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Art, Craft and Design

Our Philosophy:

At Brighton Avenue Primary School, we value Art, Craft and Design as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. We would like all of our children to love Art, Craft and Design and to have no limits of their ambitions in life. Art, Craft and Design provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. It enables children of all abilities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. At Brighton Avenue Primary School, we aim to provide our children with the opportunity to develop and express their inner artists through a range of arts, crafts and design experiences. We ensure the children have memorable experiences which they have full ownership of, such as our school art exhibition. We want the children to be engaged and enthused by Art, Craft and Design  by providing them with these opportunities to develop their skills to experiment, invent and create their own Art, Craft and Design.


Our Aims:

The principles of teaching Art, Craft and Design at Brighton Avenue Primary School are consistent with our school philosophy and take into account the National Curriculum Guidance for Art, Craft and Design.  (See Art, Craft & Design policy for further information).


Principles of Teaching Art, Craft & Design:

  • To provide our children with opportunities to express themselves through drawing, painting
  • and mixed media, sculpture and 3D as well as craft and design so they are able to produce creative and imaginative work.
  • To provide our children with the substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge, necessary for them to express their responses to ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual and tactile form;
  • To provide opportunities to generate ideas from a wider range of stimuli exploring different media.
  • To encourage the development of imagination, original thought and personal expression;
  • To enable our children to become visually literate by understanding Art, Craft and Design as a visual and tactile communication and to develop their ability to appreciate and evaluate images and artefacts.
  • To develop our children’s aesthetic awareness and enable them to make informed critical responses about their work and that of others;
  • To encourage our children to value the contribution made to their world by artists, craft workers and designers from many cultures;
  • To provide opportunities for extended learning through out of school visits to Art Galleries and the involvement from local artists.
  • To develop their knowledge of artists, designers and craft makers.
  • Teachers make effective links with others areas of the curriculum as much as possible.
  •  Teachers have access to quality CPD and good practise is shared within and outside of school.



Art, Craft and Design Skills 

Spring 2 - Art, Craft and Design within the Early Years

Spring 1 Art

Shipley Art Gallery

The children in Year 3 visited Shipley Art Gallery and participated in a textures workshop. When looking around the gallery, we looked at how artists create different textures. We learnt all about different techniques we could use, such as stippling and shading and we practised using these techniques.

FREE EVENT in February half term holiday - If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do, why not pop in to the Mini Mela...

Autumn'23 Pupil Voice



Children could recall the name of the artist they studied, Labina Himid.

Her style of art was abstract art.

 “Her work was Influenced by African and American trade.”

 "I love how she showed her emotions in her artwork. She would put hidden clues such as this piece of cloth on the table

that was apart of her countries flag." 



“We looked at Georgia O'Keefe, she is an abstract artist who painted flowers and landscapes”

 “She used different colours to reflect how she was feeling.”

 “I felt inspired to draw flowers because you can make it your own”  “I felt proud of her because she was very good at drawing flowers.”


Year 2

 "Romar Bearden is the artist we have looked at. He ripped up pieces of paper into different shapes to make pictures.

We did the same and made the Angel Of The North."

‘He made me feel jealous because I want to be a good artist.’




“We looked at Zaria Forman paintings, she uses finger painting and goes all around the world to find things to paint.”

“Her paintings are about the environment.”

Art within the Early Years in Autumn Term

Year 1 - Painting & Mixed Media -Colour Splash

Year 2 - Painting and mixed media - Life in Colour

LKS2 - Painting and Mixed Media - Prehistoric paintings

UKS2 - Craft and design - Photo Opportunity

September' 23 - Each class have focused primarily upon an Artist and their work. The children have looked at various medias. Just look at what they have learnt!

September' 23 - Take a look at how creative we are within our Early Years...

Brighton Avenue Primary School Receives Prestigious Gold Artsmark Award! Please read the attached

GEMSART - A  festival held in Gateshead

Over the last few weeks KS2 have been working with the artist Mani Kambo from GEMARTS. Mani is a South Asian artist who is inspired by patterns. The children were so inspired by her. Working alongside the rest of LKS2 these children produced a banner which will be displayed at the Masala Festival, the UKS2 children have been working on a 3D art instilation which will also be displayed. The artwork will be on show  on Sunday 23rd July at Bensham Grove Community Centre. This spectacular Mini Mela is free for all the family. Children can take part in colourful and vibrant arts, crafts, music and lively performances. Please come along from the times of 11:00 - 3:00pm and join in the fun!

