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Pupil of the Week

Year 5M Week beginning 18/10/21

What a pair of superstars we have in year 5M this week. Seema, it seems, has conquered her fear of the water in swimming lessons and had made fantastic progress. Koray is our resident poet this week, having produced an amazing poem on nature.

Year 6T 18.10.21

A huge well done to Dean for writing a great poem about an adder based on the book The Lost Words using a wide range of effective poetry devices. Also, a huge well done to another child from Year 6T who has been a great help on a lunchtime making sure everything is tidy. Well done! Keep up the hard work!

18.10.19 Yr 5.6

Well done to two of the BIG characters in our class. Without them life would be a lot more quiet and much less fun in Yr 5.6.

As well as being great fun and excellent role models Jake and Lexi always try their best in lessons and are great friends to everyone in our class. Well done you two!

Y1T wb 11.10.2021

A huge well done to Darrell and Holly this week! Darrell has really grown in confidence since starting Year 1. He always tries hard and it is wonderful watching him grow. Holly is also growing in confidence and is starting to try new things independently which is amazing to see. Keep it up guys, well done!

Y5S WB: 11.10.21

Our superstars in Year 1S this week are Annie-Sue and Yousuf! They have both grown in confidence massively since starting in Year 1 and it has been great to see them blossom and grow. Well done guys!

Y2B (Wb 11.10.21)

Well done to our two superstars this week; Grace and a gorgeous boy in our class. Grace has been trying so hard with her reading and has been developing her fluency. Our gorgeous boy has had such a super attitude towards his learning all week and has blown my socks off! Well done!

Y2D (wb:11/10/21)

Noah and another Year 2 child are our superstars this week! Noah has had an amazing work ethic all week and is showing great progress. The other Year 2 child has been trying really hard with their handwriting. Keep up the hard work you two!

Year 3/4B - 11.10.21

A huge well done to Ella and Noah for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Ella worked incredibly hard in Maths to deepen her understanding of equivalent fractions; even completing a long line of fraction families! You really impressed is this week Ella! Noah has also been an absolute superstar this week with his understanding of fractions but also his writing. He created a brilliant piece of writing all about the book we are reading: How to Skin a Bear' which included engaging features a range of adventurous vocabulary. Well done Noah!

Year 5M Week beginning 11th October 2021

These two stars have really impressed us this week. Abbie aced her spelling test and James is an excellent role model in our school. Well done to both of you!

Year 4JM - Week Beginning 11th October

Our two shining stars this week are Dua and Wali. They were both amazing Historians. Dua was a fabulous archeologist, she used her historical knowledge to make predictions about the artefacts she dug up. Wali was a fantastic critical thinker and came up with some super ideas about Stone Age artefacts. Well done!

Year 3W w/b 4th October

This week both girls, Niamh and Bua, have been amazing at sharing their ideas in small groups and with the rest of the class. They have used their previous knowledge of the Stone Age to make predictions of what the artefacts could have been used for.  Well done!

Year 5.6 Week beginning 11.10.21

The boys have wowed us this week with their amazing language skills. Benyamin, who came to us less than a year ago, has improved his English beyond belief from the boy who started earlier in the year. He is such a popular member of our class and school. Freddie relishes any opportunity to use his imagination during writing tasks and wrote a fantastic informal diary extract from the point of view of an Ancient Egyptian. Well done boys!  

Year 3/4B - Week Beginning 4th October 2021

A huge well done to Vaibhav and Ruby for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Vaibhav used amazing reasoning skills in Maths to explain how 4 digit numbers are made using a range of clues. You never gave up despite some very difficult questions! Ruby has also really impressed us this week with her excellent teamwork skills in lots of different lessons. However, it was her resilience and determination in our Outdoor Learning session with Phil that knocked our socks off! Well done you two

Year 4JM - Week Beginning 4th October 2021

A massive well done to George and Oliver, who were amazing in the Outdoor Learning session with Phil.  They both worked so well with their team members, supporting others and leading by example. Oliver showed great determination when carrying out tasks and George never gave up, always trying his best. Well done you two!!

Cosmo, you have been trying so hard with your handwriting! Keep it up!!! The hard work will pay off across the year if you keep perservering. Also, another girl from Year 6T has constantly wowed me with her writing, particularly a letter written from the point of view of an Ancient Egyptian slave which included a wide range of informal features.

Well done to Scarlett-Rose and Mustafa! Scarlett-Rose has been persevering with her handwriting this week and Mustafa has had much more focused week as well as being a very kind friend!

Y1 T WB 04.10.2021

Y1S WB 04.10.21

This week our superstars are Keira and Harry! Keira is such a good friend to all of her peers, always putting herself first and Harry's Maths skills were phenomenal this week - well done to you both!!

Y2D (wb: 04/10/21)

Alex and Matina are our superstars this week! Alex has been trying really hard during our phonics lessons this and is making great progress. He is much more confident with his reading now. Matina has been working hard in English all week, meaning she has produced a fantastic piece of extended writing today and is starting to use some of her Year 2 writing targets. Keep up the great work you two!

Y2B (Wb: 06.10.21)

Our two superstars this week are Marky and Julia. Marky has impressed me with his resilience during writing and he wrote some fantastic instructions. Julia has blown me away with her knowledge of fractions. Well done to both of you!

6T w/c 4.10.21

This week in Year 6T, Lily-Mae has wowed us with her ideas when writing informal letters! She has had some great ideas and has really tried hard to include some challenging multi-clauses. A huge well done to another child in Year 6T who has been trying sooo hard with their handwriting. Keep it up Year 6T!

Year 5M week beginning 04.10.21

What a pair of superstars we have here! Holly has recently re-joined our school and has been working her socks off every single day. Robbie has really impressed us with his attitude to hard work and learning. Well done to you both!

Yr 5.6 04.10.21

Well done to our amazing boys Michael and Kinjal. Michael has wowed me with his Maths work since the start of term and this week also worked incredibly hard in the allotment which you can see on our class page. Kinjal has blown me away with his excellent English work and also worked his socks off at the allotment. Well done lads!

Y1T 01.10.21

This week Ahmad and Isla have been Year 1 superstars! Well done for always listening, trying your best and setting a good example you two!

Year 4JM - week beginning 27th September 2021

What fabulous work from Wilber and Mia, our two pupils of the week. They both produced amazing pieces of descriptive writing. Wilber used a range of sentence openers, including fronted adverbials. Mia included a range of noun phrases in her work. Fantastic!

Year 5M wk beg 27.09.21

What a pair of absolute superstars we have this week! Mubin, for an excellent piece of creative writing, and Riley fir an excellent work ethic. Well done boys!

Year 2D (wb: 27/09/21)

Lyla and Oscar are our pupils of the week this week. Lyla has been showing great resilience when doing her writing this week which has been fantastic to see. Oscar has been making a great effort with his reading this week and starting to use expression. Keep up the great work you two!

Year 5.6 Week beginning 27.09.21

We only have one of our lovely pupils of the week captured on camera. Lois hasn't been well this week but we have Kacie Leigh!

The two girls have worked so hard on their presentation and making their books look amazing. Excellent effort girls. Keep it up!

Y5S W.C 27.09.21

Our pupils of the week this week were the amazing Rabiya and Charlie! Charlie has had a fantastic week, making the right choices and working super hard. Rabiya worked incredibly hard during Maths this week, even being absent one day didn't let her down - her counting skills are superb!!!

Year 2B (Wc 27.9.21)

Well done to our two gorgeous stars this week! Aminah has blown me away with how hard she is trying with her writing and she used some fantastic noun phrases in her work this week. Oyaus has been solving some very difficult problems involving the 2,5 and 10 timestable and then he used his reasoning skills to justify his answers. Well done to both of you! 

Year 6T w/c 27.9.21

Johannes, what a great first 3 weeks you have had in Year 6! You have made great choices and have wowed us all with your knowledge about blood. Ava, you have created a fantastic stained glass window showing how Christians believe the world was created! Well done! Keep it up!!

