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Year 4J

A huge welcome to our new children in Year 4, we are all so excited to start a new school year! Mrs Miller will be teaching you on a Monday and Mrs Jones will teach you for the rest of the week. As well as this, Mr Tang, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Cummings will also be working with you at various times in the week.


We are raring to go after the last two years and are hoping for a much smoother year with less disruption and lots of exciting times ahead.


Keep coming back to our class page for our weekly news updates and photographs of our work and activities.

Summer 2 Week 7 - 18.07.22

Wow! What a fun packed week. We loved doing our STEAM activities, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We looked at these questions: Can you make a balloon stick on a wall? Can we make the butterflies wings flap? Can you race a can? Can you pick up the paper without touching it? Can you make your hair stand up? We enjoyed investigating.

Summer 2 - Week 5 - 11.07.22

This week we have completed our mood boards in our Art sketchbooks, we gathered and reviewed resources related to our ideas and intentions. After this, we used our sketchbooks to plan and shape our ideas.

This week our pupils of the week are Mia and Jenson. They were both amazing during 'Sports Day'. Mia showed great resilience and determination and give 100% to all the activities. Jenson showed super skill and great sportsmanship. Well done children!

Summer 2 - Week 4 - 11.07.22

This week, we watched a presentation by the Eco Team, explaining the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling materials. In the presentation, the year 5 children presented their Up-cycled T-Shirts in a fashion show. We completed our explanation texts which are to be used in a leaflet in an exhibition all about robots.

This week's Pupil of the Week were Sophie and Ethan. Sophie was a whizz in computing, typing out and filtering her database! Ethan wowed everyone with his time table knowledge and super fast recall. Well done!

Summer 2 - Week 3 26.06.22

What super work the children have done this week in their assessments. everyone has given 100%. I am so proud of you all. As well as this the children have visited a local allotment. Here, they participated in a sensory activity where the children explored the garden, investigating the herbs that were growing and learning about the different vegetables.

This week our pupils of the week are Wilber and Matthew. Matthew worked so hard on his writing plan. He included a wide range of exciting vocabulary and structured his ideas so well. Wilber's final writing piece was phenomenal!!! He used a wide range of sentence openers and a variety of sentence structures. Amazing!

Summer 2 Week 3 -  24.06.22


In maths this week, we have worked on converting measures, reading scales and using Venn Diagrams. The children analysed the data in their Venn diagrams, wrote questions and answered them. In English, the children analysed an explanation text, looking for language and layout features. After this, they began to write their own explanation texts, creating a labelled diagram to use for an exhibition about robots. well done everyone.

A huge well done to David and Aiden, who are this week's pupils of the week. David has made huge improvements in mathematics, he has worked really hard on his tables and has shown super progress. Aiden always gives 100% in every lesson, he shows great resilience and made super progress in English.

Summer 2 Week 2 - 12.06.22


This week, we were all able to showcase our amazing musical skills playing the boomwhackers in the school music recital. We played Surface Pressure from Encanto and amazed the children, staff and parents alike. As well as this a group of us represented the school at the Quadkids Athletics tournament, at Kingsmeadow. We were amazing with some of us even placing first and second place in our race. Fantastic!

A huge well done to our Pupil's of The Week, Abbie and Haniyah. Haniyah always uses her success criteria when producing her extended writing, this means her work includes all of the correct language, punctuation and layout features. Abbie gave 100% effort in her maths, she was able to make some fantastic symmetrical patterns. Well done girls!


Summer 2 Week 1 06.06.22

What a fun packed week we've had in Year 4! We visited Durham University Library and spent the day exploring prehistory exhibits. We were able to show off the knowledge we had gained over the year as well as learning lots of new facts. Handling prehistory exhibits was a real treat, we were able to analyse, draw and come to conclusions about the different artefacts. 


On Friday, we were visited by dentists from Newcastle University. We learnt all about keeping our teeth healthy and even used their tools to remove decay from a tooth before repairing it with a filling.

