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In an amazing stroke of luck, you have stumbled upon the most exceptional class in the finest educational institution on the entire planet! Allow me to introduce you to Year 5LM! Within our esteemed school, which wholeheartedly embraces the principle that "Every Child is a Star," each and every student truly does radiate star- like brilliance in their own extraordinary manner. Year 5 is an exhilarating chapter filled with enlightening experiences and thrilling discoveries, where every student is cherished and nurtured to achieve their utmost potential, foster their own perspectives, and cultivate self-reliance in their educational journey. So, strap in tightly and embark on this magnificent voyage... Prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

We began our school year by chilling in our mindful garden. We are now re-energised and ready to learn!

Pupil of the week. We think very carefully about who will get Pupil of the Week, as we are spoilt for choice! Here are the shining stars who have impressed us so far this year.

Diversity week started early in Year 5M, when one of our lovely parents came to tell us about Islamic weddings in Turkey!

Year 5 have been thinking about how to make their voices heard in art. Can you spot all of the different techniques they used?

Our children LOVE winning a golden coin for our book vending machine. All you have to do is: read every night, complete your Reading Eggs assignments, and impress your teacher with your amazing reading.

This half term in Y5M, we have been learning to build up tension in a narrative. The children have ALL produced some amazing writing, but this one, by Niamh, really impressed me.


Prepare to be scared ...


I am in the lake. She is rowing, just as I planned. I know I want her. I know I need her. A precious child she is. But there is one thing mising from her...she is alive. I can take care of that.


I have waited for too long. Waiting for HER. Soon, she will join me and all of my children. She is closer. The inky-black lake is perfect at this time of night. It's just wonderful. She is almost here, and she looks perfect. Perfect for what is about to happen.


She seems peaceful in that little boat. But I can make her more peaceful; come with me and watch all your worries melt away. No one will be able to hear her scream from where I am. And where I am, she will be too!


Who am I? Well, I would tell you, but that would stop you playing with me, She is so close, I can see her pristine blue eyes and her long jet-black hair. But she is not close enough yet, I will wait a little longer.


She is here...she seems to be lying down staring at the star-lit sky.


In DT this term, we have been researching and designing our very own automata toys.

Just who were the Ancient Greeks? Year 5 have been doing some research!

A visit from an ancient Greek! This week, Richard (otherwise known as that history Bloke) came to teach us all about Trojans and Athenians and what life wood have been like in their city states over 2,000 years ago

We had a really fun morning today, when we re-enacted scenes from the Greek story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

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Marvellous Christmas Music Shenanigans!

For this weeks maths Fun Friday, we took our learning outside and showed that we are amazing at changing mixed fractions to improper fractions, and vice versa.

Electrifying science!

We further explored the medium of photography this week by taking macro images of some fruit and vegetables. Can you guess what our photos are? We also made some photorealistic images.

In art, we used photomontages to advertise a section in a department store. Have we tempted you to go?

Hola! In Spanish this week, we have been recapping our question words, and showingoff our amazing drawing skills for good measure. .

As historians, we sometimes need to become detectives to learn what happened in the past. This week, we have been exploring how the pharaoh Tutankhamen may have died.

Do you know about our circulatory system? Year 5 do!

In RE, we have been considering the question - The creation story and science, conflict or complimentary? Ask the children what they think!

We recreated a well known painting by John Singer Sargent as part of our art unit during the first week. How do you think we did?