Y3W W/B 20.09.21

Callum amazed us all with his fabulous use of vocabulary in his extended writing about a storm.

Murat has had a great attitude towards his work and has been excellent in never giving up on his challenges.

Well done to both boys!

Y1S Week beginning: 20.09.21

This week, our amazing pupils of the week are Goodness and Edward. They both worked incredibly hard in school, showing what amazing role models they are. Well done!

Y1T 24.09.2021

This week, our 2 superstars are Silas and Kayden.

Silas always puts 100% into everything he does and he's a fantastic role model in class. His involvement in all lessons is second to none! 

Kayden has been 'wowing' us in Maths with his number recall, forwards and backwards! He can identify missing numbers in a number sequence and can tell us what one more is.

Great work ethic boys, keep it up! 

Pupil of the Week (wb: 20/09/21)

Hooria and Magnus are our superstars this week! Hooria has shown an excellent work ethic in maths lessons and has even been doing extra work at home! Magnus has show great interest and curiosity during our history lesson and was asking some fantastic questions. Keep up the great work you two!

Pupil of the Week (Week commencing 20th September 2021)

Well done to our two super stars this week; Nickan and Elli. Nickan has blown me our in our foundation subjects with his knowledge and understanding and Elli always gives 100% and has amazing work ethic all the time. Well done to you both!! 

Year 3/4B - Week Beginning 20th September 2021

A huge well done to Yongen and Anaya for being our latest Pupils of the Week. Both children have knocked our socks off with their attitudes towards their learning and how hard they have worked! Yongen's descriptive sentences in English about a storm were incredibly vivid and made us feel like we were in the rain storm. Anaya came up with amazing ideas about what we know about the Stone Age and what ideas could be an anachronism. Well done you two!

Year 4JM - Week Beginning 20th September

A massive well done to these two super scientists, Aiden and Gregor. Aiden produced super work in science and showed perseverance in all lessons. Gregor used a wide range of scientific vocabulary in his explanations about rock permeability. What a pair of stars!

Year 3W - W/B 13th September

Noor was Pupil of the Week as he was able to apply his knowledge of rounding two-digit numbers to round three digit numbers.  

Alexia had a great attitude towards her learning and never gives up, even when the task is challenging. 

1S wc 13th September 2021

Our superstars in Year 1S this week were Zher and Shanaya! Shanaya's work was incredible in Read, Write, Inc this week, her sentences were written out beautifully with the correct spelling and punctuation. Zher has had a fantastic start to Year 1, he is trying so hard in all aspects of his school day and blowing our socks off! Well done guys! 

6T w/c 13.9.21 and 20.9.21

Week 1- Stella, what an amazing first week you have had at Brighton Avenue in Year 6. Everything you have completed has been to the highest standard of standards! Alexis, wow, wow, wow- what an amazing artistic you are! You should be so proud of the work you created based on the book 'Lost Words' that is now displayed in the school hall. 


Week 2- Joe, your vocabulary in English this week has been outstanding. You have had such great ideas to describe different elements of the story of the Eye of the Storm. Michael, you have been working so hard in Maths completing a range of challenging reasoning and problem solving questions! It is only Week 1 of Maths- I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. Well done boys! Keep it up.

Year 5M. Week beginning 20th September

These two brilliant girls have worked so hard this week. Sema has produced some AMAZING English and Sara has conquered maths. Well done ladies!

Week beginning 20.09.21: Year 5/6 stars this week.

On our first week back Ravleen and Iris stole the show with their amazing pieces of art linking to our Lost Words display. 

Year 4 - Week Beginning 13th September 2021

A huge well done to Areeba and Danya for achieving the first Pupil of the Week award in Year 4JM. They both produced amazing paintings on a sandy background to create a prehistoric effect for their artwork. Areeba used a range of tones and textures and Danya's charcoal badger was created in a prehistoric style, their work looked just like cave paintings. Fantastic!

Year 3.4B - Week Beginning 13th September 2021

A huge congratulations to Harry and Silay for being our very first Pupils of the Week of 2021/22. Silay really impressed in PE when she showed huge amounts of determination when throwing, running and catching. She was an inspiration to everyone and never wanted to give up! Harry has had a fantastic attitude towards all of his lesson, but his maths has stood out. His thirst for more challenges and the way he conducted himself throughout the lesson was fantastic and we couldn’t be prouder! Well done you two!

Year 2B week commencing 13th September

A HUGE well done to Emily this week! She has been absolutely AMAZING! Her work ethic is brilliant and she has written a brilliant character description using some of the Year 2 targets. Well done Emily! Vihaan was our second super star this week. he was able to use concreate resources to represent different number. What a super star!

Year 2B week commencing 6th September

Well done to our two super stars this week ... Rian and Lyla. Rian has settled in beautifully to our school and is a perfect role model to have in our class. Lyla has been amazing this week and is always so polite and kind to everyone. Well done to both of you!

Year 3W W/B 6th September 2021

Jennifer amazed staff with her mathematical skills by writing and reading numbers independently. 

Ava was able to use charcoal to draw an animal in out prehistoric art project.

Year 1T 17.09.2021

Well done to Mason and Ester for getting pupil of the week! Mason has been a huge Year 1 team player this week, working hard to improve on his number knowledge in maths and helping his friends to tidy the classroom after our plan, do review time! Ester has been working super hard this week too. Ester always listens to instructions and is always helpful around the classroom. Well done to you both!

Year 1T 10.09.2021

Well done to Ewa and Rhodes for having an amazing first week settling in to life in Year 1. Both children had a fab first week, getting involved in every activity, helping their friends and asking lots of amazing questions. Well done!

Year 3/4B - 16.07.21

This week, for the first time this year, we have had not one, not two....but three Pupils of the Week! Ruby won hers for her efforts during lockdown a couple of weeks ago. We were so impressed with her attitude and work ethic during such difficult circumstances. Adrian and Ethan have both been superstars this week, especially during Sports Day. We were immensely impressed with their sportsmanship and determination. Well done everyone!

Y5S 09.07

The small group of children who were in school this week all totally deserved pupil of the week! They worked so hard after our isolation period and brought their positive attitudes back into school! Well done guys smiley

Year 3W 09.07.21

Jake was amazing during DT as he was able to make a complex structure which was strong and stable. Matthew is just an all round superstar all of the time. He could be pupil of the week every single week.

Yr5M 08.07.21

This weeks pupils of the week vanished out of the door before I had a chance to get a snap of them. But well done to Jack and Benyamin for their amazing efforts this week. Jack made a fantastically imaginative novel on Chamalot which he presented to the class. Benyamin produced an excellent portrait of his Highwayman character which wowed us all. Well done lads. I'll get a picture of you on Monday!

Year 3/4B - 09.07.21

Congratulations to Abbie and David who were are Pupils of the Week for this week. Abbie has been working very hard in Maths when we have been investigating problems. We were very impressed with her resilience and determination to solve the problems. David has impressed us in our visit from That History Bloke. He asked some brilliant questions and seemed to really enjoy himself. Well done you two!

Y4J 26.06.21

Well done to Olivia and Angel this week. Olivia has wowed us with her spellings and her creation of a maths game, whilst Angel has been wowing us with her writing in English. Keep it up girls!

Oliver was amazing during our Science investigation. He offered many ideas and answers.  Danya has been nominated as her handwriting is amazing in every single book that she writes in.

Y5M 25/06/21

Maja and Chantelle Mary have been absolute stars for Ms Morgan this week while their teacher (Mr Murtagh) was away with Y6. Well done girls :)

Year 3/4B - 25.06.21

Congratulations to Layla-Rae and Daniel who were are Pupils of the Week for this week. Daniel has been using some incredible vocabulary to describe his character's emotions. He also used prepositional phrases to show where his character was during the personal recount. Layla-Rae has really impressed Mr Ackroyd with her comprehension skills in reading. She was able to read with confidence before answering a range of comprehension questions about it. Well done you two!

