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Outdoor Learning


Reversible and irreversible changes! 

Wednesday 20th March 2019


We took our Science topic outdoors today as we experimented with reversible and irreversible changes. We showcased our skills cooking an egg, toasting bread and of course... toasting marshmallows! We also cooked some potatoes on the fire and watched the change that happened. We spoke about whether each change was reversible or not and whether the ingredients could ever return to their raw state. What a fun afternoon we all had! 


Giving nature a home!

Thursday 22nd November 2018


Today we received an outdoor learning session by Jill from the RSPB all about giving nature a home. We talked about the different habitats animals have and how it keeps them safe. We then went out on to our school ground the explore the different homes we have for animals and marked them on a map using a key. Even the awful weather won't put us off from having fun and learning!

Forest School Fun!

Wednesday 17th October 2018


We had SO much fun at Forest School today, we created pictures using natural art and even toasted bread and marshmallows around our very safe fire! We discussed the importance of fire safety and also how to keep ourselves safe in Forest School. We has so much fun drinking hot chocolate and singing songs around our fire - what a fantastic afternoon!!

Outdoor Art in Golden Time!

Friday 14th September 2018


Throughout our golden time session on a Friday afternoon this year, we will be focusing on improving our fine motor skills through carrying out a range of fun activities!

This week, we took our learning outdoors and decided to create some fabulous Art. We took some crayons and plain paper outside and created some rubbings on the natural resources we could see around our Forest School. We found some fabulous patterns on bricks, walls, drains, leaves and even our trees!

We then shared each other’s creations and tried to guess what each other had been rubbing.