A huge congratulations to Gregor and Nathan. Gregor's diary writing has been amazing! He has used all of the features of a diary and used super sentence openers, beginning sentences with a prepositional phrase and using commas accurately. Nathan wowed us all with his participation in Spanish lessons, using the correct grammar and pronunciation. Muy bien. 

Summer 1 Week 5 - 23.05.22

A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers who joined us for our Queen's Jubilee Stay and Learn morning. We spent the morning creating a working pneumatic system and casing for a toy which celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We leant that there is tremendous force in moving air. Air can have a strong force when trapped inside something. The standard of work you helped the children to produce was phenomanal!

Summer 1 Week 4 - 16.05.22

In English this week, we completed our plans and extended write on our narrative 'Ride of Passage'. I was amazed at the standard of writing throughout this unit of work. The children worked so hard to include all of their success criteria; using a variety of sentence structures, super sentence openers, emotive language, dialogue and characterisation. Amazing work Year 4JM!

A huge well done to our pupil's of the week, Shalom and Jackson. Shalom has made amazing progress in her arithmetic tests, she now achieves an amazing 22 out of 22. What a star, you are applying all of the mathematical knowledge you have been taught. I am so pleased with Jackson's English work this week, he has made a huge effort to include a wide range of sentence structures, including simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences. Well done!

Summer 1 - Week 3 09.05.22

In DT this week, we have been investigating pneumatic systems. We did three different experiments looking at ways air is used to create energy. In one experiment the air inflates the balloon and forces the hinge on the box to open the lid. We can't wait to use this system to create our own pneumatic toy.

This week has been mental health awareness week. We have been looking at loneliness and situations where we might feel lonely. We discussed what we could do when we felt lonely. 

A huge well done to Bobby and Danya who are both maths whizz kids! Bobby has an outstanding knowledge of the times tables and always applies this to his written calculations. Danya has made unbelievable progress when using her mathematical knowledge to solve word problems! Amazing.

Summer 1 Week 2 02.05.22

We have had another amazing week at school. On Tuesday, Mo, our new football coach, came in to teach us football skills. Mo used to be a professional football player for Club Sfaxien and no runs Score Mo Football Academy, we are lucky enough to have him working with us to develop our football skills, focusing on strength and coordination. We are loving our weekly sessions with Mo.

Phil came in to work with us on our next outdoor learning project, den building. What fun we had! First of all we recapped on safety rules, remembering to look after nature, each other and ourselves. We also discussed how to move long sticks, dragging them behind us. When building our shelters, we first planned where to build them, we were to look for a natural place with objects we could use which would make a  perfect starting point, some places already had structures we could use, so we thought about how these could help us. We created tripods, used different length sticks, ropes, cables and cords. We had to negotiate with our team members all of the time. Amazing work everyone!

Our class pupils of week are Nathan and Cole. Nathan has been working really hard to improve presentation and handwriting and has made super progress. Cole has his award for taking so much pride in his work and always using his neatest possible handwriting. Well done boys!

Summer 1 Week 1 25.04.22

It's so lovely to have everyone back in class after our Easter Holiday. The children have got straight back into school and produced some amazing pieces of work. In Maths, we have been completing column addition and subtraction calculations and using these strategies to help us solve word problems. In English, we have used a short clip form 'The Literacy Shed' to inspire our writing and what super writing we have produced! 

Happy Eid!

Well done to our two super Pupil's Of The Week! Amazing mathematics from both Dua and David. They confidently used written methods to solve addition and subtraction problems and even worked with 5 digit numbers. 

Spring 2 - Week 6 - 04.03.22

This week, we have been working on our DT cooking and nutrition project 'Eating Seasonally'. We began the unit by researching where certain fruit and vegetables are grown around the world. We learnt about the different climates around the world and how this dictates which foods are grown and when in the year they are grown. We then designed, made and evaluated our own rainbow tarts. 

Easter Egg Competition


Wow! What an amazing effort the children put in to create their fabulous Easter Egg creations. At home, the children transformed their polystyrene eggs into some incredible creations. It was so difficult to judge the winners however Mia and Matthew took first and second place. Amazing work everyone! I was so proud of your work.