Y2B 25.06.21

Well done to Ada and Emma this week. You have both shown a great understanding of fractions. Well done! 

Y5S 18.06

Our superstars in 5S this week are Michael and Lily! Lily is always such a fantastic role model in our school, helping out wherever she can and always looking out for her peers. Michael's work in Math this week was superb, he persevered with long multiplication and got there in the end, answering questions correctly in his arithmetic test to show his understanding. Well done guys!

Y4J 18.06.21

Well done to Paul and Poppy this week. Both children have wowed us with their extended metaphors about the sea during our poetry writing. Keep up the great work guys!

18.6.21 6T and 6M

6T- A huge well done to Logan for your enthusiasm in Art lessons and even thinking of using chalk for the lighter parts of the artwork before anyone else and for Annabell for a great effort learning your memory sketch for the leavers' assembly! Well done! You make us so proud everyday!


6M- A huge well done to Zara for not giving up when performing and using the keyboards in Music with Mr Parkin and to Joseph for being a great role model during Music: showing model behaviour and for great ideas during the virtual author session! Well done Zara and Joseph!

Yr5M 18.06.21

Well done to the girls this week for their fantastic attitudes. Elisha helped me to complete our Euro 2020 display last week which looks the part with the inclusion of her bunting. Sarah has been knocking on the door for pupil of the week and finally gets it due to the amazing content and presentation in her English during our Curiosity: A Mars Rover unit. Well done girls!! :D 

Year 3/4B - 18.06.21

Congratulations to Bill and Isabelle who were are pupils of the week for this week. Bill has demonstrated his VAST knowledge of all things 'Viking' when describing the features of their long ships. He could explain how each part of the ship helped the Vikings to invade so successfully and even told us what he thought was the most important part. Isabelle's award comes from Miss Wasiejko who was super-impressed with Isabelle's sentences and descriptive language when talking about 'Shen' from the story 'The Magic Paintbrush'. Her vocabulary was very well-chosen and really helped to paint a picture in the reader's head. Well done you two!!!

Y3W 18.06.21

Wilbur was a superstar at Maths this week.  He was able to recognise money, convert it to pounds and pence, add money and then use all these skills to solve reasoning problems!  Wali amazed staff with his inclusion of powerful vocabulary in his story.  It really brought the story to life! Well done!

Y5S 11.6

Fahad and Latisha were our superstars in 5S this week! They both worked super hard during their English lessons, producing some fantastic writing and showing great understanding. Well done!

Year 5M 11.06.21

Well done to the lovely girls Romilly and Lacy. They were both amazing with their information texts based on the Mars Rover and as usual have been excellent Year 5 role models. Well done girls!

Summer 2- Week 1- Pupil of the Week


A huge well done to Maddie and Omer: this week's Pupil of the Week. Maddie, you have been great learning the dance routine for the leavers' assembly and Omer you always continue to wow us by being the kindest friend. Keep it up!

Year 3W 11.06.21

Hristiyana is pupil of the week as she has made a great improvement in her reading skills.  Jenson is also pupil of the week as he has also shown a great improvement in his concentration.

11/06/21 Y6M

I am so proud of these two children in Year 6 this week. Zara was a very mature friend and helped someone by walking home with her when she felt a little unwell after school. What a hero! Mohammed has had a great week all round and is really making the most of all of the activities that Year 6 are doing as their time at Brighton Avenue comes to a close.

Year 3/4B - 11/06/21

Congratulations to Haniyah and Oliver who were are pupils of the week for this week. Haniyah has knocked our socks off all week; impressing in English, Maths and all her foundation subjects. Her piece of writing about the Viking attack the Holy Island of Lindisfarne was incredible! Oliver has shone brightly in all subjects but especially in English. He created amazing sentence about stormy seas using expanded noun phrases and a range of poetic techniques! Well done to you both!

Year 2B 11.06.21

A huge well done to Oscar and Mya this week! I was blown away by their writing today ... I thought I actually had children from Year 3 in my class. Oscar used some great sentences for effect and Mya used a wide range of subordinating conjunctions within her work. Just wow! Well done you two!

Year 3/4B - 27.05.21

Congratulations to Mubin and Areeba who are our pupils of the week this week. Mubin has really impressed with his role model skills; being a supportive member of the class as well as working hard on his own learning. Areeba has been learning Japanese in her spare time and teaching it to the staff and her friends. We really like it when children share with us the learning they have been doing at home so we are very impressed Areeba! Well done!

Y5S 27.5

Cosmo and Sophie-Leigh produced some fabulous pieces of artwork inspired by Hermann Rorschach using ink blots! Well done guys!

Yr5M 27.05.21

Well done to the two lads this week. Benyamin wowed us with his magnificent artwork using pastels. Dean was a font of knowledge during our solutions lessons, keeping the rest of the class right with our solvents, solutes and solutions! Well done boys!  

Y3W 27.05.21

Wali and Ella are Pupils of the Week because of their fabulous writing.  They included great vocabulary and make sure they included all the features of a newspaper report.  

Y2 B 27/05/21

This week our Pupil of the Week goes to the gorgeous Alexia and Nour. Alexia has just started our school this week and already it feels like she has been here forever. She has settled in beautifully and made some great friends. We are so pleased she chose to come to our school. Nour has used great expression in the Y2 production. Well done to both of you! What superstars!

Year 6T 25.5.21

Alicja and India, you have both been absolute superstars this week. At the Soundrooms, you both stepped up and help support other groups. Alicja you were such a kind friend as well. 

Y4JM 21.05.21

Michael and Liv have both received our 'Pupil of the Week' award for their great maths work. Both have shown great times table knowledge when finding fractions of amounts. Fantastic effort guys. Keep it up!

Y5S 21.5

Abigail's acting skills have been superb this week when rehearsing for our end of year play and Eve's writing was fabulous, including all of the correct features for a balanced argument. Well done girlies! 

Year 2D 21.05.21

Jasmine and Ava are our super stars this week. They were both AMAZING during our Geography lessons this week and have shown a great work ethic. Great work girls!

Y3W 21.05.21

Anaya and Shreya are Pupils of the Week this week.  Both children have excelled in their RE lessons.  Anaya was able to share her knowledge of her faith with the rest of the class, while Shreya was amazing at comparing the celebrations in different religions.

Pupil of the Week 21.5.21


We have a very smiley boy and a gorgeous girl this week as our Pupil of the Week. Our boy received his award for always giving 100% effort in everything he does and our girl received hers for using great expression during the our rehearsals of the KS1 production. I am so proud of them both. Well done!

Y6M 21.05.2021

Year 5M 21.05.21

Well done to Ravleen and Aime for being our Year 5M pupils of the week. Amie entertained us all with her video performance for the KS2 play. Ravleen could get the award every week and this week has wowed us all with her amazing handwriting. Well done girls!

Y4JM 14.05.21

Congratulations to Koray and Jacob this week. Koray has been using great vocab in his English work, and wowing us with his ideas. Jacob has been putting 100% effort in to all of his lessons. Well done boys!

Year 2D 14.05.21

This week Maylee and Layton are our Pupils of the week. Layton has written a great non-chronological report about our learning in Geography. Maylee has shown a fantastic attitude towards her learning this week and is making a great progress. Keep up the great work you two!

14.05.21 Year 5M

Today Chantelle-Mary and Johannes received our Pupil of the Week prize. Chantelle-Mary has made a fantastic improvement in her handwriting this week after we spent some time straightening her ascenders and descenders. Johannes has been an absolute brain box in Maths this week and has wowed us all with his amazing reasoning skills. Well done you two! :)

14.05.21 3W

Lennox was given pupil of the week for his amazing attitude towards his work and also being so helpful to staff and other children.  Hristiyana was awarded pupil of the week because she showed that she was able to recognise and count in fractions.

14.05.21 Yr5M

14.05.21 6T

A huge well done to Alisha for always being the most gorgeous, helpful and caring role model in Year 6! I really could award you with this award every week. Amy, you have grown in confidence each week when we have been practising our end of the year play! Keep it up Amy! 

