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Welcome to Year 5B Class Page!


The children in Y5B will face many challenges this coming year where we will demonstrate perseverance and resilience, in order to achieve their goals! You will often hear laughing coming from our classroom as we like to have lots of fun!  Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class. We look forward to working with your children this year!


Miss Brown and Mr Gallagher

Sunday 12th July


sadsadsadFinal Goodbye sad​​​​​​sadsad


Hello you lovely lot!


Can you believe it, it is the last school week of the academic year?! As I have said before, I am sooooooo sad that we didn't get to spend the whole school year together. Each and everyone of you have been an absolute pleasure to teach and I will miss you all lots and lots next year. You all gave 100% in every lesson, behaved impeccably, provided rounds of laughter echoing around the classroom, showed everyone the amount of fun we had when learning and proved what resilient learners you became. Teaching can be hard at times but you made my job so easy and YOU are  all the reason why I love coming to work every day at our amazing school. I am so proud of all your efforts during lock down, which I know has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, your photos have really brightened up my day.  So thank you!


A big thank you also to your AMAZING parents who have supported you with your home learning these last few months and given you lots of lovely opportunities over the last few months to make you even better people. Your continued support really means so much to us when we know you have been juggling working from home as well as supporting your child. You all deserve medals and if anyone has now decided they would like to be a teacher after all this  (I think I know the answer to this!) then be sure to pop in and help in September! Ha!


I'm going to end here but I will see you all in September it may have to be through a window but for sure I will be popping up to visit! I hope you all have a fantastic summer and make lots of lovely memories!


Lots of love,


Miss Brown and Mr G xx

Tuesday 7th July




Yesterday, was such a truly special and amazing day! Mr G and I, loved visiting you all at your houses and to see the smiles on your faces truly brightened up our day. Whilst I reflected last night on our day, I felt really emotional as you are all absolutely AMAZING ❤️!! I feel soooo honoured to have been your class teacher (for some of you for two years) as you truly have put a smile on my face EVERY day!! You ALL are the reason why I ❤️ my job and I am utterly broken that our year was cut short due to such uncertain times. 


Every single one of you welcomed us all to your houses and spent valuable time with us which we truly appreciated. Not seeing you all over these last few months has been soooo hard as you all make my job sooo much fun and worthwhile! I truly wish we could have finished the year together but we have to ensure everyone remains safe. I have told Miss Turner on MANY occasions that she has an amazing class next year with so many lovely personalities. The time we spent with you this year and the memories we created in such a short time I will cherish for ever.


Thank you to all your parents for the continued support and the wonderful gifts we received yesterday. We really can't thank you all enough. You should all be sooo proud of yourselves for the amazing children you have as they are all an honour to you. It's been lovely to build even stronger relationships with you all over lockdown and I will truly miss our phone calls every week. So THANK YOU!! 


I'm going to end here as I feel I have emotionally drained myself just writing this. I will see you all in September through the window!! 


Lots of love to you all,


Miss Brown x

Sunday 5th July


1 more sleep until I get to see your lovely faces!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Mr G and I will be jumping on board the school mini bus and will be hopefully arriving at all of your houses as close to the time I gave you as possible!! Yippeee!


This week, I have been super busy in school preparing for September and looking after some of our amazing children. We can't wait to have our school full again in September! It is just not the same without everyone being together! 


I shall see you all tomorrow!!


Lots of love,

Miss Brown

India has been super busy with walks in the wood, visits to the seaside to collect stones to paint, dying t-shirts and baking! I love your painted stones- just wow!

Saturday 27th June


Hello everyone, 


I hope you are all still keeping well and safe. It's soooooo long now since I saw you all and I miss your smiling faces! I literally can't wait to see you all on the 6th July! I've been busy plotting the route for our visits so will let your parents all know a rough idea of what time you might expect us however remember I am with Mr G and we all know how much he loves to talk!! Haha! I will drag him away to ensure we keep as close as we can to the time slots. This week, I have been trying really hard to increase my exercise and try not to eat as many sweets and chocolates as we've returned to wearing our work clothes and they were VERY tight!! I have been on lots of walks,early in the mornings, participated in Joe Wicks workouts and been for another swim in the river. Whilst on one of my walks, I took a photo of the sun beginning to rise. I was very impressed with it so thought I'd share it with you all! Well I look forward to speaking to you all again tomorrow and I'm counting down the days until I see you!! YEAHHHH!!!