A massive well done to Ali and Shreya. Ali was amazing when evaluating the seasonal tart which he designed and made. Ali was able to say talk about what he liked about his tart and how he would improve it next time. As always, Shreya has been a fantastic pupil. She always gives 100% in every lesson and is such a good role model in class. Keep up the good work you two!

Spring 2 Week 5 - 28.03.22

The children have loved outdoor maths learning this week. Shalom said "I loved learning outdoors, especially using all of the outdoor materials to help me understand how to make equivalent fractions and it was fun working in groups!"

Well done to Wilber and Wali who are 4JM's pupils of the week! These boys used a rich and varied vocabulary in their rainforest setting descriptions. Wali used the words 'surreptitiously' to describe the snake's movements and 'stridulating' to describe the spider's territorial behaviour. Wilbur used a wide range of verbs such as pounce, attack, slithers, prance and scuttled. Well done boys.

Spring 2 Week 4 - 21.03.22


Another fantastic week in Year 4JM. We were visited by the team from Alive Church who talked to us about 'Good Friday'. We thought about what a good day was to us and shared our ideas, then we learnt about why Jesus' death was so special.  We were over the moon when Phil told us he visited lots of schools and we were one of the best classes. Well done everyone!

It's Mother's Day on Sunday! Don't forget to show your Mum how much you appreciate her, maybe make breakfast in bed or do the dishes! We made some beautiful 3D Mother's Day cards, we hope you love them. Happy Mother's day.

Well done to our pupils of the week Alfie and George. Both these boys were kind and supportive, helping younger pupils with their reading in Book Club and had a special mention from Hazel the Book Club leader. Well done boys!

Spring 2 Week 3 - 14.03.22

Another fantastic week in Year 4JM.  In science, we were investigating the different types of teeth that animals have and why. We found incisors are for biting, canines are for chewing and ripping food and molars for chewing and breaking food down. Animals with different diets will have different types of teeth, depending on the food they eat!

In maths, we took our learning outdoors! We made repeating shapes out of natural materials like sticks and stones. We recorded how many sticks we needed to make each shape and how this changed with the more shapes we added. Some children worked out the formula behind the patterns and were able to predict how many sticks would be needed for larger amounts. The children really enjoyed working outside the classroom.

Red Nose Day!

Congratulations to our pupil's of the week Dua and Gregor. Dua produced some fantastic writing in English when describing a rainforest setting; using expanded noun phrases and prepositions. Gregor has shown amazing mathematical skills, using a logical and systematic approach to help him work out the Roman Numerals for 4 and 5 digit numbers! Well done both of you!

Spring 2 Week 2 - 07.03.22

Another fun packed week! The week began with our favourite Muddy Monsters! We developed our outdoor learning and Design Technology skills and improved our wands. We used wittling to take off some of the bark (using a shief knife), we sanded the wands with sandpaper to make them smooth and decorated them. We used wrapping techniques with wool to create a perfect handle. After this we made sparks with a flint and steel and made our own fire! What fun!

Look at the amazing swords we designed and made!

This week the children went to Gateshead College to be involved in a STEAM event. Look at our special events page for some super photographs!

Congratulations to Wali and Isabelle who are our pupil's of the week. Wali has been an active learner and showed great resilience making his wand in forest school. Since being chosen as school librarian, Isabelle has risen to the challenge, she has taken her role extremely seriously and been a super role model. Well done both of you!

Spring 2 Week 1 - 28.02.22


Welcome back everyone! What a fun packed week we've had. On Wednesday we visited the Centre For Life, this was linked to the work we have been doing on animals and our bodies in science. The children had such fun and learnt so much. We participated in a workshop where we recreated the journey of food through the human body. We also watched a live science show and experienced the Planetarium. Amazing!

Thursday was world book day. We all came to school in our PJs, listened to stories, joined an online live author talk, completed book reviews and played our very own Masked Reader competition. George, Shreya and Gregor won, guessing which teacher's were reading the book extracts and which books they came from. Amazing!