Year 6M 14.05.21

Year 3/4B - 14.05.21

Congratulations to James and Natalia for being our Pupils of the Week this week! James has been incredible in Maths, demonstrating his vast knowledge of numbers and place value. He was able to round any number to 10, 100 or 1,000 as well as compare numbers using the greater than or less than symbols. Natalia has really impressed with her artistic talents in a number of subjects. In RE, she decorated her prayer beautifully and also used her finger painting skills brilliantly to create her geometric patterns in art. Well done you two!!!

Y4JM 07.05.21

Our 2 stars this week are Olivia and Demi. Both girls have shown a great attitude and enthusiasm to their work and have shown that they can work well with different members of the class. Great work ladies, keep it up!

Yr5M 07.05.21

Well done to Arman and Cassandra our pupils of the week. Arman has been amazing us this week with his knowledge and reasoning relating to shape. Cassandra made 3D shapes from nets and was able to use these to discussion their various features. Well done you two!

Y2D 07.05.21

In Year 2 this week, Georgia and Jake are our superstars! They have both worked really hard to learn their lines for our Year 2 production. What great actors they are!

Year 3.4B - 07.05.21

Congratulations to Abbie and Alfie who are our pupils of the week for this week. Abbie has been a super help this week; supporting both her classmates and the staff around the classroom. She is always on hand to offer help and we can't imagine what it would be like without her in the class. Alfie has also been a great helper this week but he also really impressed us with his measuring skills during our number day. He was able to read scales over 400cm including intervals of 10cm. Very impressive!

7.5.21 Year 6T

Katie, what a performance during our rehearsals of Oh What a Year! You have taken on the role of Iris the Virus amazingly!  I can't wait to see the final show! Maddie- I loved your Spongebob themed design for your groups moving car! Again, I can't wait to see the final product that you make.

Y2B Pupil of the Week 07.05.21

A HUGE well done to Mya and Reuben who have been superstars all week. Reuben always has a super attitude towards his learning and always works really hard and Mya has been able to interpret data to answer a range of difficult questions. Well done to you both! 

Y5S 30.04.21

Our superstars this week are Michael and Ava! Their extended writing was phenomenal and we can't ever fault their work ethic! They both work so hard and definitely deserve a reward this week!

Year 2D 30.04.21

Our superstars this week are Jennifer and Noah. Jennifer has being doing some great work building sentences and Noah has shown great perseverance this week when learning about time. Keep up the great work you two!

Year 6T 30.4.21

A huge well done to both India (for her amazing acting and learning of her lines during the play rehearsals) and Leah for her amazing illustrated map of the British Empire. Well done girls- keep up the hardwork!

Year 5M 30.04.21

The girls have both worked fantastically well in their English this week. In addition, Kacie Leigh really impressed me with her problem solving involving angles and Lacy for her beautiful art work. Two stars!

Year 2B 30.4.21

Well done to Bua and Beloved who are our Pupil of the Weeks. Bua always has such an amazing attitude towards her learning and is a great role model in our class. What a super star you are! Beloved has answered some very tricky time questions this week. He had to work out the duration of time and was able to do this with great confidence. Well done to both of you!

Year 3.4B - 30.04.21

Congratulations to Aiden and Anya who are our pupils of the week for this week. Anya has been amazing at solving pictogram, bar chart and histogram problems this week before drawing her own chart independently. Aiden has been working hard all week by joining in with all of his class discussions and sharing answers! Well done to you both!

Y3W 23.04.21

James and Alana are Year 3W's Pupil of the Week.  Alana has been amazing staff with her fabulous use of vocabulary in her story called The Happy Prince.  James has also been amazing staff with his great learning attitude towards his work. Well done!

Y4JM 23.04.21

Our 2 stars this week are Paul and Iris. Paul has wowed us all with his amazing Maths work when calculating duration of time and converting between hours and minutes. Iris has blown us away in English with her knowledge of persuasive language and she went on to produce a great letter to save the rainforests. Keep up the great work guys.

Y2D 23.04.21

What a great start to the Summer term these two have had! Callum has been AMAZING at telling the time in Maths and has had an outstanding work ethic in all other subjects as well. Mimi has also worked really hard this week and produced an excellent piece of writing this morning. She thought really carefully about how to make it her best piece of work. I'm so proud of you both, keep up the great work!

Year 3/4B - 23.04.21

Congratulations to Sophie and Cole for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Sophie has really impressed Mrs Conway during their reading sessions and we are seeing her confidence develop day after day! Her work in the afternoons has also been very impressive; applying what she knows in her own sentences. Cole has received his award as a result of his continuous hard work in EVERY lesson but especially in our afternoon lessons. His work is always of the highest standard and he can apply his vocabulary independently. Well done you two! Keep up the hard work!

Year 6 23.4.21

Kai and Alfie, you have both wowed me with your questioning and ideas in our History units focusing on the British Empire. Your enthusiasm and ideas were amazing!

Year 5M 23.04.21

Fantastic work from Max this week using directional language in his Maths. Romilly is just a superstar week in and week out and could have this every Friday. Well done you two! 

Pupil of the week - Y2B 23.04.21

A HUGE well done to the gorgeous Skye and Tommy this week. I have been soooo impressed with Tommy this week as he has had an amazing attitude towards his learning all week and has produced some fantastic work. Just WOW! Skye has blown me away with her brilliant narrative based on 'The Three Bad Pigs' a twist from a previous fairy tale. Skye was able to include a range of Y2 targets in her writing and her stamina improved massively this week. Well done to you both! 

Year 3W - 01.04.21

This week Leo was able to connect components and fix a circuit, not only for him, but for a lot of other children in the class! Oskar was able to play the tune 'Wipeout' on the keyboard.

Yr5M 01.04.21

Our main men this week. Jake has blown me away with the improvement in his handwriting these past weeks and should be very proud of himself. Johannes has been a great friend to some of his Year 5 classmates this week and has also produced some excellent work in Science and Art. Well done boys!

Y4JM 26.03.21

Our two stars this week are Mason and Michael! Mason has shown a great improvement in his throwing and catching skills in P.E. and he also wowed Miss Helm, during Maths, when finding the time to the nearest minute. Great work, keep it up!

Michael produced a brilliant Non-Chronological Report on Jaguars during English. He included lots of Y4 targets such as apostrophes, fronted adverbials and complex sentences. Amazing work, well done. 

26.03.21 Y3W

James and Harry have been superstars this week.  James showed 100% effort in his design for the Easter Egg Competition.   Harry was amazing in Maths as he was able to apply the long multiplication method to solve a variety of problems.  Well done to both boys!

26.03.21 6M

26.03.21 Year 5M

Our fantastic pupils of the week. Lexi made a fantastic World War 2 diary entry and has been her usually bubbly self since we started back. Shaima has made so much progress with her reading which I have loved listening to her reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week. Well done girls!! 

Year 2D 26/03/21

Grace and Silay are Pupil of the Week, this week. Grace has shown great perseverance and improvement with her mental maths skills this week. Silay has made excellent progress with her writing, using lots of our Year 2 targets and some fantastic vocabulary. Keep up the great work girls!

Y5S 26.03

Look at how happy our amazing children are to receive their pupil of the week awards this week!! They have both worked so incredibly hard with their writing this week and not just in their English books... in every single book of theirs!! They have really took care to include their writing targets and we have loved reading their work this week. Well done guys! smiley

26.03.21 - Year 3/4B

Congratulations to Sara and Abbie for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Abbie has been working really hard on her times table this week, even practising in her own time! We have seen big improvements in her times table facts and this is all because of her determination to improve! I think we can all learn a lesson from you Abbie! Well done! Sara has also been a real superstar this week, especially in RE. We were thinking about some of the negative and positive things about the world and Sara was able to create a stunning piece of work which reflected her understanding! Amazing stuff Sara! We couldn't be prouder!