Love Miss Brown x

Once again, Annabell has been super busy! She has enjoyed baking, walks at the seaside and Chopwell and of course doing lots of home learning! Well done Annabell!

Sunday 21st June


Hello everyone!


It has been a very busy week this week in school preparing for an increase of numbers of key workers and vulnerable children from next week. I am sad that I won't get to teach any of you again in Y5 but I am VERY excited to visit your houses with Mr G on Monday 6th July. I am literally counting down the days until I get to see all of your beautiful faces again as I miss you so much! This week I have also been in school sorting out the library to make it even more inviting for when you come back. Myself and Mrs Cummings spent a full day in there and we still have more to do so can't wait for when you can all safely use it again! I went for another walk in South Shields this weekend and the weather was much better than last week. I hope you are all keeping well and I miss you all so much! 


Lots of love,

Miss Brown x

Maddie and Harry enjoying their new climbing frame! How amazing does it look!

Katie P enjoying a bike ride along the Quayside with her Aunty Kerry and Kayleigh. That ice cream looks delicious!

Awwww how cute is Alisha and Shreya's beautiful sister! I bet you are both amazing big sisters! I can't wait to meet her in person and to find out what you have decided to name her!

Sunday 14th June


Hello everyone!


I hope you're all well and safe! It's been a busy week for me! Spent several days in school with the key worker and vulnerable children, worked from home a lot and continuing with some daily exercise. We went to South Shields beach this week and got swept away in the wind but was nice for a change of scenery. We had a nice walk along the sea front and then stopped for an ice cream! You always need to have an ice cream when you're at the beach don't you?! Well I hope you've all had a nice week. Miss you all lots, take care.


Love Miss Brown

Impressive art work from Katie P! Also a big well done for coming second in a virtual dance competition!

Wednesday 10th June

Exciting Music Scholarship Opportunity 


We are really excited to inform you all that Side By Side Arts have managed to secure funding from the Big Local to allow them to provide 8 weeks of free music scholarship to children in the Big Local Area. This will be for either piano, guitar or vocal tuition.

Side By Side Arts would like to offer up to 25 of these places to our pupils on a first come first serve basis.We are unable to provide musical instruments to children.


Please find the Scholarship Agreement below – if you would be interested in securing a place for your child after reading this then please contact Stuart at


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and a valuable way to fill in time during these weeks away from school and is an opportunity not to be missed so get in quick!


Scholarship Agreement


Scholarships available

·      Piano

·      Guitar

·      Vocal


About the scholarship

·      This scholarship will last for the duration of 8 x 30 minute group lessons which are scheduled on a weekly basis with the same teacher

·      Lessons will be held online via Zoom

·      For piano or guitar an instrument will be required at your home to enable you to practise and also to take part in the lesson. This does not have to be a full sized piano or of really good quality, a keyboard will be more than adequate

·      Vocal tuition will not require any instrument, just your voice

·      Before the scholarship commences and after the 8 week term you will be required to complete a short questionnaire



·      It is expected that each student will practise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day between lessons

·      Each student must be prompt to their lesson as lateness will not be made up at the end of the time slot.

·      If you can not make the lesson time please email to inform us. If you give more than 12 hours notice the lesson will be rescheduled to a different time. Less than this the lesson will be forfeited no alternate time will be offered.

·      Failure to attend two consecutive lessons without a valid reason will result in your scholarship being terminated


A HUGE happy birthday to Ruby!! It looks like you've had a great day and I'm sure your grandad enjoyed his make over!!!

Wow! What a busy week you've had Maddie! I absolutely LOVE your new bedroom!! The beach looks like lots of fun as well- hope you managed to be dug out the sand!!

