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Botanical Gardens - 28/06/2018

We had such a fun day exploring Botanical Gardens! We got to see lots of weird and wonderful plants. We loved exploring the magical forest where we looked and learned about lots of different trees. We went into the green house and experienced the 'desert' and the 'rain forest' it was amazing! We even got to hold a stick insect, it was very tickly! The weather was beautiful so we even got some time to play on the grass after lunch.

Centre for Life - Space 16.5.18 - We had so much fun at the life centre learning lots of amazing things about Space! We got to go on our very own journey into Space, it was amazing! We loved the curiosity zone as there was so many things to look at! The planetarium show was fantastic, we loved being able to see the story around us. We all thoroughly enjoyed the science show at the end, it was like magic!

Nurse visit - we had two nurses come to visit our school to tell us lots of information about keeping healthy. We learned about a balanced diet, keeping our teeth clean and healthy and we also learned about germs. 
We had such a fun day at Safety Works learning about ways we can keep ourselves and others safe. We got to see what it is like to be a paramedic, a fireman and a police officer! We also learned about; being safe around train lines, how to be safe around dogs that we do not know and how to safely and carefully cross the road. 
We really enjoyed our trip to Beamish, we had lots of fun learning about how Christmas was celebrated in Victorian times. We loved making Victorian style biscuits and playing games the children would play in those times. After our lunch we got to meet Santa, who gave us all a gift! We also got to feed his reindeer which was so much fun! 
We've had a super walk around our local area and we ended up in Saltwell Park. We loved seeing the animals and using the of the exciting equipment. During our walk we discussed things we liked and disliked about our local area and  came up with ideas for improvement. We also loved pointing out where we lived- we passed by some of our front doors! It was a super afternoon and a great way to develop early map skills!