26.03.21 Y2B

Well done to Emma and Noor this week for some excellent writing. They both wrote a fantastic explanation text on how to please a teacher including lots of the Y2 targets. Well done both of you!

26.03.21 6T

Grace, you haved wowed me with your formal and persuasive letter! I am sure that you will have done a great job at persuading Mrs Allan. Alfie, you have wowed both myself and Mrs Graham with your handwriting this week! What an improvement!!! 

Y4JM 19.03.21

Well done Sema and Kade. You've wowed us this week with your efforts in your lessons. Kade, you've shown great determination in Maths and Sema you have put 100% into all of your lessons. 

Year 2D 19.03.21

Our two pupils of the week this week are Amna and Ahmad. Ahmad has shown a fantastic work ethic all week and has been a superstar. Amna has worked her socks off during English this week and has produced a fantastic piece of non-fiction writing. Well done to both of you!

Y3W 19.03.21

Our pupils of the week this week are Shreya and Ali.  Shreya has used her multiplication facts to multiply two digit numbers by one digit.  She managed to learn the strategy very quickly.  Ali impressed Mrs Conway with his incredible vocabulary in his English lesson.  He used the vocabulary in his writing.

Y5M 19.03.21

Congratulations to Ravleen and Jack who are our Y5M pupils of the week, this week! Ravleen is always such a fabulous role model for her peers and Jack came up with some fantastic contributions when writing a WW2 diary entry in English. Great job!

Y5S 19.03.21

Big well done to Kierra and Wasi for being the Y5S pupils of the week, this week! Reading has been the theme in our class this week! Kierra WOW'ed us with her reading skills and successfully became a free reader and Wasi has been using his vocabulary found when reading to improve his vocabulary in his writing! Super job you two!

Y2B Pupil of the week 19/03/21

Our two pupils of the week this week are Emily and Ada. Emily has shown a fantastic work ethic all week and has written some brilliant writing. Ada has worked his socks off during Maths and has been able to solve some difficult division problems. Well done to both of you!

Year 3/4B - Pupil of the Week - Friday 19th March 2021

Congratulations to Daniel and Anya for being our Pupils of the Week for this week. Daniel was an absolute machine in his PE lesson in which we were complete a range of exercises to form part of a circuit. He vastly improved his scores from the previous week and supported his partner to do the same. Well done Daniel! Great effort and team spirit. Anya really impressed us with her knowledge of shadows in Science. She could use the scientific vocabulary (such as opaque and translucent) to describe materials and created a brilliant shadow puppet as well. Great work Anya!

19.3.21 6T

A huge well done to both Erika and Chloe: our pupil's of the week for Week 4! Chloe, you have had a really positive week and have worked so hard with everything! Erika, your artwork wowed ALL the teachers. You are such a talented artist!!

Y5S 12.3.21

Ava provided us with some beautiful sentences in English this week and Cosmo blew us away by smashing his goal of becoming a free reader! Well done guys!

Y4JM 12.03.21

All children have returned to school with amazing enthusiasm and determination to continue their learning back in the classom. These two boys have particularly stood out for their improved attitude (Antonio) and class contributions (Hamza). Well done boys. 

Year 5M 12.03.21

How lovely it has been to be all all back together. Cassandra wowed us this week with her amazing rhythm and fretboard skills playing Viva La Vive. Elisha has just been a general superstar since we have all been back together. Well done you two.

Year 3W 12.03.21

Every child has impressed us this week but Jake and Nathan have got Pupil of the Week for the first week back.

Jake was able to recall his division and multiplication facts while Nathan was able to share his fabulous ideas during our English lesson.  Well done to these two and also everyone else in the class!

Year 2D 12/03/21

Maylee and Jake are our superstars this week and just look at their lovely smiles! Jake has shown a HUGE improvement in his handwriting since the beginning of the year and I am amazed by how neat it is now. He has also tried really hard with his work all week. Maylee has earned her certificate for an amazing piece of extended writing this morning, which she has been working towards all week. Like Jake, Maylee has also had a super week of working extremely hard. Its also lovely to see her smiling lots now we're all back in school together. Keep up the good work you two!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 12th March 2021

Congratulations to Ruby and Ethan for being our pupils of the week this week! Ruby has created an outstanding setting description about the rainforest. She used a range of descriptive sentences as well as similes to make comparisons. It felt like we were there! Ethan has been a superstar when it comes to his independent learning as well as completing tasks with Mrs Herbert. Well done to the two of you!

Y2B (Wb: 08.03.21)

Well done to our two super stars this week- Oscar and Shifa! Oscar has blown me away with his multiplication skills and has been able to apply them to a range of problems and Shifa has written a brilliant narrative including the Y2 targets! Well done! 

12.3.21 6T

Wow! What an amazing first week back altogether! Our first 2 Pupil's of the Week are the amazing Ruby and Shayne! Ruby, well done for wowing me with your explanations of some challenging Year 6 coordinate problems and Shayne, well done for writing a great newspaper report. Mrs Graham and I were very impressed with your writing.

Year 3/4B - 04.12.20

Congratulations to George and David on achieving the pupil of the week! David has produced a fantastic piece of work on Henry, the book-eating boy and his face turning green from eating too many books. George has been amazing in PE. He has developed his skills in passing whilst dribbling whilst enjoying it at the same time. Again, congratulations to both of them!!!

Y4JM 04.12.20

A big well done to Kade and Lincoln this week. Kade has shown great listening and understanding of the water cycle and Lincoln's general attitude towards his learning is amazing. Well done boys!

6T 4.12.20

Shayne, you have made our week with your enthusiasm and effort in preparing for our Christmas song, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and Cameron, your Maths has blown me and Mr Tang away! Keep it up boys!

Y2D Pupil of the week!

This week we have Alyan and Jasmine as our pupils of the week. Alyan for being such a helpful young man within the classroom and Jasmine for constantly making everyone in the class smile with enthusiasm. Well done you two!!

Y2B Pupil of the week!

Our superstars this week are Skye for her fantastic spellings and Lewis for his attitude to learning, completing challenges on Timetable Rockstars. Well done the two of you!

3W 04.12.20

Bobby was awarded pupil of the week for his great understanding of measures in Maths.  Safa also got pupil of the week for his fantastic story writing.

4/12/20 - Welcome back Reception

This week we decided to give pupil of the week to all reception children. We are so proud of how hard they have worked at home! Online learning is tricky, but you have blown us all away! Well done boys and girls and a huge thank you to all of our families. 

Y5S 4.12.20

Well done to our superstars in 5S this week! They had both written an amazing piece of extended writing this week, including all of their Year 5 targets and blowing our socks off! smiley

6M 4.12.20

Our 6M superstars! Well done to Yousra and Leon. Yousra for her super work in school and making a huge effort with extra work at home and Leon for his super speedy Maths work and focusing very hard in every single lesson. Well done guys! Keep it up!

Yr5M 4.12.20

A socially distanced Pupil of the Week with Mrs Kevin. Can you spot her?

Both Sarah and Freddie have completed exceptional diary extracts based on our festive short film 25 degrees north 5 minutes. We were all bowled over in Year5. Well done guys! smiley 

Y4JM 27.11.20

Well done to our two stars this week, Darcy and Robbie. Both children have shown great determination in their lessons, especially Maths. Even when they've found things tricky, they've never given up! 

Yr5M 27.11.20

Our terrific twosome this week. Jake has really upped his handwriting skills and his presentation has been amazing all week. Cassandra has wowed us with her poetic skill which I have saved to our class page. Well done you two!

Y2D 27.11.20

This week, Layton and Silay are our superstars! Layton was fantastic when we were observing weather patterns in Geography this week. Silay has been doing some fantastic work in English, adding conjunctions to her sentences.

Y2B Pupil Of The Week!

Our superstars this week are Mya and Noor! Mya has written amazing sentences in her English lessons. She was able to include Adjectives, Adverbs and Subordinating Conjunctions!  Noor has given 100% effort in every lesson showing his resilience throughout. 