Monday 8th June 


Hello everyone,


I hope you are all well and safe. It's such a shame that the weather has turned however we have to be thankful of the lovely weather we have had the last few weeks. Let's hope the sun makes an appearance again soon! At the beginning of the week, when the weather was nice, I went for a walk around Saltwell Park and saw quite a few squirrels who were very tame. There were also a few ducklings in the water which were very cute. I'm sure some of you will have seen these when you have been on your daily walk but I have posted the photos below. I have also been in school two days this week looking after our key worker and vulnerable children. We played lots outside as the weather was nice and then we also went into the hall on the climbing frame. I went for another swim yesterday the water was a lot colder this time so I had to wear my wetsuit. My feet were numb by the time I got out so when I got home I had to have a long shower to get warm again! Missing you all lots and lots and can't wait to see your faces again when it is safe. 


Lots of love,

Miss Brown


Wednesday 3rd June




I hope you're all well. One of our lovely parents has suggested some new activities she has come across. I have put the links below to the web pages so you can see for yourselves! One of the links is for a virtual circus so you can develop your circus skills at home. I can't wait to see some videos of you all learning your new skills! The other link is for different activities which will help with your well being whilst being creative. I hope you enjoy these activities and I can't wait to see some photos! Miss you all as always!


Love Miss Brown

Elias in the sunshine and enjoying celebrating Eid!

What lovely photos from Sirag, Yousra and Yasmin's Eid celebrations! It looks like you all had a fantastic time and the food looks delicious!

Wow Katie P, it looks like you've had a lovely half term! That paddling pool looks so inviting!! A big well done to you and your dance friends for raising a whopping £250 from the t-shirt sales for the NHS.

Grace has found a new hobby! Horse riding! Wow Grace, it looks like you've had a fantastic time!

Monday 1st June


Welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather! I had a lovely week soaking up the sun! It was also my birthday yesterday and as you all know I love my swimming so I decided to find a spot I could take a dip! Mr G told me about a beautiful location near Hexham where I enjoyed a 45 minute swim and was even warm enough not to wear my wetsuit! In my family, no birthday is complete without a Colin the caterpillar so he made an appearance later on that day. It was delicious and wish I could have shared it with all of you as well. We've also had a few BBQs this week and I have also been in work two days looking after our fantastic children! I'm looking forward to catching up on the phone with you all today as I missed hearing your voices last week! Hope you have all stayed safe and take care. 

Lots of love,

Miss Brown

Happy Half Term!


You've made it to half term! What a surreal time it has been but we have loved looking at all of your home learning photos over the last few weeks! It really does put smiles on our faces. As it's half term, we will not be setting any home learning tasks. We want you to rest, spend time with your family and make more memories during lockdown! In addition to this, we will not be speaking to parents next week and will continue making calls home week commencing 1st June. As you all know, we love making these phone calls to check to see how you and your family are so we'll look forward to speaking to you all again soon! We hope you have a fabulous half term! Keep safe and continue smiling!



To our Muslim families: Eid is a day of sharing  and caring for others. May you have a wonderful Eid this year!


Eid Mubarak!

Wow check Grace out! She's been busy sewing some new clothes!! I'm very impressed!!

A little visit to the beach for some fresh air for Katie P!

Katie P has been busy baking! They look delicious!!!

Friday 15th May


Well I have had a very busy week this week. Been doing lots of school work thinking about how we can make our curriculum even more exciting for you. I was in school with our key worker children on Wednesday and we made our very own assault course in the hall. It was lots of fun but it reminded me how unfit I have now become!! We also had a dance session where we did Just dance to Waka Waka. Made me think of all of you and how amazing you all were at choreographing what would have been our dance festival song this year :-( It's such a shame we wont be able to show everyone how amazing our dance was. I have also continued going for lots of walks over the last few days and I even cycled into school. I did not enjoy the cycle back home though as there were lots of hills!! Take a look at some of the things I saw on my walks this week. Keep sending your photos in to I hope you are all staying well and as ever I am missing you all loads. Take care and stay safe!


Love Miss Brown

Wow Katie! Your decorations are beautiful! Well done and enjoy celebrating VE day in the gorgeous sunshine!