Curious Arts - A fun event over the May half term holiday

Brighton Avenue's Eggcellent Easter Egg Competition

Spring 2 - What do children say about Art in our school?

Yr1   “I think my sketchbook is lovely.”

Yr1 " I like to try things out so I know what I’m doing."

Yr2  " I like to have a go first then do my art work."

LKS2 “The artists we have been looking at used repeated patterns and used these on different fabrics, this made me want to do the same.”

UKS2  " I like the progress I’ve made and my sketchbook shows this."

Spring 2 - Art & Design within our Early Years

Spring 2- Art across the school

Spring 1 - 2023

Julie Ross from Natural History Society of Northumbria, came to do a project with KS2 called Plan A for North East Nature, (This is funded Community Foundation and Awards for all). The project is set up as a result of COP26, inspiring a wider range of young people to connect with nature and write their Plan A. The children used clay and a range crafts to create artwork inspired by nature. At the end of the project 1500 pledges will be archived in The Great North Museum: Hancock. So look out for our pledges if you visit the library at the Great North Museum!

Spring 1 - Expressive Art & Design within the Early Years

" We had to use lots and lots of lollipop sticks to make our Chinese Dragon."

Autumn 2 - Whole School Christmas Cards, Calendars and Christmas Crafts

Lindisfarne Gospels

Year 5 have had an amazing week of design technology, linked to their visit to see the Lindisfarne Gospels, when a real-life artist ,Rosi Thornton, came to visit us.

Funded by the arts council, our task was using textiles to make a carpet page in the style of those found in the Lindisfarne Gospels . We learnt to do running and blanket stitch, as well as applique and reverse applique. We even got to use some hand sewing machines that were over 100 years old!


Ms Morgan and Miss Hindmarch are so impressed with all of the children that took part and would also like to say a  big thank you to both the Arts Council and to Rosi herself.

Year 4JM - Tints and Shades

The children in year 4 learnt about how to make tints and shades of colours. They now know that adding black to a colour creates a shade and adding white creates a tint! They developed great skill and control when using paints and had such fun!



In pupil voice, we compared each other's sketchbooks. We talked about whether they looked the same or different -

one child said; "Definitely! My friends all have different ways of doing Art. They are really good too!" 

Year 2BR - Sculpture & 3D


Year 2 had great fun sculpting with clay, they used their hands as a tool to shape clay and learnt how to use impressing and joining techniques.

Brighton Avenue Artists 2022-2023


This year started with Art Week! Everyone had a fabulous time becoming artists. Each year group focused on one of the Key Areas of Art:

Early Years focused on the book 'The Colour of us' discussing how we are all individual and unique. We explored this further by exploring the fact that we might have some familiar features such as hair colour or skin tones just like the characters in the text. 

Year 1 produced focussed on Drawing and completed their Make Your Mark project,

Year 2 focussed on Sculpture and 3D and completed their Clay project,

Lower Key Stage 2 focussed on Painting and Mixed Media and completed their Light and Dark project

Upper Key Stage 2 focussed on Painting and Mixed Media and completed their Portraits project.

Look out for all of this wonderful art work which is displayed in the hall.

Expressive Art & Design within the Early Years 


The children within our Early Years have the right to participate in arts and culture. Here they are expressing their own original responses, not just copying or imitating existing artworks. We provide the children with multi-sensory, first-hand experiences to freely represent their ideas, to connect and enquire about the world. 

"I like mixing paint!"

Brighton Avenue Artists 2021-2022

Look at some of the amazing art work across the school!

Lower Key Stage 2 used sand, paint and charcoal to create prehistoric artwork. They were inspired by cave paintings and loved exploring how to create different textures and colours.

“I love creating different tints and shades,” Aiden Yr4.

In Year 1, the children have been creating these wonderful 3D sculptures, by working as a class to recreate Louise Bourgeous' 'Maman' spider sculpture 1999. I think you'll agree they did amazing!