Y5S 27.11.20

Well done to our superstars in 5S this week - Lois and Sophie-Leigh! Lois's work in Maths this week was outstanding as she was able to show off her skills with multiplication and divison. Sophie-Leigh has been a total star this week (as always!) setting a fabulous example to the rest of the children! smiley

Y1D 27.11.20


Year 3/4B - 27.11.20

Congratulations to Sophie and James for winning this week's Pupil of the Week! Sophie has worked her socks off during reading this week; working hard to better understand comprehension questions and never giving up on more difficult texts. James has been a real role model for the other children, especially during PE. He led his team to victory in our first competitive games of basketball whilst supporting his other teammates. Well done you two!!!

3W 27.11.20

Harry is Pupil of the Week as he has shown a great attitude in every single lesson every single day.

Oskar is Pupil of the Week as he was able to sort statements into positive and negative impact for the environment.

6M 27.11.20

Big well done to Mateo and Mohammed our 6M Pupil's of the Week: Mateo for a super improvement in his handwriting

and Mohammed for his great poetry work using figurative language and some super enthusiasm in his singing. Well done boys! Keep it up!

6T 27.11.20

Maddie and Grace, what superstars you have both been with your work in fraction work in Maths (Grace) and also entertaining us with your acting and Drama Queen-ness (Maddie)! Keep it up girls! You're always impressing me!

YR1D 20.11.20

YR1J/T 20.11.20

Y4JM 20.11.20

A huge well done to our two boys, Paul and Kinjal, who have been little superstars this week! Paul has shown great inference skills in Guided Reading and Kinjal has shown great understanding of different climates around the world. 

Y2D 20.11.20

This week our superstars are Amna and Yongen. Amna has been asking some fantastic questions in our Science lessons. Yongen has been using some amazing descriptive devices in his writing to interest the reader. Keep it up!

Y5S 20.11

HUGE well done to our superstars this week - Wasi and Latisha! Wasi's newspaper report was out of this world this week!! Latisha was also able to produce some of her writing targets independently including a simile! smiley

Year 3/4B
Pupil Of The Week - Friday 20th November 2020

Congratulations to Ahail and Layla-Rae for being our Year 3/4B Pupils of the Week. Ahail has absolutely knocked our socks off with his times tables knowledge; answering a staggering 3,000 questions correctly on Times Tables Rockstars! Incredible work! Layla-Rae has received her award for working really hard in her 1-1 phonics and maths sessions. She gave 100% effort in each session and is certainly showing an improvement in her understanding. Keep it up you two superstars!

Y3W 20.11.20

Gregor was chosen because of his wonderful work he has done in English, Maths, Geography and Science.  Nathan was chosen as he has shown great attitude on his work on fractions.  Well done!

Y2B 20.11.20

Our superstars this week are Raha and Layla! Layla has been trying so hard to use expression when she is reading and Raha has impressed me with his multiplication skills. Well done to you both!

Yr5M 20.11.20

The lovely Chantelle-Mary produced a fantastic news report this week. Johannes has been amazing at solving fiendish fraction problems. Well done to you both! Turn your certificate around next time Johannes! :D  

20.11.20 6M

Well done to both Abbie and Adam you have been working so hard this week. Well done and keep it up!

20.11.20 6T

Alfie and Katie R, you have both been stars this week! I have been blown away by your knowledge of animals Alfie and Katie R you have written a fantastic disaster narrative! Keep it up 6T!

RD 20/11/20 - Our pupils of the week are Sohaib and Lawi. Well done!

RF 20/11/20 - Our pupils of the week are Sofie and Zher. Well done!

RF. 13.11.20 We are so proud of our two award winners this week. Well done Manvir and Emily.

Y4JM 13.11.20

Well done to Rubina and Poppy who have been amazing this week. Rubina has produced fantastic writing in each of her English lessons and included all of her success criteria. Poppy has been marvellous at maths, completing column addition and subtraction problems involving exchanging and reasoning.

Y3W 13.11.20

Ruby-Jo got her award because of her positive attitude towards her work.  She can't stop answering questions!

Lennox impressed Miss Wasiejko with his determined attitude when counting in halves and quarters. Well done!

Year 3/4B - 13.11.20

Congratulations to Bill and Abbie for being this week's Pupils of the Week. Bill has astounded us all with his knowledge in Geography linked to climates around the world. He knocked our socks off when it came to describing the different weathers in different countries and could even describe global climate patterns! Abbie has just been an all-round superstar this week, and every week! She gives 100% in every lesson and is always there to lend a hand to anyone who needs it! Keep shining you little stars!!!



Pupil of the week 13/11/20

This week our pupils of the week are Kyrin and Scarlett – Rose.

Kryin’s confidence has improved so much and we are so proud of him.

Scarlett has blown our socks off, showing real determination in RWI and writing her letter sounds.  

Y5S 13.11

Our superstars in 5S this week are Cosmo and Nelly! They both gave 110% in their writing this week, writing a fabulous newspaper report about Phillipe Petit - the man who walked between the two towers! Well done guys!

Y1JT- 13.11.20

These two have been super stars. Aminah has 'wowed' with her DT skills and Kimberly has been using her voice to help others! Keep it up!

Y2D 13.11.20

2D's superstars this week and Grace and Yawer! Grace has been doing some fantastic reasoning in Maths when subtracting. And Yawer has been making fantastic progress with his writing, making a real effort to include his Year 2 targets in his writing. Keep up the good work you two!

Yr5M 13.11.20

Amazing Lacy produced a fantastic news report on Philippe Petite's daring tightrope walk across the top of the Twin Towers. Maja just generally is a star completed a beautiful remembrance day pebble in art. Well done girls! :D

Y1D 13.11.20

6T 13.11.20

Annabell, what amazing writing you have produced this week! From your well punctuated dialogue to figurative language, you have been a writing superstar. Amy, you have been working so hard in Maths with your fraction work and are growing in confidence.

Year 6M 13.11.20 


A huge well done to Leon H and Yasmin our 6M Pupil's of the Week: Leon H for great attendance and trying hard in all of your work.

and Yasmin for putting in a 100% with all of your work!

Y2B 13.11.20

Well done to our two superstars this week Nour and a lovely cheerful boy. Nour has received her award for always giving 100% effort in every lesson and our boy award has been given for trying really hard to use conjunctions within his writing. You are both super stars! Well done! 

Y4JM 06.11.20

A big well done to our two girls this week. Lydia has been fantastic during Geography, locating places in the UK, and Angel has wowed us with her fraction work in Maths. 

6.11.02 RF

6.11.20- Y1JT. We are so proud of the progress that Rosie and Ranw have made so far this year- keep it up!

6.05.20 Yr5M

The camera went blurry at the brilliance of Sarah's excellent newspaper report on the strange goings on in the Enchanted Wood and Romilly's fantastic work comparing fractions with different denominators. Well done you two!

Year 5S

Our superstars in 5S this week are Jake and Lily-Mae! Jake impressed us with his fabulous writing this week and also offered to read it out to the rest of the class, which he did with great confidence and enthusiasm! Lily also completed a well structured newspaper report which was full of her Year 5 targets - well done guys!

Year 3/4B - 06.11.20

Congratulations to Oliver and Natalia for winning this week's pupil of the week. Oliver had produced some outstanding writing based on the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. He used a range of adverbial openers to describe a setting before creating suspense by using short snappy sentences. It was incredible! Natalia has won her award for her work in Maths. We have been finding equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions both less than, and more than one. Natalia has worked her socks off to understand how to do this and we couldn't be prouder! Well done Natalia!


Wow!  Shreya really impressed Mrs Kevan this week with her work on multiplication and division while Danya was able to choose her words carefully to create a feeling of sadness in her story.

RD 6.11.20

Our very first pupil of the week!

This week we had our first pupil of the week with a special visit from Mrs Allan.

Shayne was our pupil of the week because he has been trying so hard with his initial sounds.

Ester was our pupil of the week because we are so impressed with how confident she has become.