Tuesday 5th May


Hello everybody,


I hope you are all staying safe and well. I am missing you all lots but it has been so lovely to talk to most of you on the phone once again this week. I have been busy doing lots of school work this week and I have also being doing my daily exercise. I went for a lovely walk today in the sunshine and I have posted a photo below can anybody spot where the cat is? I am in school tomorrow so I will be a busy bee but I wish it was with all of you. I can't believe this is our 7th week of lockdown now it feels like it is becoming the norm. I hope to see you all soon take care of yourselves and stay safe.


Love Miss Brown

Another fantastic story by Elias. Well done!!

Kai has been super busy with his home learning! Well done Kai!




Well done to you all for beating Ms Morgan's class. They proved good competitors especially Wasi. A special well done to Erika, Elias and Alisha for being the highest score contributors to our class, please see your certificates below! There is now a new challenge on for all the children in the school to compete against the teachers. This will be tough for the teachers as there are about 340 children in our school! The battle started today and ends on Friday! Who will be the highest contributor in the school? Certificates will be produced at the end and I hope to see some of you in the top three! Good luck! 

Sunday 26th April


Hi everyone,  


I hope you've all had a nice weekend! I've decided to change the class page a little to make it easier to access. As so many of you are sending in your photos and videos of home learning, I didn't like it how you had to scroll down the page to see them. You lot should be center of attention! Therefore, all new photos and home learning tasks will now be at the top of the news feed so you can see the latest information quickly. We have slightly changed the home learning as the government have introduced Oakham Academy and White Rose Hub which gives tutorials and then work to complete afterwards. We thought this would help you more as you will also be given some guidance on how to complete the tasks. 


This weekend, I had a lazy day yesterday enjoying the sunshine and then today I decided to go on a bike ride. The bike ride began well but then I got a flat tyre and was still a long way from home! A very kind gentleman offered to help pump my tyre but the valve was a little bent so he couldn't do it. I managed to cycle my bike to my boyfriend's parent's house, which was very hard work, and then leave it there! It was certainly a good workout! 


Well done to Erika, Elias, India, Alfie, Grace, Ruby, Alisha, Leah and Maddie for their fantastic contribution to our Times table Rockstars battle with Ms Morgan's class. Unfortunately, we are still behind right now. Therefore we need a big push tomorrow as we only have until 4pm to win the battle! Come on everyone! See the scores below!


I miss you all lots, take care and stay safe.


Love Miss Brown

Grace enjoying a bike ride and making beautiful hand made lanterns for her garden!

Thursday 23rd April

Letters to patients at QE hospital


Hello everyone,


I thought this was a lovely idea that some of you could complete for cheer up people whilst they are staying in hospital. Please ensure you read the guidance below and DON'T out any confidential information in about yourselves. It would be lovely to see some of your letters to them. 


Love Miss Brown


'Dear Friend' scheme, QE Hospital, Gateshead

Could you be a friend and bring some happiness to someone in hospital? We know that not everyone will receive a letter or message from their loved ones while they are in hospital and so we invite anyone, old or young, to write an anonymous letter to someone in hospital.
Here is some advice for you to follow:
•      Address the letter ‘Dear friend’
•      Share general information such as your hobbies, garden, seasonal anecdotes (the daffodils in your garden, visiting birds etc)
•      Offer some reminiscence opportunities – your favourite places, childhood memories, favourite food etc
•      You might want to draw a picture of gardens, animals and pets, artworks, coastal views etc – all help to stimulate conversations and memories
•       Ask questions to encourage the patient to think about their own lives – for example, ‘I always enjoy a Sunday roast. What’s your favourite meal?’
•      Encourage the recipient to follow government guidance on keeping themselves safe
•      Keep your message or letter to a maximum of one A4 side of paper
•      Sign your letter with your first name only
•      Add any details that will identify you specifically – address, date of birth, age, school name etc
•      Be political or share conspiracy theories
You can email your anonymous letter to a patient to:
(These letters will be screened by the Patient Experience team before they are printed and given to a patient).

Ramadan Resources




As many of you will be beginning to celebrate Eid, we thought it would be nice for you to complete some Eid activities. This is accessible for all and you just need to follow the link below. If you are fasting, I wish you good luck with it. Happy Eid! 


Love Miss Brown

Wow Leah it looks like you've been busy playing games, baking, drawings and family walks.