This week's Pupil Of The Week is Alfie Bell and Jackson Gilbert. These boys worked so well writing a program, using the micro:bit light sensing. They worked well as a team and completed the very tricky challenges.

Spring 1 Week 7 - 14.02.22


This week we have been involved in lessons around Safer Internet Day. We looked at sharing information, thinking carefully about who we should share different types of information with and which devices share and use our information. We learnt about how to use the internet safely and how to alter our privacy settings to reduce the information saved about us.

As well as this, the children completed their newspaper reports, based on a falling roof, they applied appropriate layout features and used a range of fronted adverbials. Well done everyone!

Spring 1 Week 6 - 07.02.22

This week at has been Children's Mental Health Week . During our Class Assembly time, PSHE+C Golden Time, we have been looking at the theme Growing Together. As well this we participated in a RISE workshop, where we thought about what makes a good friend and how to be kind and honest. 

What fun we had on Friday we took part in a karate taster session. All the children were amazing, listening carefully then performing karate moves. Amazing!

Spring 1 Week 5 - 31.01.22

On Friday the children took part in the NSPCC Number Day. They investigated Tangrams, the ancient Chinese puzzle game, where they used 7 different polygons to make shapes, patterns, objects and animals of their choice. 

Our pupil's of the week this week are Gregor and David! David has worked so hard in maths, his arithmetic skills are really improving and he is becoming a fantastic independent learner. He particularly amazed us this week with his work interpreting line graphs. Gregor had a special mention from Hazel our book club leader, he had shown great kindness sharing one of his own books to help his friend's learning. This was a great step in supporting each other's reading for pleasure.  

Spring 1 Week 4 24.01.22


We have been working on changing tint and shade by adding white and black to green. The children created fantastic lizard paintings. As well as this we wrote up our amazing stories based on Humpty Dumpty's life after the fall. The children's writing was outstanding, they used a range of techniques to create tension including repetition, hinting at a problem, short sentences for dramatic impact, powerful vocabulary, use of characterisation and questions to draw in the reader. Super work everyone!

Our pupil's of the week this week are Sophie and Abbie. Sophie produced a fabulous piece of artwork where she altered the tint and shade of the colour green in her painting of a lizard. Abbie has given 100% effort in all her lessons this week, she really has worked her socks off! As well as this, she is always a fantastic role model and a great help in the classroom. Amazing!

Spring 1 Week 3 17.01.22

What a wonderful week we've had. The week began with a visit from Muddy Monsters, Phil taught us all about knots. We learnt how to use a half hitch to secure sticks together, then independently we created some interesting structures. We then reinforced our whittling skills to create the start of a magic wand. We then used expert knife skills to strip the bark from a stick before designing the handles of our magic wands. What fun!

Our Pupils of the Week this week are Bobby and Cole. Bobby has wowed us all with his times table knowledge, what a maths whizz kid. Cole has really improved in reading and answered some tricky AF5 questions; he was able to think of a range of words with similar meanings. 

Spring 1 Week 2 10.01.22

We were all so lucky to go to The Great North Museum and attend a workshop all about the Stone Age and Bronze Age. We began the day finding and labelling objects in the Ice age to Iron Age gallery. We then looked around the whole of the museum, looking closely at all of the interesting artefacts. After that, we attended our workshop we we were able to handle a range of Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts.

Our Pupil of the week this week is Isabelle. She worked so well during her English session, editing and improving spellings and vocabulary choices. Fabulous!

Spring 1 Week Beginning 4th January 2022

Welcome back 4JM! We've had a fantastic 4 days after the Christmas holiday. The children have been working so hard! In English this week we began a new text, 'After The Fall' which is all about how Humpty reacts after falling off the wall. The children have made super inferences about the character and created a bank of vocabulary to use in their writing. I'm so looking forward to seeing what amazing writing 4Jm produce. 

In PE this week we have been choreographing dance. Using movement and expression to create wild animals.