Well done to all the other children who have also worked so hard!

Y2D 06.11.20

This week Jake and Mimi are our superstars! Jake has been making great progress with his phonics work and has been perservering  even when he has been given some tricky digraphs. Mimi has been showing off her mental maths skills this week but adding 2 digit numbers! Keep up the great work you two!

Y1D Our pupils of the week are Zachary and Trinity.

Year 2B 6.11.20

A huge well done to Michalina and Ada this week. Michalina is always such a positive role model to have in class and tried her hardest at everything. Ada has tried really hard in maths this week solving some addition problems.

Year 6M 6.11.20

Riley and Zainab, you have both been putting in 100% with your work and trying so hard with some challenging Year 6 targets.

Year 6T 6.11.20

Chloe, what a superstar you have been this week! You have been the Punctuating Dialogue Queen! Sirag, you have blown me away with your Geography skills. I'm sure there will be a job for you at Brighton Avenue in the future!

Y5S 23.10

Our superstars this week in 5S were Dylan and Eve! Dylan's attitude has been amazing this week, working really hard in all areas! Eve also had a huge achievement this week by moving up 7 levels in her writing. WOW!! Well done guys!

Y4JM 23.10.20

A massive well done to our final 2 stars of Autumn 1, Michael and Sema. Michael has been impressing us with his gymnastic skills and Sema has shown a great work ethic across all of her subjects. Keep up the good work!

Y2D 23.10.20

This week, Ahmad and Evelyn are our superstars. Ahmad has done an AMAZING piece of writing and Evelyn is such a wonderful friend all of the time!

Year 6M 23.10.20

Millie, what a star you have been for trying your best ALL the time!  Keep it up , we are so impressed with your hard work with everything that you do. Leon, a huge well done for huge improvement with your attitude and listening skills.

Year 3/4B - 23.10.20

Congratulations to Sara and Cole for being the last winners of Pupil Of The Week for the half term. Sara has been a brilliant role model; always supporting her classmates and also giving 100% in everything she does. Cole has produced an excellent piece of writing based on the book 'Black Rock'. The imagery he created was outstanding and he has certainly shown a talent for creative writing! Well done you two!

Y3W - 23.10.20

The children have certainly wowed us this week!  We were very impressed with the comprehension skills that Safa displayed when answering questions using the text.  Also Zuza has been a great helping hand every  morning as she has helped Miss Wasiejko get ready for the day ahead. Well done!

Y1J/E 23.10.20

Look at our fabulous pupils of the week. Lewis has improved his behaviour this week. Jagoda has been so smiley and gorgeous this week. She's been so resilient and tried so many new things this week. We are so proud!

Y1D - 23.10.20

Yr5M 23.10.20

Amie and Shaima our Yr5m's finally pupils of the week for Autumn 1. They worked together to perform a fantastic video explaining why we have day and night. Well done girls :)

Year 6T 23.10.20

Our final Pupil of the Week's for Autumn 1 are ...... the lovely India! India has wowed me with her Science investigation planning skills this week. Her investigation testing how exercise impacts upon our heart rate was fantastic. She wrote a very detailed conclusion to explain what she had found out as well. Our second pupil of the week is... Kai! His knowledge of our Science unit, the Human Body, was outstanding! A future doctor on the way I think!

Y2B 23.10.20

A massive well done to the gorgeous Bua and Reuben this week. They have quite literally blown my socks off with their writing and maths! The progress these two children have made in only 6 weeks of learning is AMAZING!!! I can't wait see where your educational journey ends this academic year! 

Y5S 16.10

Abigail has been a superstar this week in our class, showing what a true friend is and supporting other members of our class during a tough PSHE lesson. Ava was also one of our pupils of the week this week, writing an amazing setting description of a haunted house - it sure gave us the chills!! Well done to you both!

Y4JM 16.10.20

Well done Jasmine-Leigh and Abdullah for being this weeks superstars! Jasmine-Leigh has been 'on fire' in our Maths sessions, working with fractions, and Abdullah has written a fantastic piece of creative writing using lots of noun phrases and adverbs! Keep up the good work. 

Yr5M 16.10.20

Elisha unleashed her gymnastic talents this week during our routines and Kacie Leigh has been just the perfect Year 5 role model since the beginning of term. Well done you two! :) 

Year 3W 16.10.20

Oliver amazed his teachers this week with his outstanding vocabulary that he used in his writing.  It really brought the story to life.  Another member of the class got the award as she was able to retell the story of Rama and Sita in RE.

Year 2D 16.10.20

This week, Ellie-Mae and Callum have been our superstars! Ellie-Mae has made so much progress over the past few weeks it's been amazing to see! This is all down to her fantastic listening and application skills. Callum has also been making a real effort recently - especially with his writing. Some of the vocabulary and the sentence structure he has been using is amazing. Keep up the good work you two!

Year 1D - Our fabulous pupils of the week

Y2B 16.10.20

Huge well done to Amelia and Owen this week! Amelia has tried so hard in both English and maths and Owen has come to school with such a positive attitude and his smile melts my heart. You are both superstars!

16.10.20 1J

Well done to Leo for his blending this week. Also well done to Emily for her amazing writing in RWI! They are amazing!

Year 3/4B - 16.10.20

A huge congratulations to Alfie and Isabelle for being the Year 3/4B pupils of the week. Alife has knocked everyone's socks off with his work in Maths. He has been super confident with his addition and subtraction, even when given much bigger numbers! Well done Alfie! Isabelle has received her pupil of the week for producing an incredible piece of artwork, using watercolours, representing a local landmark. All that practice during lockdown has certainly paid off! Well done to you both!

16.10.20 6M

Joseph, your questions during our hot seating of Howard Carter were fantastic. You really thought about asking detailed, open questions to find out more. Yousra, you have written a great informal letter using a range of your targets and for going home EVERY night and doing more work! Well done Joseph and Yousra! Keep it up!

16.10.20 6T

Logan, Logan, Logan!! What an amazing week you have had. Me and Miss Guthrie have loved seeing you work with independence and write a fantastic informal letter. Alicja, your Maths and your Black Lives Matter posters have both been outstanding this week. Well done Logan and Alicija- keep it up!

Y4JM 09.10.20

Well done to our super stars this week, Rubina and Keerath. Both girls have produced detailed non-chronological reports using a variety of different sentence openers, conjunctions and sentence types. Fantastic work girls!

Yr5M 09.10.20

The font of knowledge that is Dean Brown and the wonderful Lexy Hullock are Yr5M's pupils of the week.

Dean has been using spine tingling vocabulary in his spooky settings this week and Lexy has just been the most amazing Year 5 role model since we started back. Well done you two! 

Y5S 9.10.20

Michael was amazing in Maths this week (as usual!) and Kierra has shown what an amazing friend she can be this week. Well done superstars!

Y3W 09.10.20

Shreya has achieved the award this week for ordering and comparing numbers.  Danya got her award for a contributing her great ideas during the PSHE+C lesson.

Year 1 09.10.20 - Our amazing pupil of the weeks are Zachary and Japleen. Zachary has worked very hard in all areas of learning and Japleen is growing in confidence. Well done!

Year 6M 09.10.20. Our outstanding learners this week are Lennox, our newest student and Lucy. Both have worked their socks off an have been incredible role models all week.

Year 2D 09.10.20

Our superstars this week are Gul and Murat. Even though Murat speaks very little English he has been making such a huge effort with his learning. He is such a lovely character and I have no doubt he is going to make amazing progress. Gul has shown what a lovely, caring young girl she is. She has acted as a translator for Murat since he arrived and has made him feel very welcome. How amazing that she is able to speak two languages so fluently!