Love that you still have a huge passion for Geography Sirag! Don't ever change!! Well done, I hope that I didn't provide too much of a challenge!

Annabell has been super busy once again! She has a new friend called Aardman the snail, helped clean the motorbike and made a memorial tree for her great nan. Some super writing as well! Well done!

Erika continuing her love of drawing and baking delicious cakes! Yummy!

Great piece of writing Elias ... well done!



After speaking to a lot of you on the phone, it seemed there was an issue with the battle against Y3/4. This has now been sorted and will still finish next Monday at 4pm. Now is your chance to shine in the battle ... you can do it!! 

Ruby learning and creating her own Art linked to Jackson Pollock. An artist in the making!! Well done Ruby!

Still image for this video


5B vs 3/4M



Hi everyone! Ms Morgan has set up a battle with her class which starts tomorrow (Monday 20th at 4:15pm) and finishes on Monday 27th at 4:15pm. Her class are tough competition as they have defeated Y6B! Therefore, if we are going to win we need everyone to get on board! Show them how amazing we are!! The child with the most points in our class will receive a certificate for their hard work! Good luck everyone!! I hope you're all staying safe!! 

Friday 17th April


Well can you believe it would have been the end of the Easter holidays today? What a surreal time we are currently living in. As I said last week, speaking to all of you and your parents is really the highlight of my week. I love to check that you and your family are all staying safe and enjoy hearing about what you have been up to. I have been on another walk today and noticed a robot made out of junk material in a garden. Isn't that cool? Maybe, you could try and do one for your garden? If anyone does, I'd love to see some photos! During the Easter holidays, I have been busy painting but I'm pretty much done now, thankfully! It certainly is not a task that I enjoy and not a career I'd ever consider in the future!! Because I have eaten too many Easter eggs, I bought myself a spin bike and it has arrived, today, earlier than I anticipated. Now, the fun begins when we have to build it! I'll let you know how that one goes! I hope you are all staying safe and I miss you lots! 


Lots of love,

Miss Brown

Katie enjoying drawing in the beautiful sunshine!

Alfie celebrating his 10th birthday, having fun on his daily walks and spending quality time with his family and dog! Happy belated birthday Alfie!!!

Phew! We won a Timestable Rockstars Battle. Well done to Elias, Maddie, Leah and Kai for flying the flag! Virtual happy sides and raffle tickets for all of you!

Wow India! That unicorn cake is amazing! You could certainly set up your own business! Looks like you had fun on your daily exercise and making pizza! Yummy!

Elias working hard, cooking and enjoying celebrating Rubina's 8th birthday!

What a delicious cake Katie. I also wish Mr Gallagher and I could have a piece! Looks like you also had fun playing swingball in the garden!

Monday 13th April


I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter and have eaten lots of Easter eggs! I certainly did! The painting has continued in my house this weekend although I did take time out on Saturday to enjoy the sun! What a beautiful day it was! We sat out in the garden and I started reading Wonder which is a brilliant book! Wish I could share it with all of you! Today, I am hoping to get the last bits of the painting done so I can then relax for a few days! Thanks to Annabell, Grace, Katie P, Kai, Cameron, Elias and Maddie for sending in your photos it really does brighten up my day to see you smiling faces and to know you are all well and safe. If you have not seen, the Brighton Avenue staff have hit the local media with our version of 'We're All In This Together'. We're famous at last ... take a look for yourselves. 


Just been having a look on Timestable Rockstars ... well done to Maddie, Kai and Elias for flying the flag for 5B. We have until Wednesday to improve our score and to beat Y6T. You can do it! I miss you all so incredibly much and I really can't wait until we can be back together again! Take care and stay safe.


Love to you all,


Miss Brown




Grace wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Looks like you've had lots of fun making lots of mess!!

Annabell has been super busy completing shape challenges,growing some radishes, carrots, sunflowers and lettuce, finding new words in a dictionary to write short stories and making friends with the squirrels on her daily exercise through Saltwell Park.

Thursday 8th April


A number 1 hit awaits the Brighton Avenue Staff ...


