!!

Children in Need 2020

This year, the children were asked to come to school in their oddest of socks to celebrate Children in Need. We had a very 'odd' day indeed and even enjoyed a Pudsey biscuit courtesy of our wonderful kitchen! well done Year 3.4B, you certainly are an odd bunch!

Geography - The World's Climates

This week, the children have been using a range of maps to investigate how the climate differs. We firstly used a political map to locate countries using a 2 and 4 grid reference. Then, we studied climate maps which indicate weather, rainfall and temperatures across the globe. Finally, we studied the maps to spot any patterns and learned that there are similar climates around the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. 

Pupil Of The Week - Friday 6th November 2020

Congratulations to Oliver and Natalia for winning this week's pupil of the week. Oliver had produced some outstanding writing based on the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. He used a range of adverbial openers to describe a setting before creating suspense by using short snappy sentences. It was incredible! Natalia has won her award for her work in Maths. We have been finding equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions both less than, and more than one. Natalia has worked her socks off to understand how to do this and we couldn't be prouder! Well done Natalia!

Fabulous Writers!!!

This week, we have been working really hard on our writing; in particular, our story writing. Our Year 4 children have been using the book 'Leon and the Place Between' to inspire both descriptive and suspense filled writing. Likewise, Year  have been developing their narrative writing skills using the book 'Star in a Jar'. They have used a range of sentence openers and conjunctions to make their writing engaging for the reader. Take a look at just a few examples below and you'll see what we mean about how impressed we have been! 

Pupil Of The Week - Friday 23rd October 2020

Congratulations to Sara and Cole for being the last winners of Pupil Of The Week for the half term. Sara has been a brilliant role model; always supporting her classmates and also giving 100% in everything she does. Cole has produced an excellent piece of writing based on the book 'Black Rock'. The imagery he created was outstanding and he has certainly shown a talent for creative writing! Well done you two!

Year 3/4B Harvest Poem

Still image for this video
Hopefully our class poem will help you feel all Autumnal despite not being in school with us to celebrate Harvest Festival this year!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 16th October

A huge congratulations to Alfie and Isabelle for being the Year 3/4B pupils of the week. Alife has knocked everyone's socks off with his work in Maths. He has been super confident with his addition and subtraction, even when given much bigger numbers! Well done Alfie! Isabelle has received her pupil of the week for producing an incredible piece of artwork, using water colours, representing a local landmark. All that practice during lockdown has certainly paid off! Well done to you both!


What is a Risk, Hazard and a Danger?

This week, we have been looking closely and risks and what it means when we reduce them. We spent time thinking about situations that we would class as a risk and then learned about risk assessments and how they keep us safe. 

World Mental Health Day - 9th October 2020

On Friday afternoon, we had a fantastic discussion about mental health and what it means to us. We thought about what we could do if we noticed someone in the class wasn't feeling themselves, or if we felt down ourselves. We decided that we could do many things including tell jokes, play favourite games and being a brilliant friend. It is so important that we are there for each other and to provide support when we need it. Take a look at some of the photos below to see what we got up to. 

Pupil of the Week - 9th October 2020

This week, we have 2 pupils who have absolutely knocked our socks off! One boy who has been a terrific role model and a girl whose writing would not look out of place in Year 6! Adrian has supported his classmates every day, as well as giving 100% in every lesson he takes part in. Keep it up Adrian! Moreover, Areeba's suspense writing has really impressed us all. We couldn't believe it was written by someone in Year 3! take a look for yourself:


"As the day went by, a dull fog appeared. It got duller. The fog was the dullest it had ever been! The wind blew the fog into Erin's face. Erin couldn't see anything. She felt as if she was blind!"

Road Safety - Week 1

On Thursday 9th October, Year 3/4B took part in their first Road Safety lesson alongside staff from Gateshead Council. We learned about the Green Cross Code - 'STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK' and how we use this to help us cross the road safely. We have two more sessions coming up in which the children will learn to cross the road near parked cars and then at a junction. Well done Year 3/4B!

Macmillan Day

On Friday 2nd October, the children in Year 3/4B took part in a range of activities linked to Macmillan charity day. We cut out our very own gingerbread characters and decorated them. Take a look at the photos below to see all of our beautifully decorated creations!!!