This week our stars are George and Jenson. George has used super inference skills when answering questions on our text 'After The Fall', he also thought carefully about the class read 'The Butterfly Lion' and shared his thoughts with the class. Jenson has shown great improvement in all areas of the curriculum with a fantastic attitude to learning! Well done boys.

Autumn 2 Week Beginning 12th December

Christmas Carol Service

Still image for this video
Alive! Church came to school on Tuesday to help us celebrate our Christmas Carol Service. The Year 4 children sang We Three Kings.

It’s nearly time for our Christmas fair! We know that it can’t be the same family occasion but we are hoping to have some festive fun with the children in school in their bubbles. Nursery, Reception, year one and two will have their time in the fair on Thursday and years three, four, five and six on Friday. The children will be able to play some games run by school council for 10p a turn, including name the teddy bear and pin the nose on Rudolph! Name your price for toys on the bric a brac stall. Play tombola games at £1 for 5 tickets, we have a mixed tombola and a super stocked toy tombola! You can buy cakes or sweets from our tuck shop to enjoy. We still have raffle tickets too for £1 a strip- top prizes are a Nintendo Switch and a TV! Each class will also have crafts to sell for 50p or £1. Please remember to put your child’s money in a purse or envelope and give it to their class teacher. Thanks you Mrs Franklin

Autumn 2 Week Beginning 6th December 2021


This week we have been working on our DT project 'Sewing A Book Sleeve'. We researched a range of fastenings and looked at the best type of fastenings to use. We then designed our own book sleeve, choosing either a jacket sleeves or an envelope sleeve. After this we made our book sleeves and finally evaluated them, thinking about improvements we could make as well as strengths.

Listen to us playing the ukulele!

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Autumn 2 Week Beginning 29th November 2021

This week our stars of the week are Ethan and Nathan. Ethan was fantastic in gymnastics, he showed great strength and produced an amazing handstand. Nathan produced worked so well in our music sessions, he is a super singer and has shown great skills when playing the ukulele.

Look at our amazing Christmas Cards and Calendars. We have loved making them!

We have been using the glockenspiels in music. We are becoming wonderful musicians. 

Autumn 2 Week Beginning 22nd November 

This week the class showed amazing skills in gymnastics. They have been working on forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands as well as a range of jumps. They have created some super sequences using the skills they have developed. The children have also learnt to use the trampette. Fantastic!

This week are stars are Aiden and Ali! Aiden always give 100% and never gives up, we are all so impressed with the work he produces, every day! Well done. Ali has made huge improvements in his handwriting, what a star!

Autumn 2 Week Beginning 15th November

On Friday we all came to school in our pajamas and raised money for Children In Need. We learnt about the importance of raising money for a charity and all about the wonderful ways Children In Need helps to change lives across the UK. We enjoyed doing a range of activities while we practiced our fine motor skills.

Our pupil's of the week are Haniya Ahmed and Abbie Canham. Haniya has worked so hard on her reading. She used fantastic inference skills and answered a range of questions in great detail, in our Guided Reading session. Abbie showed great concentration and determination in DT this week when sawing her jacket book sleeve. Well done girls! Such super stars!

KS2 Parliament Week Activities.Monday 15th November 2021

Today, our KS2 children were visited by Gillian Bell to discuss our British law system.  Gillian was able to inform the children how an idea can be changed into a Bill then Law.  The children also found out that the Queen is only allowed to attend the House of Lords once a year and she is not permitted to attend the House of Commons at all!

Autumn 2 - Week Beginning 8th November

This week we have had some special events! It was Armistice Day so we had a special assembly all about the importance of remembrance, we then stopped for our two minutes of silence. We were also taught by an archery teacher, he showed us the correct technique for shooting arrows at a target.


This week our super Pupil's of the Week are Matthew Cousins and Alfie Bell. Alfie has been an amazing mathematician, he showed great perseverance and solved calculations using the inverse operation. Matthew wrote some amazing dialogue in his English this week, with accurate use of inverted commas! What super stars!