The staff at our amazing school have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create another number 1 video hit! We all had fun creating it and I'm sure you'll love to see us prancing around. We hope it puts a few smiles on your faces! Feel free to share it with friends and family! Enjoy! 




BAPS2020 - We're All In This Together

Staff at Brighton Avenue have come together to create a little something special for our children, families and school community during these difficult times...

Maddie baking cakes and having fun in the garden with Harry! He is growing too quickly!

Wednesday 8th April

Timestable Rockstars Battle

5B Vs 6T

This morning begins a new battle at 8 am until next Wednesday at 10am. Hoping we can defeat 6T with all my super mathematicians! Let's show them how it's done! We can't lose two battles in a row!! My day ahead consists of painting my house! My whole body aches from the previous days! Not sure why I thought this was such a good idea! Anyway take care and keep sending in your pictures as it's so lovely to see your faces!! 


Love Miss Brown


Grace making s'mores! They look delicious- wish I could pop round to have one!

Cameron creating memories with his family during Covid 19!

Wow Kai! A brilliant piece of writing using the Y5 targets! Super star!

Monday 6th April


Literally just had the best few hours I've had since leaving school! Speaking to all of you and your parents to know you are all well and safe has really brightened up my day! I can't wait to catch up with you all next week! Hopefully will catch up with the parents I missed tomorrow. Also a big well done to everyone who took part in the Timestable Rockstars challenge- you gave 5S a run for their money but unfortunately was just pipped at the post! Yasmin stole the show for 5S with a huge score of 8,941 so massive well done to her! We will begin another challenge on Wednesday against Y6T. I've begun painting my house today ... something I wish I never started! Any volunteers? Take care of yourselves and keep smiling and enjoying your time at home! I can't wait to see more photos come through now I've spoken to most of your parents. The email address is


Lots of love,


Miss Brown

Well we have finally made it to the Easter holidays! What a term this has been! I am certainly counting down the days until I can eat chocolate and sweets again! I have resisted so many times not to eat them ... it has been very difficult!! I hope you all get lots of Easter eggs and enjoy a few Easter egg hunts. As you know I am so organised, I had bought you all chocolate lollipops but didn't manage to give you them before we had to close. I promise I will keep hold of them and give you them when we next see each other! Anyway over the holidays I want you to get outdoors in your gardens or as part of your daily exercise and try and complete some of these challenges! Send me some photos of what you get up to over the holidays ... I can't wait to see! 

Home Learning- Easter holidays

Grace enjoying making Tik Tok videos! Love your moves Grace ... maybe you could teach me!

Still image for this video

Cameron has been super busy thanking the key workers, completing some homework and making shepherds pie!

Whoop whoop woke up to great news this morning that we are in the lead! Well done Kai for joining in ... I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!! Keep up the good work Y5B! You're smashing it!!

Thursday 2nd April


Well I've had a busy and fun few days at school getting to know some gorgeous children in Rec and Y1. We have played many games of hide and seek, drew pictures, played outside and much more! As you can all imagine, today Mr G has chewed my ear off! Nothing changes there hey! It's a good job we all love him and luckily I had no lessons to teach so I didn't have to tell him that we needed to get on with the lesson like we normally do! It has certainly been nice to have a change of scenery rather than the four walls of my house although it has been a very surreal experience ...  the school is far too quiet without all of you! 


I've just had another look at Timestable Rockstars and we are closing the gap!! Big well done to Sirag, Ruby, Katie P and Leah you can all have some virtual raffle tickets and happy sides!! We are only a few hundred away from beating Miss Simblet's class who are proving tough competition!! So come on the rest of you ... if you're reading this then make sure you tell other members of Y5B as we are going to be having competitions every week! Tomorrow, I will be at home staying safely inside my four walls!! I'm sure I'll go out for a walk so check back tomorrow to see what I find on my walk!! Missing you all sooooo much and I wish we could all just return to normality!! Keep smiling and sending your photos as they are truly making my day seeing what you are all doing!!


Lots of love to you all,

Miss Brown

I think we have a song artist in the making here! A brilliant song about Covid 19 Katie P ... well done!!

Still image for this video

Reunited with one member of Y5B at work today but we wished it was with all of you!