Pupil of the Week - 2nd October 2020

This week, we couldn't be more proud of our two pupils of the week. Firstly, Aiden has grown so much since he started in Year 3/4B. He is working more independently every day and we are really enjoying seeing him develop and grow! Keep it up Aiden! Secondly, Grace has been a superb role model for the other children in the class. She always gives 100% in every lesson and has such an amazing attitude towards learning and being such a good friend! Well done Grace!

Religious Education - Mokshapat

In RE, the children have been learning about Hinduism and what followers of this religion believe. We read about how Hindus believe in reincarnation and how karma impacts upon their daily lives. We also discovered that a board game that many of the children had played before, and was also popular amongst children in India: snakes and ladders! The version we played this week is called Mokshapat and it centres around the belief that if we carry out good deeds, we get to ascend to a higher life (going up a ladder). However, if we make a bad choice, we will go in the opposite direction (down a snake). The aim of the game was to reach Moksha! It was a really fun way to explore the way people from other religions think and it certainly got us talking. 


Over the past 4 weeks, the children in Year 3/4B have been working hard to create a performance combining smooth transitions, strong poses and incredible teamwork. They were asked to come up with 4 'free frames' which each had their own theme of a word (small, wide, round, square etc.) and had to combine them to create their final piece. We will hopefully be uploading these videos to the site very soon but here are some photographs of their freeze frames for the time being. Well done Year 3/4B! You have really impressed us!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 25th September 2020

Both Haniyah and Mubin have hugely impressed this week with their positive attitudes towards their learning. Mubin has not only vastly increased his times tables knowledge, he has supported his classmates in a wide range of areas. You are a fantastic role model Mubin and we never want this to change! Haniyah's determination to improve has come to the fore this week as we began our Maths and English lessons. Every adult who works with her would agree with that sentiment! Well done you two! 


Friendship Week

This week at Brighton Avenue, we have been learning all about what it means to be a good friend. In Year 3/4B, we completed a number of different activities to better understand the term 'friendship' and how we can be the best friend we possibly can. Below is just one of the activities we undertook but stay tuned for a video compilation of all of our hard work! Well done Year 3/4B, Mrs Herbert and I couldn't be prouder of how well you have supported each other since we returned!!! Keep it up!!!

Willow Pattern Plates

This week in Art, the children have been learning all about the style of painting and design known as 'willow'. We looked at examples of the design and learned that they often depict a story through a number of different images. The children learned how to use blue ink in different ways (including the levels of dilution in water) to create shading and detail. Take a look below and I'm sure you would agree that they all look good enough to eat off!!!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 18th September 2020

Congratulations to Mia and Jackson who have received pupil of the week for their outstanding attitude towards their learning since we came back in September. We have been so impressed with how mature they have been and we couldn't prouder. Keep it up you two!

Week Beginning 14.09.20

Art- Optical Illusions

This week, we have been exploring the world of optical illusions in art. The children chose 2 images that may, or may not, have linked to one another. They then cut the images into 2cm strips and stuck them onto card, alternating each image as they went. When they finished, it created a stunning visual effect of two images in one! Take a look at the video below to see for yourselves.

Optical Illusions.mp4

Still image for this video

Science- Measuring Distance on Different Surfaces

To begin our unit on forces, the children took part in an investigation as requested by Ferrari! They asked us to find out which surface was the best for their sports cars to drive the furthest on. Below are just some of the photos we took as the children carried out this rip-roaring experiment. 

Week Beginning 07.09.20

Our First Day Back...

What a fantastic start we have had to our time in Year 3/4B! There were a few nerves at first among some of the children but that is completely understandable. However, these nerves were soon a thing of the past as the children got to know each other better through a game of Year 3/4B Bingo! Mrs Herbert and I have been so impressed with the work ethic we have seen so far and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. The children created some beautiful butterflies for our class reading display which represent how reading books can give us all wings to achieve anything we want! Take a look at some of the photos below and see if you can spot your butterfly! Keep up the hard work Year 3/4B! You're all amazing!