Autumn 2 - Week beginning 1st November

As always, we have been working on our times tables, we all have individual tables we are concentrating on and have been practicing these throughout the week. We have all been using a range of strategies to help us remember out tables. We had lots of fun competing against each other in TTRockstars! As well as this we have had lots of fun playing times table games. Keep up the good work 4JM.

Our Pupil of The Week stars are, Ali for amazing gymnastic skills and Shreya for always giving 100% in everything she does. Ali showed great determination and kept trying until he performed the perfect forward roll. Shreya has had another fantastic week, producing amazing work in all areas of the curriculum.

Autumn 1 - Week beginning 18th October


I can't believe we've come to the end of Autumn 1. What fun we've had! I'm so proud of how you have all settled in. You really are an amazing class, with so many wonderful personalities. During the harvest festival, at St. George's church, you were all fantastic and a real credit to our school. Look at our wonderful photographs of us performing!

We have also spent time this week reading for pleasure. Such a lovely thing to do!

This week's Pupil Of The Week went to Shalom and Bill. They were both amazing paleontologists, Shalom was super at exploring fossils and Bill wowed us all with his vast scientific vocabulary. 

Autumn 1- Week beginning 11th October 2021


This week we have been learning about equivalent fractions in Maths. The children have produced some amazing maths work and and enjoyed exploring new concepts. Mrs Herbert's group worked so well in their practical activity, looking at equivalent halves and quarters. 

What a wonderful end to the week we had! We were visited by Kate Holden from the Great North Museum, who brought with her some real fossils. We became real life paleontologists as we investigated and found out about fossils of animals and plants. Bill wowed us all with his knowledge of a range of fossils and was quick to tell us all about Coprolite (Dinosaur poo to me and you)!  We even got to hold a fossilised dinosaur egg!

Our two shining stars this week are Dua and Wali. They were both amazing historians. Dua was a fabulous archeologist she used her historical knowledge to make predictions about the artefacts she dug up. Wali was a fantastic critical thinker and came up with some super ideas about stone age artefacts. Well done!

Autumn 1 -Week Beginning 4th October 2021

What a week! The children had amazing fun working with Phil from Muddy Monsters in their outdoor learning session. The children worked on three different types of shelters then created their own personal shelters. They even roasted marshmallows on the campfire! Later in the week, the children became archeologists and dug up artefacts found in Stone Age Britain.

This Friday we celebrated World Mental Health Day. We had some fabulous class discussions and completed a brochure which included strategies to deal with feelings of anxiety.

Our Pupils of the week this week were George and Oliver. A massive well done to them! They were both amazing in the Outdoor Learning session with Phil. Fantastic team work, supporting others and leading by example. Amazing!

Autumn 1 - Week beginning 27th September 2021

The children had a great time interacting with the Bikers Against Bullying. They loved watching the tricks and sitting on the bikes. What fun!

What fabulous work from Wilber and Mia, our two pupils of the week. They both produced amazing pieces of descriptive language. Wilber used a range of sentence openers, including fronted adverbials. Mia included a range of noun phrases in her work. Fantastic!

Autumn 1 Week Beginning 20th September


Year 4JM have had a great time in our music sessions this week, they have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr Parkin! Look at the photographs of the children learning to play the Ukulele. The children have been learning to play chords (blocks of notes that you play together). Such good fun!

A massive well done to these two super scientists, Aiden and Gregor. Aiden produced super work in science and showed perseverance in all lessons. Gregor used a wide range of scientific vocabulary in his explanations about rock permeability. What a pair of stars!

Autumn 1 Week 1

Wow! What a fabulous week we have had. It's been so lovely getting to know each other and I have been so impressed with how quickly you have all settled in to Year 4. We have had a fabulous week creating art based around our Prehistoric Art topic. We began the week looking at cave paintings made in Prehistoric times. We then sketched our own images of animals native to Britain, we then created charcoal images and finally charcoaled these images onto a sandy background and painted them. We really have some amazing artists in Year 4, here are some of the paintings we created.

A huge well done to Danya and Areeba for achieving the first Pupil Of The Week award! They both produced amazing paintings using a range of tone and textures to create prehistoric artwork. Fantastic!