Katie P continuing to work really hard completing Reading Eggs challenge and helping Y5B to improve our Timestable Rockstars score! Glad to see your work ethic is still amazing!!

This picture explains everything about today ...

Tuesday 31st March


Today, I headed out on a nice big walk to get some fresh air and to burn a few calories! I'm sure I'll deserve the cake (maybe not 4 or 5 pieces!) I'll eat later! Whilst I was on my walk, I saw some stones that children had painted with rainbows and hid for other children to find. What a lovely idea, maybe some of you would like to do this to cheer other children up! Love the picture India has sent us of her rainbow- just beautiful! Tomorrow, I will be heading into school to look after some of the key worker/vulnerable children which I'm sure is going to be a very surreal experience. Just wish I was waking up tomorrow to come and teach all of you! Big well done to Sirag and Katie P for going on Timestable Rockstars although we need the rest of you to help as we are losing! You do realise I am currently sulking about this!! Come on we have to win!! I know you can do it! Take care of yourselves.


Love Miss Brown

Awww how cute is Olly and of course Katie P!! He is growing far too fast!! Hope he enjoyed a spin on your bike!

India's beautiful rainbow- hopefully we'll see each other soon over the other side of the rainbow!

Katie P creating a master piece combining two subjects ... Science and Art!

Sirag enjoying baking cakes with his sisters! Save me a piece please!

Monday 30th March


Timestable Rockstars Battle

5B vs 5S

Let the battle commence!!


I hope you all have had a lovely weekend although it certainly felt like it was winter again! Where did that snow come from? Thanks to Sirag for sending in his photos we must be on the same wave length as I also made a carrot cake this weekend which was rather yummy! I wish I could share it with all of you though! On Timestable Rockstars, I have set up a battle with Miss Simblet's class. The battle starts today and finishes next Monday! Now you all now how competitive I am so we have to win! Please don't let me down!! Make sure you let all of Y5B know in case they don't come on the website. I have also put another Reading Eggs challenge on. Anyway that is all from me for now! Happy competing! 


Love Miss Brown

Friday 27th March


Thanks to Grace and Katie P for their photos today. So lovely to see your faces! Lets hope I see some more of 5B faces over the next few days! Well ... my day has consisted of doing some work on my laptop and eating hobnobs in my conservatory! I think I am going to have to do lots of laps during the daily mile when we get back to burn a few calories! Did you all manage to get outside to clap for the NHS last night? I was outside and I live very near to Mrs Kevan and I could hear her voice. Is that any surprise?! It was a lovely tribute to all the doctors and nurses and I became quite emotional. If you have any short video clips (due to only being able to upload small videos due to the size of them) or photos from last night, I would love to see them and put them on our class page! Lets hope this beautiful weather continues although it is looking doubtful so we better make the most of it! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 


Lots of love,

Miss Brown

Katie P and her Mam working hard ... Kimberly I hope she is helping you with your work!

I'm glad to see Grace is still keeping up her swimming lessons in the hot tub:-)

Updated 26th March


A big thank you to India and Katie P who have kick started Year 5B's class page with their home school photos. It is so nice to see what you are all up to! I can't wait to have more photos jump into my emails to pop on the website! I have also added some more links to different web pages for you to enjoy! I am sure we'll have a few children dancing with Oti Mabuse in our class and you'll probably put her to shame! Please also make use of Charanga (music programme) I have put your log in details below! Who will be the first to do a solo?! I already know I have a class of artists so who is going to wow me with their drawing skills after watching Paul Carney? The race is on to complete the challenges and send your pictures across! Ready... Steady... Go! Hope you are all well and safe, I miss you so much! Can't wait to see you all on the other side of the rainbow! Take care. 


Lots of love,

Miss Brown


I thought I'd let you know about my day! The day began with Joe Wicks .... I'm not sure I'll be able to move tomorrow! After Joe, I switched on my laptop to do some work and sorted out the website and then I decided to go on a walk to enjoy the beautiful sunshine! I thought I'd take a few photos to show you what I saw on my walk! Take a look at the photos!

Katie P is multi tasking... bouncing and eating her lunch!

India being home schooled the Hewitt way! Maybe you could pop along to my house to paint my fence?! :-)