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Wasi's amazing birthday celebrations. Happy belated birthday Wasi! He would also like you to meet his aunt and uncle who were lucky enough to visit Niagra Falls. Do you know where Niagra Falls are? If not, see if you can find out.

Judging by these gorgeous photographs, Rubina and Elias had a wonderful Eid and a lovely half term break.

Dylan and Wasi have been chilling and enjoying the summer sunshine over half term, with Wasi's family also celebrating Eid. That looks like a wonderful meal!

Wasi and his family are lucky enough to live near the River Tyne and have been trying to spot wildlife in and around it. I wonder what they saw?

Poonguzhale's design technology skills are second to none, just look at this fantastic rucksack that she made!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dylan, happy birthday to you! That party food looks amazing!

I always knew that Poonguzhale was quite the artist but just look at these! Wow!

Keereth knows how to have her daily exercise in the most beautiful places.

Spotting squirrels in the park has been part of Keerath's daily exercise with her family Just look at their bushy tails! Wasi and his family have gone all arty on us. I do love messy art! As well as that, Wasi has been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and having his favourite noodle dish cooked for him by his mum! After lockdown, may I please come to tea? That looks delicious!

Dylan, are you going to enter the Great British Bake Off? That cake looks amazing! What else can you bake?

Wasi and his family have been messing about with play-dough. Wow! Some great models there.

Lydia out and about. Just look at those daffodils!