Year 3/4B - 09.10.20

This week, we have 2 pupils who have absolutely knocked our socks off! One boy who has been a terrific role model and a girl whose writing would not look out of place in Year 6! Adrian has supported his classmates every day, as well as giving 100% in every lesson he takes part in. Keep it up Adrian! Moreover, Areeba's suspense writing has really impressed us all. We couldn't believe it was written by someone in Year 3! take a look for yourself:


"As the day went by, a dull fog appeared. It got duller. The fog was the dullest it had ever been! The wind blew the fog into Erin's face. Erin couldn't see anything. She felt as if she was blind!"

Y2B 09.10.20

This week, I am bursting with pride with how far these two lovely children have come since coming back to school. Tommy has shown what amazing work ethic he has this week and has developed his reasoning skills in maths. Emily has shown true resilience in her learning this week especially in maths. You are both superstars!! Well done and keep it up!

6T 09.10.20

Week 4 Pupil of Week


Leah and Elias, you have both wowed me this week! Leah, your writing has been amazing. I can't believe that you have only been in Year 6 for 5 weeks and you are using such a wide range of complex targets (multi clause sentences, semi colons and conjunctive adverbs). Elias, you are growing in confidence in day and it has been great to see you become more independent with your work. Keep it up!!

Y4JM 02.10.20

A huge well done to our two stars this week, Riley and Lincoln. The boys have 'been on fire' this week and their attitude towards their learning has been first class! They've especially shone throughout our Maths lessons, where we've been looking at place value and comparing numbers. Keep up the great work boys!

Year 5S 2.10

Our superstars this week are Taleen and Paul! Paul worked so hard this week in Maths and we have been blown away by Taleen's effort and enthusiasm! Well done guys!!

Year 5M 2.10

Another couple of Year 4 stars. Jack has completed some fantastic artwork using continuous lines and Cassandra has made us all tap our toes with her fantastic guitar playing. Well done!!

Year 2B 2.10

Beloved and Emma are the two superstars in Year 2B this week! Beloved has shown what a fantastic work ethic he has and demonstrated his fantastic reasoning skills this week in maths. Emma is always such a polite, well mannered girl who always tries her best in everything. Emma has also shown how fantastic her reasoning skills are in maths. Well done to you both, we are very proud!

Year 2D 02.10.20

This week's superstars are Alyan and Niamh. Alyan has done some amazing reasoning questions in Maths this week and has been really helpful - he loves a tidy classroom! Niamh has been showing her fantastic imagination in her writing - her work was a pleasure to read and I didn't want it to end!

Year 3W 02.10.20

Both boys have impressed their teachers with their Maths work this week.  James worked hard to improve his understanding of place value and showed great improvement over the week.  Ali showed everyone his true potential by completing every challenge that was given to him.  Well done!

Y6M 02.10.20

Tiannah and Ellis have really impressed Ms Morgan and Mrs Graham this week. They are both a credit to our class and our school. Well done both of you!

Year 3/4B - 02.10.20

This is week, we couldn't be more proud of our two pupils of the week. Firstly, Aiden has grown so much since he started in Year 3/4B. He is working more independently every day and we are really enjoying seeing him develop and grow! Keep it up Aiden! Secondly, Grace has been a superb role model for the other children in the class. She always gives 100% in every lesson and has such an amazing attitude towards learning and being such a good friend! Well done Grace!

Year 6T 02.10.20

Ruby and Alisha, wow, wow, wow! You two have both wowed me with your amazing Maths skills when solving place value problems. You have definitely kept me on your toes with your work this week. Well done! Keep it up superstars.

Year 2D 25.09.20

Look at this week's superstars! Georgia has made an excellent start to Brighton Avenue. She has shown a great work ethic and is really eager to learn. And Viabhav has the most beautiful handwriting you have ever seen! He has an amazing attitude to learning all the time!
Katie P and Cameron, wow, wow, wow! Where can I begin?! What gorgeous and hard working Year 6 children you are!! You are true Year 6 role models and I couldn't ask for anymore! Well done Katie P and Cameron!!

Y4JM 25.09.20

A massive well done to our shining stars this week, Olivia and Iris! Olivia's interest in our History topic, Romans, was reflected in her detailed explanations and questioning during the lessons. Iris' love of Art has been reflected in her stunning production of a willow pattern which was very detailed and intricate.

Y2B 25.09.20

Massive well done to Yu Xin our star of the week! Yu Xin has tried so hard to use her big voice this week and her hand writing in unbelievable! We also had another boy achieve pupil of the week for his amazing attitude towards his learning and always having a smile on his face! We are so proud of you both! Well done!

Yr5M 25.09.20

Introducing the future Eric Clapton (Arman) and Michael Morpurgo ( Freddie). Well done these two for their excellent skills this week! :D

Y3W - 25.09.20

This week Wilbur amazed the class with his understanding and use of computing vocabulary during the lesson.

Dua impressed her English class with her reading and comprehension of the text.

Y3/4B - 25.09.20

Both Haniyah and Mubin have hugely impressed this week with their positive attitudes towards their learning. Mubin has not only vastly increased his times tables knowledge, he has supported his classmates in a wide range of areas. You are a fantastic role model Mubin and we never want this to change! Haniyah's determination to improve has come to the fore this week as we began our Maths and English lessons. Every adult who works with her would agree with that sentiment! Well done you two! 




Y5S - 25.09.20

Big well done to our superstars in 5S this week - Sophie - Leigh and Joe! They have worked exceptionally hard in our first English and Math lessons this week, showing great enthusiasm and persistance! yes

Y3W 18.09.20

A great start to the Year for Abigail and Leo.  Both have shown a great attitude to their learning during the week.

Y3/4B 18.09.20

Congratulations to Mia and Jackson who have received pupil of the week for their outstanding attitude towards their learning since we came back in September. We have been so impressed with how mature they have been and we couldn't prouder. Keep it up you two!

Y2B 18.09.20

A HUGE well done to our first two superstars in Y2B. Eva and Oscar have both impressed myself and Miss Greaves this week with their exceptional work and always being such positive role models! Well done we are so proud of you!


Miss Simblet and Mrs Stewart have been blown away by the hard work the children have put into school since we came back however we are especially proud of Tulisa and Declan. Tulisa has given 100% effort in everything she has done in school, offering fantastic suggestions in lesson time and starting the year in such a positive way. Declan has also been a total superstar recently, trying so hard with his handwriting and working extremely hard in lessons. Well done you two!!

Y1D - Miss Dinning, Mrs Woolsey and Mrs Kneeling have been so impressed by our pupils of the week. Trang has came to school everyday with a big smile on her face and Oscar is always so happy. He tries his best everyday! Well done you two.

Year 1JE

Our super stars this week are Marky and Elli. Elli started this year with an amazing attitude and a gorgeous smile! Keep it up Elli! Marky has tried so hard this week with maths even when he found it tricky. Well done to you both!

Year 6T 18.09.20

Year 6T have had a fantastic 2 weeks back in school. It has been fantastic to have the classroom full again. What a hard decision it was to pick this week's Pupil of the Week! A huge round of a applause to Omer, for a fantastic first 2 weeks in 6T, and Erika, for her outstanding piece of artwork for the 6T flag and painting in the style of Vincent van Gogh!

Year 6M 18.09.20

What a fantastic week we have had in 6M! Fatima is new to our school and has settled in beautifully, it's like she's always been here. Bradley could be a cardiologist as he knows eve4rything about the heart and circulatory system. What a pair of stars!

Year 5M 18.09.20

What a fantastic start not only to Year 5 but also Brighton Avenue for Ravleen. She has been an absolute superstar and what an artist she is. Max has returned to us after many years and it is as if he had never left! What a confident boy he has become. Looking forward to the rest of Year 5 with these stars!

Year 4JM 18.09.20

Our two shining stars this week are Kinjal and Poonguzhale who've both shown fantastic determination and creativity during our art lesson. They both worked independently and then happily helped others once they'd completed their finished piece. 

Year 2D - 18/09/10

Look at our superstars this week - Noah and Jennifer! Noah has been gorgeous all week and has shown in exemplary attitude to learning already. Jennifer has made amazing progress in just the two weeks we've been back. I can't wait to see what she'll achieve by the end of the year!